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Pleasurable-Weight-Loss-published-cover copyAlmost 6 years ago, at the beginning of my journey, I met Jena la Flamme at a party.  She floated around the room with such ease and confidence.  She glowed.  I wanted to be like that, I thought.  Although I was nervous to talk to her, we ended up at the same hors d’oeuvres tray and started talking.  She made me feel so at ease and so heard.  The next day I signed up to be her client in her Pleasurable Weight Loss program.

Jena helped me find happiness, love my body and learn how to nourish her in a way that made me glow.  Now she is bringing her genius, that only used to be available one-on-one to the masses with her new book Pleasurable Weight Loss.

I am so excited to be sharing an interview with her today on how she developed this philosophy and how you can start putting it into your lives today.


If you want to feel in love with your body and at peace with food, and you just know (as I do) that calorie counting, food points, portion control and punishing exercise is not the way, then you’ll want to download Jena’s free 7-day program: 7 DAYS OF PLEASURABLE WEIGHT LOSS: EAT WITHOUT ANGST. FEEL GOOD IN YOUR FEMALE BODY now by clicking here.

Jena’s new book Pleasurable Weight Loss will change your life. She helped change mine.



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