#WholeWomanChallenge Week 2: Buy fresh flowers.


YES! It’s our second week of the Whole Woman Summer Challenge, and I’m so excited that you are showing up for yourself.  Not sure what I’m talking about? Learn all about the summer-long challenge here. Remember, if you ever miss a challenge, you can do two in one week or pick up where you left off. You can find all of the past challenges over on the blog.  This isn’t about perfection, it’s about growth and showing up for yourself however you can.

Whole Woman Challenge Week 2:  Buy Fresh Flowers

Photo Credit: Jenny Moloney

A goal of this challenge (and one of my own goals this summer) is to find more moments of feminine softness. We spend so much of our time doing, doing doing, and don’t often get moments to pause in the middle of the day and connect to the wild, creative, beautiful, feminine part of ourselves.

One of my favorite ways to connect to this sacred feminine side is to buy fresh flowers. It’s a way of saying, “I’m amazing,” adding beauty, a connection to Mother Nature, and a pause to your day. Don’t wait – buy yourself some fresh flowers today, snap a pic, and share it with #WholeWomanChallenge so we can all see your beautiful blooms.

My simple trick to make professional-looking flower arrangements:

  1. Buy three kinds of flowers in varying styles and sizes. For example, I love hydrangeas (big blooms with little flowers), roses (round single flower) and thistle (rough and tall). You can also try lilac, anemones, and herbs.
  2. Find a vase (I love using jars, tea cups, mugs, or vintage vases) and fill it with water.
  3. Cut your flowers so the bloom is just about at the ridge of the vase. I think it looks bad to see a lot of stem.
  4. Strip the leaves that will be in the water.
  5. Put in the largest blooms first, then medium, then the smallest or “filler,” Arrange them based on whether you’re going to see them only from one view (like at your desk or on your dresser) or 360 (like on a table in the middle of the room).
  6. Assess for holes, re-cut if you need to.
  7. Smell and admire.

More than anything, I want to see YOU doing these challenges. Be sure to stay connected and follow me on Instagram and post your photo with @sarahjenks (so I can cheer you on) and the hashtag #WholeWomanChallenge so the other women participating in the challenge can find you!

With so much love,

P.S. Want a partner in crime? I think it’s so much more fun to do challenges in community. If you know someone in your life who’d have fun with the challenge this summer, please send them here to sign up and join you:

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