The Sacred Truth Behind Friday the 13th

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I need you to understand that the magic that lives inside of you has been deliberately hidden from you. Friday the 13th is one of the most sacred days in the world of the Sacred Feminine tradition.

13 is the most sacred number, being that there are 13 Moon cycles in a year and people who bleed, bleed 13 times in a year.

Friday is “Freya Day”, the goddess of love, sensuality, and fertility – also known as Venus. Put the two together and you have a high holy day.

Centuries ago, there was a slow and torturous erasure of the Sacred Feminine, they brainwashed people into thinking that the most sacred day was the unluckiest day. They brainwashed people into thinking that witches are evil even though the root of the word is “wise one” and refers to those who are in tune with the Earth. They brainwashed us to believe that the female Christ, Mary Magdalene was a whore, and Mother Mary was a pious virgin, instead of one of the most powerful Priestesses that has ever lived. The list goes on and on.

When the things that are truly sacred are flipped to be evil, we then think that we are inherently evil, for within each of us is the spark of magic, an innate connection to the earth, the feeling of joy when we move our bodies, the feeling of power when we connect with the desires, dreams, and potential of our soul.

When that fire inevitably comes forward, and we’ve been taught it’s wrong, we put it out because we have become scared of ourselves.

Today is not unlucky, it’s the luckiest, and remembering that you are magical is an act of revolution deeper than most of us comprehend. So dance around a candle tonight under the Moon and don’t shy away from what has been there all along.

Happy Friday the 13th, my loves.


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