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We are the transition team. We are in a time of Soul Awakening on this planet. We are in the age of Remembrance… and some of us are remembering faster than others.

Many of us got married before we remembered that we are sacred beings. Many of us made close friendships before we woke up. A lot of us have families who feel like our old selves are our “true selves” and think our true selves are just a phase.

You may feel like you have to be two people – you have to be your old self for your partner, your old friends and your family, and you get to be your new self for your new friends and community.

And it’s completely exhausting.

As the transition team, I believe we have a responsibility to be our true selves with everyone. You get to be your soulful, sacred self with your partner. You have to be brave and ask deep questions with your “normal” friends. You get to be all of you with your family. 

What happens if they don’t get you? Respect you? Or like you anymore?

Well, you get to decide.

As the transition team – we are allowed to and supposed to change, which means that agreements that you had when you met your partner or the things you did with your friends, or the way you acted when you were growing up with your family, may be different now.

So you get to update those agreements.

When you got married maybe your relationship was about having a lot of fun and getting drunk at football games. Now you want to talk about the meaning of the universe and do ceremony together… you get to tell your partner that you want that now.

And they may not want what you want anymore – and that sucks. You get to decide what to do with that.

As you become more of your Soul-Self and less of your Muggle-Self, your friends may continue to think you’re the bee’s knees and be super interested in you, or you may need to spend less time together.

Your family may fully embrace and celebrate the adult you are becoming, or they may resist this new version of you and you’ll spend less time together. 

What I just want you to know is that this was all meant to happen. You are the transition team. 

You were meant to go from being a regular person, to a soulful Holy Woman. The people around you were meant to witness your transition so it could be modeled. You are here to activate people, and some will choose to take in the medicine and allow it to nourish their own Remembrance, or they will dig their heels in and throw a fit and not want to accept the person you are becoming.

That will be completely painful and it will be their loss. You just keep being the transition team.



We have a Sacred Membership called Holy Woman where your fellow transition teammates gather to support each other in this soul journey. Join us.


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