Make your Holiday Season Sacred Again (instead of stressful, last-minute, and a total sh*t show)


As we slowly creep into colder weather and shorter days, my heart starts to flutter at the anticipation of the holidays. If you’re anything like me, you have incredible intentions to wrap the holidays with stress-free, feminine, generous love, but when you’re actually “in it” you feel just the opposite.

It’s sad that the most magical time of year always turns into a total sh*t show. I’m here today to give you an invitation to do things differently this year, so the holidays can be every drop of deliciousness you remember from when you were a child. 

Winter is a sacred time of stillness and space. Seeds have been gathered in the soil and wait to bloom in Spring. Animals are hibernating. The days are shorter. The energy of the earth is clearly telling us that it is a time for resting, drinking tea by the fire, and gathering energy for the season ahead. And yet we’re all running around like chickens with our heads cut off at the mall, expending more energy than we do all year! No, thank you. 

For years I celebrated “Crazy Christmas.” I waited to buy presents at the last minute, stressed out about the wrapping, and was always thinking of those dumb non-presents like “breakfast in bed” or “a dinner out on me!” just because I didn’t know what to buy someone and was so unorganized. I always felt stressed, guilty, embarrassed, exhausted, and chubby. (Christmas cookies were the only way to ground myself from the buzz.)

But when I became a mother, I knew I wanted to be intentional about what the holidays were like in our house, so every year I make a point to not only think about what we are doing during this time, but what the house feels like. And as the mother, I know that my mood, energy, attitude, and joy affect our whole family.

This is what I do to stay grounded:

  1. Plan + order all of our gifts ahead of time. I am still a last-minute wrapper, but I really want to do better this year!! My intention is to have everything wrapped and shipped to my parents’ house where we are spending Christmas by December 15th. Take a minute right now to set a shopping (or making!) and wrapping schedule for yourself. Make sure to schedule when you’ll plan, when you’ll shop, and when you’ll wrap.  
  2. I create space for REST. We are naturally lower in energy during the winter months and need a lot of rest – not only in the form of naps and zoning out in front of the TV. It’s also important to give your mind and body time to completely restore. This is why I’m hosting a Dark Moon Circle on Thursday, December 6th, at Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA, and online worldwide. This will be a time for YOU to fully restore, rest, and connect.
  3. I connect with the traditions of my ancestors and the symbolism of the holidays. Did you know that bringing an evergreen tree into your home is a Pagan tradition that started waaaaay before the birth of Jesus? Did you know that many cultures incorporate candle lighting into their celebrations to symbolize the coming of longer days during this dark season? During the Dark Moon Circle, I will be sharing folklore about this time of year that really makes the holidays feel sacred and magical.

I hope you can join me in person in Medfield, MA, or online for the Dark Moon Circle. It is going to be a truly nourishing and magical evening, meant to give you a pause and a boost during the holidays.

Here are the details again, in case you haven’t registered:

Dark Moon Women’s Circle
Thursday, December 6th
7:30 pm In Person / 7:45 pm Livestream
Hawthorn Farm, Medfield, MA 
$30 In Person
$20 Livestream


Sending you so much love, 



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