“I was a dancer at the Moulin Rouge and I was still miserable”

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Before I adopted the Live More philosophy I really didn’t like skinny women. How could they really understand what I was going through? Their lives were so easy!

As part of my journey I realized how closed-minded I was. You really just never know what’s going on with people and part of developing my program was realizing that a lot of thin women hate their bodies, so happiness must really not be tied to weight.

A few days ago I connected with a woman I admire so much. A woman who ten years ago I would have labeled as shallow, just because of how she looks.

Melissa Ambrosini is so beautiful that she was a model and dancer at the Moulin Rouge  in Paris. She spent years skipping lines at the most prestigious clubs, flying all over the world and brushing elbows with celebrities.

I mean, sounds amazing, right?

But the reality was that Melissa was miserable. She hated her body, had anxiety and ended up in the hospital because her body was failing under the stress.  In our interview she told me all about how she had cold soars all over her body. Whoa.

Melissa and I talked about the exact steps she took to go from her breakdown to being one of most successful coaches out there.

I’d love for you to pop us in your ear and take us on a walk or drive with you.

You can listen to our interview here

Melissa’s book Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl is a calming and educational read on exactly how to silence your inner critic and become wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy and bursting with love.

You can buy the book here.

I also revealed to Melissa a very personal thing that’s going on with me. She gave me some great advice that I’ve been using daily and it’s really changing things for me. I think you’ll find it helpful too.

Chat soon!


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