Why I walked away from $50,000


Happy Moonday and Labor Day!

Today always feels like the official first day of fall to me. We are at the end of the long weekend, school starts tomorrow for us and I am READY to make plans, get organized and get to work.

There’s been a fire lit inside me that is encouraging me to play a much bigger game in my career, but with playing a bigger game comes lots of ideas, lots a creativity and a huge lack of FOCUS.

And layer on some ambition and being a high functioning woman, I take on way too much.

The thoughts in my head look like this…

I CAN do this.
This would be an AWESOME business idea.
Women REALLY NEED this, and I could build that no problem.
Oh, that would be SO EASY, I could do that in my sleep.

I have a lot of great ideas. I am capable of accomplishing all of them. BUT if I tried to accomplish all of my good ideas, I would never get around to THE THING I came to this planet to do.

(If you don’t know what THE THING is for you, I’m teaching a free workshop on 9/17 with one of my best friends, Briana Borten, on how to find your purpose. We’re bringing our best stuff, and it’s pitch free, and you should come;) click here to sign up)

I once read this thing from Elizabeth Gilbert that stopped me in my tracks, and I’m going to paraphrase because I can’t find the original quote… She said that most people believe that the secret to success is not doing things you don’t want to do, but the truth is that the secret to success is not doing things you DO want to do.

You have to say no to things you love, to your great ideas, to the things that seem simple and easy in order to really live on purpose.

So when I was looking ahead at this Fall and strategizing about what I wanted to create and accomplish, I realized that I had to get real about a big part of my business: The Moon Lodge.

Since we moved to Hawthorn Farm two years ago, we’ve hosted 74 guest events. It’s been so amazing to have so many women teach here and love it as their own. It has also provided a great income stream and hasn’t been that much work. All reasons to keep something going.

But I’ve always had this feeling like something hasn’t been quite right. Like there’s been an energetic mismatch.

I did the spiritual vision process (that Briana and I are going to be leading at our workshop on 9/17, sign up here) and I uncovered some key details about my life 10 years in the future.

Then go through all of the ways I am currently spending my time and energy and I got real if they are in alignment with my 10 year vision.

In my 10-year vision, I was not running a community center, rental business or yoga studio. In my 10-year vision, Hawthorn Farm and the Moon Lodge is a place of Pilgrimage, and place of coming home to nature, the Sacred Feminine and your body. It’s a place to hug the women you’ve only seen in small boxes on the internet and feel held by the magic of this place.

It’s a Temple where women come and explore their edges and have intimate encounters with the Goddess. It’s a sanctuary where you can unravel and remember what it means to be a divine woman.

And it’s not to say that many of the workshops weren’t doing that, they were, but the energy I was spending holding guest teachers in this place, was taking away from the energy I needed to fully step into my role as the Priestess of this Temple.

So I am walking away from our plan to make $50,000 off of rentals this year, in service to creating and deepening my own work here at Hawthorn Farm (which I will be sharing about at the Full Moon Temple on September 13th, to sign up, click here).

So here are my 3 questions for you to journal about today:

  1. What are the things you are currently spending energy on that are not in alignment with your 10-year vision? Like, maybe you really want to have downtime, but you have your kids in a million activities… maybe your priority is to love your body but you’re on a crazy diet that makes you feel terrible about yourself… maybe you want to have a great relationship with your partner but you don’t have any date nights on the calendar..
  2. What are the things you’re doing that are great ideas, but a great idea for someone else?
  3. What are some things you’re doing that make you money but take your energy away from making way more money doing something else?

I’d love to hear your a-ha moments in the comments or over on Instagram.

Celebrating you and your ruthless dedication to your dreams.



P.S. I know the whole “finding your purpose” thing can feel a little overdone, but if you don’t have a sense of direction, if you don’t know what you want, if you don’t know your calling and your mission in life, you are seriously missing out on a whole way of going through life that is so meaningful, energizing and joyful. Briana and I have a very unique process of guiding women to uncovering your unique blueprint and we can’t wait to have you experience it. You can sign up for free here.

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