Stuck in a rut?


Ever have those months (ok years) where you can’t seem to get yourself together? You want to be thin sooo badly, and you know what to do, but just can’t seem to do it?

You have all the books, and the recipes, and the gym membership… but it’s like there’s this alien that takes over your body and MAKES you order pizza instead of making a kale salad, or hits snooze three times instead of going to the gym…

And when you look around all you can see is all these women with tons of discipline and willpower who are shrinking by the second and you wonder, “what the hell is wrong with me?”

I get it. I was there.

What I’ve discovered is finally having your ideal body IS NOT about wanting to be thin, knowing what to eat or having willpower. If that was the magic bullet, EVERYONE WOULD BE THIN!!

You see, there’s actually a strategy you haven’t tried. A strategy I’m going to be teaching in my free workshop: Get Out of Body Jail. You can reserve your spot by clicking here.

Now, this is not some quick-fix diet plan, and I don’t tell you about some secret pill or magic workout routine that’s going to help you lose twenty pounds in a week.

What I am going to give you is a six-step method to creating a really fun life and healing your relationship with food so you never have to worry about going on a diet ever again.

It’s awesome. And it’s also already helped thousands of women have their ideal life and body.

Wanna come? It’s totally free. You can sign up here.

At the end of the workshop, I have an invitation for you to go deeper with me in my signature program, Live More Weigh Less Mastery plus an early enrollment gift that you have to attend the workshop live to receive.

This year’s early enrollment gift includes:

  • A gift for your spirit that I’ve been working on just for you for months designed to build clarity, courage and action to create a life of purpose, femininity and joy
  • Products for radiating your beauty and feeling deeply nourished
  • A tool you can use everyday to ground yourself in self-care
  • Money to go shopping at my favorite store
  • Total Value: $300

Can’t wait to jam with you!


P.S. Space is limited so be sure and get your free spot here!!

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