You Aren’t Who You Think You Are

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I spent so much of my life seeing myself through others’ eyes.

Here’s what I saw

– I should be thinner

– I should spend more time with my kids

– I shouldn’t be so ambitious

– I should just be ok with less

– I should downplay my gifts so others don’t feel bad about themselves

– I should say yes to everyone no matter how exhausted I am

So many women feel this way because our current culture is set up for women to be small and caught in a never-ending pattern of over-giving.

This is important: how others see you, and subsequently how you’ve learned to see yourself, isn’t the truth of who you are.

And no one is going to come along and tell you otherwise, which sucks.

YOU have to start listening to the only thing that will ever tell the truth about who you are — Your Soul.

And you need to create the space and the environment where you can connect deeply with your Soul, and learn how to live from that place in a world that is set up for you to forget that you even have a Soul.

This is why I go on and create retreats, this is why I have Temple, this is why I do a Sacred Start.

When I see myself from my Soul, this is what I see

– I am here to change the world (we all are)

– I am the perfect mother for my children

– My body is MY Temple, and I am on the journey of it being the perfect home for my soul

– My ambition is sacred and how I love the world 

– I am a unicorn (we all are, we just have to take off our blend-in disguises)

– My energy is precious and I only have to say yes to things I really want to do

– My life gets to be full of magic, deliciously easy, and incredibly beautiful.


Take some time to answer these questions:

  1. Who do you believe others want you to be?
  2. Who do you feel pressure to be?
  3. Who are you really?
  4. What does your soul have to say about who you are?




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