This Is One of the Biggest Lies Women Have Been Told

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The biggest lie women have been told is that we “should be able to do it alone”…

Centuries ago we would seek wise counsel from the wisdom keeper in the woods. We would gather in circle on a New Moon with our Coven or we would visit the Temple and have the Priestess be the oracle of truth.

Do you remember?

It was part of the fabric of our lives, leaning on the wise ones, seeking counsel from the elders, awakening with the Priestesses. Nothing was done alone. We relied on the unseen language of nature, the mysteries of the cosmos, wisdom of our ancestors.

Why do you think they killed the Witches? Demolished the Temples? And pit mother against daughter?

Because magic is the source of our power, and without it, we are half the woman we are meant to be.

There is no longer a Temple in every community, nor a Wise Woman in every wood, but many of us are remembering the old ways for new days and we are here, eager to help you remember your magic. To ignite the truth of who you are.

You don’t need to do this alone.

Last night our community, our coven, our Sacred circle — came together for a New Moon ceremony in my Temple in the woods. Many gathered online and some even joined me in person (btw – joining us in person for these ceremonies is now included in the Holy Woman membership!). My Sacred Feminine church community is coming to life and let me just say – it really does feel like magic.

How has inviting magic into your life changed you?

Loving you on this New Moon and always.




PS – As an ordained Priestess in the Sacred Feminine Mysteries, I guide women to remember their magic and integrate it into their everyday lives – motherhood, marriage, body and career. If you’re seeking this guidance, there are many ways for us to work together

There is no longer a Temple in every community. But there is in this one. 😘 Join us.

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