Your Full Power will not exhaust you.

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As we come to the end of 2023, I’ve been finding myself in a lot of conversations with people about stepping into their full power. I think it’s important to know that now is not the time to give up and wait for the wave of New Year’s resolution energy. Instead, know that it’s never going to get easier later to show up as your true self. Even with the “a lot-ness” of this month, take a minute and ask yourself, “Why not now?”

When the people in my life show up with resistance around stepping into their full power, and I dig in with them, the fear that almost always comes forward is “I don’t want to exhaust myself.”


Our conditioning has equated our full power with hustle, with overdoing it, with over-performing – but I want you to consider that stepping into your full power could mean being the most rested, nourished, and replenished you’ve ever felt.

Say this out loud right now:

“What if my full power means I’ll be the most rested I’ve ever been?”

The truth is, your full power requires radical discernment on how you spend your time.

This past summer I realized I wasn’t going ALL IN on my life the way I knew I was capable of.

And yes, I was worried that if I turned up the volume, I would burn out.

But when I looked at the wisdom of Sacred Feminine, I knew that expansion could only come from contraction. In the past, the Goddess inflicted contraction on me (in some seriously uncomfortable ways), but this time, I was smarter and did some conscious contraction.

I cleared the decks, and only made time for the things that were most important to me: my marriage, my kids, my work, and my *closest friends.

This meant a lot of no’s…

A lot of me wondering if I was being a diva…

A lot of me worried I was hurting people’s feelings…

Because that’s the conditioning that keeps us stuck in patterns of living just below our potential.

​​​​​​​After a period of conscious contraction, I was super bored. Empty calendar, not a lot going on – but I created a vacuum.

And that space held one of the most incredible seasons of my life – hosting Emerge Retreat for 150 women, having my own spiritual awakening, and then holding 20K women in our Rebirth Ceremony. 

We are in the darkest days of the year – a perfect time for a conscious contraction.

What would it look like to have RADICAL discernment? To be so clear on what’s for you and what’s not, that people start asking, “What’s going on with her?” To be so audacious that people think you’re nuts.

But you’ll know. 

You’re creating a vacuum. 

Your Full Power isn’t about piling more on, it’s about being in radical alignment with your truth and doing very very little for a bit.

May this month be one you look back on & think “That’s when everything changed.”

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