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I’m so happy to finally share with you that Jonathan and I are having another baby!

I’ve always wanted three kids, but with the challenges I’ve had with motherhood so far, I questioned why that was the case. And with a boy and a girl, did I really need to have more? But the truth is that as soon as I had Annabelle, I started missing the third baby. Every time we picked out a Christmas Tree or went on a big family trip, I found myself wishing that number three was there.

And motherhood has been filled with so much more joy and ease now that we are in nature, close to my family and have the kids in daycare (as opposed to dealing with endless nanny complications) that I’m feeling space open up for this third soul.

This baby came a bit earlier than expected so there are some unforeseen changes on the horizon. The main one is that Wise Woman Winter will be my last retreat until Summer 2019, and we have a few spots left. I will still be holding workshops, full moon circles, and perhaps a one day retreat, but nothing as in-depth and transformative as Wise Woman Winter.

I created Wise Woman Winter because I see so many women lose themselves in life. Whether you’ve thrown your whole life force into motherhood, or you’ve been working tirelessly at a career that doesn’t light you up, or you’ve spent your whole life trying to please others, not rock the boat and just fit in, it’s important to know that none of this is your fault. Our culture is designed to encourage women to abandon our own sense of self for the benefit of others. This makes it critical for us to carve out the time and space to remember who you are, uncover your full potential and finally make space for your brilliance in this life.

I chose to do Wise Woman Winter in January because winter provides the perfect energy for stripping away all of the extra crap so we can meet our inner Wise Woman – that part of you that has always known why you are here and has the chutzpah to be that woman in your daily life.

Winter is here to teach us how to slow down and come inside, just as the seeds are gathering energy and laying dormant until spring. We all need this time of stillness in order to grow.

My retreats are a combination of deep soul work through sacred ceremony, guided journeys, coaching and an opportunity for you to be completely taken care of. It’s a time for you to let it all go and do something deliciously selfish.

Here are what some of the women are saying about working with me in a sacred retreat:

“I have attended many retreats, and this was by far the most intentional, sacred, and life-changing that I have been blessed to experience. I will hold this special weekend close to my heart for the rest of my life. ” ~ Hannah

I left the retreat feeling more love, gratitude, connection, and deep joy than I have felt in years, maybe ever.~ Liza Ortiz

It was one of the most beautiful and life changing experiences of my life. Sarah’s presence and the magic that all the other participants created with me was amazing. I keep saying to my friends and to everyone that every woman on the earth should do a retreat just like Sarah’s so you can find or re-find your purpose, your magic. You will love it. You will find meanings for “sacred,” for “sisterhood,” for “love”, for “acceptance,” and I’m sure you will find another way of being and another way of thinking about yourself.~ Lorena

Sharing space with other women in ceremony healed a broken heart. There is no other way to put this… it restored my faith in humanity.~ Nicole

I know you may be thinking it’s not the right time for you. That it’s too close to Christmas or too much money, but I just want to reflect that we already have women coming who have moved mountains to be there, and I know you can too if you feel called to gather with us. Early January is the perfect time to remember your full potential so 2018 can be the first year of an incredibly meaningful, joyful life.

If you have questions you can respond to this email, or join me for a Facebook Live gathering on Monday, December 4th, at 1pm Eastern. I’m going to be sharing about the magic of winter, a full moon exercise and answering questions about Wise Woman Winter.

I can’t wait to see who is going to complete our circle for Wise Woman Winter.

Sending so much love,

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