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My word for 2019 is “Replenish”. After completing my journey of having babies, and now completing my journey of breastfeeding I went into this year feeling completely wrecked.

At the beginning of this year, I had no energy, I was forgetting words, I felt flat, weak and sluggish. I couldn’t concentrate on my work, I was addicted to sugar, alcohol and my phone for hits of happiness which quickly spiraled into despair.

I knew that if I was going to create the life I wanted after having children, I needed to get my life force back.

As a life coach and Priestess, I tend towards working on my thoughts and feelings. I love a good pep talk, a podcast or a program to help me feel more filled up. I love to meditate, pull cards and do vision work. I love long conversations with my girlfriends and deep conversations with Jonathan.

But imagine for a second that all of my thoughts and feelings and good vibes are water and my body, which is receiving these formless things through my ears and eyes and brain are like pipes.

The water comes in from the well of world clean and pristine and high-vibe, but my pipes (body) were rot with holes and rust and mold, so when it’s time to turn my faucet on and send this formless thought and ideas and good vibes out into the world (like writing a Moonday email like this) the water was just trickling out because there were holes in the pipes affecting the water pressure, it was murky and rusting and just blech!

Women have been brainwashed to believe that our bodies are only here to look a certain way. All that matters is having a small waist, a flat stomach and limited wrinkles. So you may have forgotten that your body is the home for your soul. You body processes the world around you and serves as a filter and a container of love and knowledge. Your body gets you around, expresses creatively, and shows people you care about them. Your body does a million things besides look a certain way for the male gaze and we just straight up forget.

So when we rebel against looking a certain way, we often stop taking care of these precious bodies. Yes it doesn’t matter what you look like, but it does matter how you function and feel.

I’ve written about the changes I’ve made with my food here, and alcohol here, and today I want to talk to you about movement.

This has been a big one for me because I have a belief that I am not strong, I am not athletic, and that working out competes with my productivity – that any time I spend doing something “vain and selfish” like going for a run (because I used to think the only reason to work out was to look like a bikini model) was taking away from “important things” like thinking and writing and creating.

What I know now is that moving my body makes me a better thinker and a better creator. Moving my body makes me a better Mom, more joyful, more confident, more vibrant. Moving my body makes me more intuitive and allows me to have clearer visions. Moving my body makes me feel wild and primal and more connected to the Earth. Moving my body helps me release bad energy, ancestral patterns and allows me to step into my authentic excellence.

And here’s the thing that’s really getting me going recently: Our soul and magic is woven into the cells and tissues of our body. Our frequency and essence is expressed through our eyes and our finger tips and the form of who we are. If we don’t move, the glitter of who we are settles at the bottom of our being, and moving our body shakes us up like a snow globe so our glitter fills our being and our magic can be seen. Moving wakes up our magic, releases it from stuck places so it can be expressed and felt.

Now, if you cannot move because you suffer from a disability or chronic disease, find just 1% more movement. Can you get a massage, stretch or roll your neck and shoulders. Can you have someone wrap you in a blanket and shake you? Get creative and talk a PT about some ideas.

On this Moonday, I want you to create your Priestess Workout Plan for this week. Follow these steps.

  1. Schedule it. Jonathan has been telling me to do this for months and I finally started listening to him. No I look at my week and I decide exactly when and what I am going to do. If you need some inspiration, check out my sister’s company that creates custom workouts for women who are wanting to reclaim their inner athlete. My week typically looks like this:Monday: Hot Yoga 9:15-10:30
    Tuesday: Run 6:30-7
    Wednesday: Tabata Workout 6:30-7
    Thursday: Hot Yoga 6-7
    Friday: Run 6:30-7
  2. Prep your music. Make an epically fun, inspiring playlist if you’re going to be moving on your own.
  3. Give yourself an epic pep talk. Tell yourself that you are a magnificent being. That you are magical and have amazing ideas and you deserves to feel alive. That moving is an act of love like a massage. Moving is how you will wake up to your brilliance. Moving is a gift. You are built to move, your body wants to move and you will be kind and positive and love her even when it’s hard.
  4. Leave the gadgets at home. I know it can feel fun to know your heart rate and steps and all that stuff, but anything that tells us about our body keeps us from feeling our body. I believe it distracts us from tuning into the amazing feelings of movement, and can give us things for our inner critic to latch onto. Priestesses don’t measure success in steps, we measure it is power.
  5. While you’re moving, visualize shaking up that snow globe. Feel your magic come online and your body starts to wake up.
  6. Release what is holding you back. Feel was emotions or beliefs you have hanging off your body. Does is feel like you’re wearing a heavy pack of ancestral programming? Does if feel like your wearing a coat of anxiety and worry? Does it feel like you’re dragging a parachute of fear of really being who you are? Imagine yourself taking off the back pack, unzipping the coat and throwing it over your shoulder and cutting the ropes of the parachute with a knife. Imagine it falling off of you and feel the lightness.
  7. CELEBRATE. When you’re done, notice what feels different, notice your clarity and your pride and just knowing you did something you don’t normally do. Tell yourself you’re amazing.
  8. Ask for information. I love going into meditation after I move and asking the Goddess, “what do you want me to know?” and emptying out and feeling for an answer. I’ll often get a great idea for work, an insight about my children or an idea about how to deepen my relationship.

Want a group to hold you accountable and cheer you on? I’m opening the doors to Whole Woman soon, so make sure you’re on the waitlist. I’m raising the price so you don’t want to miss your last opportunity to join at the lower price. Click here to join.

So excited for you to claim this part of your life.



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