#WholeWomanChallenge Week 13: Tune in to Your Intuition


This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Tune in to Your Intuition

As women, we have a gift that we rarely tap into. We have the ability to see to the truth of the matter, have a deep knowing, and feel completely safe, grounded, and in trust. Our intuition is pure magic, and we have direct access to it. The reason so many of us can’t hear our intuition is because it lives in our bodies, especially in our belly/womb area. But since so many of us don’t pay attention to our bodies and even hate them (we’re like walking heads), we aren’t connected to that inner voice.

In the Whole Woman Membership we spend a lot of time cultivating a deep, loving relationship with our bodies, our femininity, and our intuition. The stuff that ends up happening for these women is AMAZING.  

Photo Credit: Melissa Hoffmann

This week, I want you to sit quietly and focus your energy on your womb and pay attention to any emotions, physical feelings, or colors that come up. Be quiet. Ask a question. Listen. Your intuition usually talks softly in one-word answers like, “Yes,” “No,” “Woods.” Then you’ll notice your brain come in with a loud rant… but try to focus on that gentle, soft, one-word answer. What does she have to say? 

Please snap a picture of your quiet space and share with us your experience with this. Did you hear anything? Do you trust it? Any tips for women who are struggling? Let us know on Instagram or Facebook using #WholeWomanChallenge – we would love to hear. 

As you drop into your heart and listen to your intuition this week, I also invite you to add some sacred tunes to your life. Click here to get my free Sacred Playlist – all the songs I use in my home, in retreats at Hawthorn Farm, and even on Instagram – to set the stage and tune in to my sacred self. 

With magic and love,

P.S. Want to add a little more magic to your everyday? Be sure to get my free Sacred Playlist with over 60 of my favorite songs to help you drop into your heart and tune in.


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