Happy Samhain, witches!


The veils are thin, my love.

Can you feel yourself standing at the threshold of change?

Perhaps your heart is ready to leap off the cliff, but your feet are holding onto what’s known and what’s comfortable.

Here’s what I need you to know – there are no guarantees that jumping off the cliff will be easier or free from pain – but what I can guarantee is that as you step into the mystery, and fully surrender your life to divine will – you WILL experience more exhilaration, passion, and expansion than you could’ve ever imagined was possible in this human life.

Today is Samhain, also known as the Witch’s New Year. 

Samhain is the name (pronounced Sow-Win) for the Gaelic festival of celebrations beginning at the end of October and through the first day of November. It is also known as The Witch’s New Year or Halloween. Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter, which is associated with the death cycle. The Celts believed the veil between the living and the dead was especially thin during this time. 

Inside our community, today is the final gathering in our free, 3-part Rebirth experience where 20,000 women have gathered to let their old selves die, so they can truly live.

Our gatherings have been incredibly potent and we are ALL getting clear on who we really are and what we came here to do. It’s big work. And we are all carrying medicine inside of us that the world needs. 

It’s time to come out of the broom closet and let our freak flags fly.

If you missed the experience but you know you were meant to be there – it’s not too late to sign up and catch all of the replays. We would love to have you with us. This is a movement. And you are an important part of it. 

During Ceremony, many women in this community discover that the work they actually came here to do (and the work they’ve been doing for lifetimes) – is the path to Priestess. 

If your light just went on, or if you’ve been hearing whispers that this is your calling (especially during this time where the veils are thinnest), then I would love to invite you to join me and my mentor Elayne Kalila Doughty for The Professional Priestess – a new, free masterclass. We will be teaching this class live on Friday, November 3rd at 1pm eastern (and yes, we will send the replay). If you are meant to be with us, please sign up and surrender to the mystery. It doesn’t need to make sense.

Whenever you are being called beloved, the time is now.

I love you.
I love you.
I love you.


P.S. If you are looking for a few simple ways to honor this potent time of year, take a scroll through my Samhain Instagram post and choose one of these 3 rituals to mark this day in whatever way you are called. Just remember, you know how to do this. You remember.

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