#WholeWomanChallenge Week 12: Tell Your Body You Love Her


This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Tell Your Body You Love Her

We spend a lot of time being mean to our bodies. We verbally abuse them, punish them with harsh diets and crazy workouts. We squeeze them into uncomfortable pants. I’m sure they’d walk away from us if they could. Today, do something nice for your body temple. Tell her you love her. Ask her what she wants to do today. Maybe it’s dance in the kitchen instead of going to the gym, or stretching instead of sleeping in.

Having a stomach that is stretched out and covered in stretch marks from my three children isn’t exactly my ideal, but I show my belly so much love. I talk to her, thank her for carrying my babies, tell her she’s still sexy and deserves to be shown to thousands of people on the internet. 😉 #nohiding

Snap a pic and show us how you’re loving up your body today.


P.S. Don’t forget I want to see your photo of how you’re showing your body some love this week. Be sure and post your picture with @sarahjenks and #WholeWomanChallenge on Instagram and/or Facebook.

P.P.S. To dive deeper with me and truly learn to love your life and body, click here to get my six-step method – it’s free!

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