Worry that if you start to feel good, you won’t like your life anymore?

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I used to feel like I was wearing a heavy winter coat made of mud and bricks. It weighed me down but kept me safe.

Without the coat, I’m a fireworks show.

The coat keeps me “grounded”
“On task”

I worried that if I took off the coat, I’d realize my whole life would be wrong.

Wrong husband
Wrong house
Wrong friends
Wrong job

But that coat started to make me sick, flat and down.

I decided to risk it, and I took off the coat.

My husband was right, but the way he treated me was wrong. We put in the work, and now he’s joined me at the fireworks show.

My house was right but needed some changes. We’re renovating.

Some friends are right, some got burned by my fire. It sucked, we moved on.

My job was right but it was time for more, so I’m releasing 3 new programs this year and running everything in a radically different way.

Some days I sneak on the coat. I wear it when I want to trick myself into doing things I don’t want to do. If I dim the fireworks show, then I’m more likely put up with mediocrity.

Putting up with mediocrity in the long run I think is easier. Less conflict, less work.

But I just don’t want to go through my whole life feeling a little bit like shit.

I want my life to be a fireworks show.

Radical, juicy, wild and free.


Some journaling questions for you to consider

1. Do you feel you’re wearing a coat?
2. What is it protecting you from?
3. What would you have to face in your life if you took it off?
4. What are you worried you won’t be able to put up with anymore?
5. What does being radical, juicy, wild and free look like to you?
6. Are you willing to take off the coat?
7. How will you do that today?

Happy Moonday!



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