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I wanted to drop you a super quick note today to celebrate one of my closest friends, Jadah Sellner, who co-authored the new book Simple Green Smoothies that just hit shelves..  

As soon as I met Jadah a few years ago, I was instantly relieved to find a woman who really got me on all levels.  She’s a mother, an entrepreneur and a health advocate without being a health nut.  Like me, Jadah appreciates taking care of her body but her life doesn’t revolve around it.  Jadah and I have traveled together many times for events and masterminds and our days start with a green smoothie and end with wine.  It’s all about balance;).

I wanted to tell you about her book because it’s about self-care and self-love, not about losing weight or dieting.  It’s about taking care of your body because you love her, not about shrinking your body because you hate her. 

You can get your copy here.  It’s gorgeous, full of amazing recipes and incredibly inspiring.

Here is the Live More Green Smoothie, my go-to green smoothie recipe.  So simple and creamy.



2 cups fresh kale, stems removed
2 cups water
2 apples, any variety, cored
1 avocado

1. Blend kale and water until smooth.
2. Add remaining ingredients, and blend again.

Note: I personally like to peel my apples to remove that pulpy, gritty taste (but just remember the skin has lots of good fiber too). 




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