Are you stressed about money?


Being an entrepreneur and the primary breadwinner for many years, money has been THE NUMBER ONE source of stress and anxiety for me.

For many years I had a story that I wasn’t good at money, that I didn’t understand it and that life would be better if someone else could handle it for me.

I dreamed of winning the lottery, being able to completely let go of responsibility and let my husband, Jonathan, take over our finances.

And I tried so hard to get finances off of my list of responsibilities.

Compared to many, I had already won the lottery. Jonathan was able to hold a lot more of the financial responsibility and I outsourced all of my accounting and bill payments.

And guess what? I still felt like a mess.

In the past two years, I changed my money mindset, and I am (almost) stress and anxiety free because I feel great about my money.

This was a combination of:

  • Truly making the amount of money I desired (instead of constantly telling myself I should be ok with less)
  • Being organized and feeling like a financial adult
  • Knowing the unique balance of responsibility I desired with my partner
  • Having a spiritual relationship to my finances
  • Understanding how my abundance can change the world

If you don’t feel great about your relationship with money, if it causes you stress and anxiety, you can’t do the things you want to do in your life and for your kids, if you’re constantly fighting with your partner about money and you wish you could feel more free to donate to charities you care about, then I really hope you’ll join me for a free course I’m teaching on, hosted by Briana Borten, called:

Mastering Your Money Mindset

I’m going to be walking you through exactly how I went from acting like a 16-year-old with my finances to truly owning my responsibility with money and learn how to use it to create a truly incredible life and business.

This is not a tele-summit, but an actual live online course Briana is teaching for free, and I’m so honored to be one of 3 guests.

I believe that when all women feel empowered and in a right relationship with their money we have more access to power to change the world.

I can’t wait to be with you to talk about this important and very empowering topic.

Click here to join us for Mastering Your Money Mindset

On this Moonday I invite you to check in on where you’re at with your money:

  1. Does money cause you stress?
  2. Can you open your bank accounts without anxiety
  3. Are you making all of the money you desire?
  4. If not, are you crystal clear on your goals?
  5. If you had all of the money you desire how would your life be different?
  6. How do you want to feel day to day about your money?
  7. What organizations or people would you support if you had more money to give?

All my love,


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