“Weighed” A Poem

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For any Woman who feels judged by her size.

I don’t want to be seen 

for how big or small my body becomes


I want you to see the energy

that pulses off my skin 

and the wildness 

that drips from my teeth


I want you to see how my hips move

instead of their girth


When you look at my face

I want you to imagine kissing it

and feel the magnetism between us

instead of how puffy my cheeks are


I want you to feel the fire

in my belly

instead of the fat in your hand


I want to know how your body feels

when I walk into the room

Do you want me?

Do I make you happy?

Do I make you feel alive?


Would you look at a deer and think

“She looks good”?


You’d stand there in awe

in wonder of her 


and think, “Wow.

I am so lucky to be in her presence”


That is how I want to feel when you see me


I am a deeply powerful





and I will not be treated like a piece of meat

weighed on the scale

of your gaze.



On this Moonday, I invite you to dive into how you want to be SEEN.

The Sun is in Leo, so we are all being asked to consider how we are seen. Seen by others, seen by ourselves. Your body is magnificent and there is a wealth of jewels to behold when we go beyond “bigger vs smaller”.


Journaling Questions:

Are you caught in the trap of size?

What are the words you want to hear?

How do you long to be worshipped?

What do you want to see in yourself?

What do you want others to see about you?


Perhaps you want to write your own poem.





  • Heather says:

    The first time I met my husband’s parents back when we were dating, we went to church together on Easter Sunday. I wore a church/ meet-the parents appropriate outfit: a cardigan and an ankle length skirt. My dear boyfriend (now husband) said I looked “sexy.” It kinda upset me and I told him so. Aside from “sexy” not being the look I was going for, was that all he saw of me? To this day he still doesn’t really get why I was annoyed. You do. Thank you.

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