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Christmas is my all time favorite holiday.  The lights, the music, the eggnog…  it just makes me feel like a little girl again.  Once December 1st rolls around I get into full Christmas swing.

This year I wanted to make you a Live More Holiday Gift Guide.  Last week I shared my dear friend, Becca’s A Handmade Holiday, but I wanted to also share some alternatives.

Each of these gift ideas will inspire the recipient to “Live More”, which as you know, allows us to be less dependant on food for connection, entertainment and fun and when we Live More, we’re at our best for ourselves, our friends, colleagues and families.

Here are my best ideas for gift giving this year in the following categories:




I know you’ll find something for the people you love, and probably a few things for yourself:).


  1. Wine Club Membership.  There’s nothing that’s more exciting to me than pulling out a nice bottle of wine… that I didn’t pay for! It’s even more fun when you have a bottle sent to you every month.  My favorite wine of the moment is Scribe.  Seriously some of the best wines I’ve tasted in California (and I’ve tried a lot) plus the winery is a great place to visit.  I also love the wine club from Amazon.
  1. Lipstick.  My favorite color is So Chaud (which means so hot) by Mac.  Any woman in your life could benefit from the rush of wearing a bright lip.  I swear it’s better than coffee.
  1. Cute Kitchen Stuff.  Cooking is so much more fun with a cute apron and fun tools.  I love this linen apron and this whisk from Anthropologie.
  1. The Rituals for Living Dreambook is a beautiful tool for you to dream, craft, and forge new rituals. It helps you clarify and emphasize your true priorities, and establish a plan to bring them to the forefront of your life. It guides you to find enjoyment and specialness every step of the way. And it reminds you not to sacrifice your physical, psychological, or spiritual health as you start achieving goals like never before.A great gift for your soulful friends, my life is much more clear since doing this program.
  1. Beer Brewing class.  For the men in your life, this is sure to be their favorite gift.  Just google “Beer Brewing Class + Your City” to find a class near you.
  1. Art Uncorked. Gift a class for a fun-filled drinking and painting party. This is a great gift for co-workers, friends and family and be sure to reserve a spot for yourself as well.


  1. Sexy Truth or Dare.  This game got me so excited!  Perfect for your honey or your girlfriend, it’s sure to spice up any date night.
  1. Relive your first date.  How fun would it be to give your sweetie a small gift that reminds him of your first date and put in a little note that you’re taking him out next week?  Our first date was a picnic, and I love this vintage inspired basket.
  1. A babysitter.  This is by far my favorite gift on this list.  If you have a friend who hasn’t been on a date in months because she doesn’t want to pay for a babysitter, give her a certificate for 5 hours of child care.  You can set it up with your favorite sitter and pre-pay her, or you can set it up through an organization like Sensible Sitters, a babysitting placement company that’s based in New York, LA, San Francisco, Miami and most beach destinations in the US.
  1. Comfortable clothes that don’t look like you never want to have sex again.  The sweatpants trend in women these days drives me nuts.  Nothing kills your mojo more than old sweats with cheetos stains on them.  Wanna help your bestie get her groove back?  Send her some comfortable AND sexy lounge wear.  I’m loving this tunic from Anthro.
  1. A gorgeous cocktail ring. Are you flying solo these days?  Maybe you want to show yourself some love by buying this amazing ring from Margaret Elizabeth Jewelry.  Or maybe your sister is feeling lonely and could use a reminder of how loved she is.  Either way, I love everything in this line.
  1. Flower subscription.  A great way to brighten the day for someone you care about year-round.  Check out to curate your package today.


  1. A perfect candle.  Nothing gets me into a calm, wintry mood than a wintergreen candle. I am currently obsessed with this Blue Spruce and Elderberry Candle by Thyme.  It smells amazing, the wick stays tall and the wax never turns a weird grey color with black floaties (you know what I’m talking about? I hate that).  I highly suggest you buy one of these for yourself this week, it is seriously the best.
  1. Bubble Bath.  It seems to me these days that people treat bubble baths like going to Aruba, it’s like a once in a lifetime trip! Baths are the most luxurious, simple, glorious things you can do at the end of the day.  Give your friend or mother a nudge in the right direction by gifting her some of this deep steep lavender bubble bath.  It’s like drifting in a warm ocean right at home.
  1. A cozy and cute bathrobe.  This one is on my Christmas list! I love the front pockets.  Perfect for anyone who likes to lounge around in style.
  1. Spa day.  Want to go all out for someone this year? Get them a gift certificate to your favorite spa. I am currently obsessed with Earth Body here in San Francisco.

In the comments below I’d love to know what your gift ideas are!!!  Let’s share the love ladies.

Sending you lots of love and cheer through this holiday season!

Happy giving.



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