Worried About What Others Will Think?


The biggest mistake I see women make over and over again, is that they are constantly worried about what others will think.

What will they think about my outfit?
What will they think about me quitting my job?
What will they think about me going back to work after I have a baby?
What will they think about my messy house?
What will they think about starting my own business?
What will they think about speaking what is really on my mind?

We never want to make anyone uncomfortable.
We never want to feel like we think we’re better than someone else.
We never want to feel like we’re silly or weird.

But then we never get around to actually doing what we want to do or are MEANT to do.

When you prioritize everyone’s comfort over your fullest expression, soul and your fate… your life becomes a soup of resentment, anxiety, overwhelm and exhaustion and you’ll never get around to doing what you came here to do.

How do you stop worrying about what others will think? You understand WHY you’re so freaked out about standing out, and you get clear on what you want and why you’re here.. aka your purpose.

Purpose, has been thrown around so much lately that we tend to brush it off as a buzz word, but the truth is that when you don’t know where you’re going, you waste so much time aimlessly going through life and never feel fulfilled.

And I need you to know that you DO have a purpose, it’s just been buried under all of the people pleasing. And you do have what it takes to live out your purpose. And it’s not too late.

My dear friend and spiritual guide, Briana Borten, and I led a free (and pitch free!) online workshop on how to find your purpose that you can check out here.

So if you want to stop making decisions based on what you think everyone else will think, and you want to start charting your own path and stepping out into your authentic excellence, I hope you’ll join catch the recording of our free class.

Here is your Moonday Prompt:

Draw a line down the center of a sheet of paper.

On the left side write all of the decisions you’ve made to appease someone else and all the times you decided to stay quiet or tone it down. Because staying where you are is a decision.

On the right hand side, write down the things you did for YOU. The times you said, THIS IS ME BITCHES, take it or leave it.

And then circle all of the choices you made that moved your life forward in a way that felt good.

I’m guessing a lot of them are on the right.

NOW, write down three things you are going to do for YOU, regardless of what the comments from the peanut gallery will be.



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