Dear Mothers,

You deserve to

Be cooked dinner

Have your feet rubbed

Go to yoga whenever you want

Buy a new wardrobe

Go on vacation that doesn’t involve work

Take off on a random Saturday

Get help with the laundry

Have time to connect with your soul

Be brought breakfast in bed

Read on the couch for an hour

Actually finish your coffee without needing to microwave it 5 times

Shower alone

Pee alone

Go to a museum and look at art all day

Go on a date

See the world

Get your nails done

Spend money on yourself

Have a hobby

Feel sexy

Feel beautiful

Feel like a whole woman

Not just this week because it’s Mother’s Day, but every week. And not because you work hard, but because you’re a woman, and you deserve this just because you exist.

You can be a wonderful Mom and have space for yourself.  Maybe not every day, and maybe not all the time, but stretch yourself, it’s possible for you.

Happy Mother’s Day.



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