Happy Spring Equinox! Ritual inside


Happy Spring!

Today is the Spring or Vernal Equinox when the days and nights are (pretty much) of equal length and the official first day of Spring! In Celtic tradition, Spring Equinox is called Ostara, and it is the celebration of new life, fertility, love, and planting new seeds of ideas, dreams, and desires (as well as actual seeds since this is the beginning of the planting season). They spoke about the Sun God coming back to lie down on the Mother Earth and make love to create new life. Hot, right!?

Today is a very powerful day to get in touch with your desires and set intentions. I’m going to walk you through how to do it. 

Celebrating these seasonal holidays deeply connects me to Earth, which helps me to embrace, celebrate, and feel my wild, feminine soul. I’ve also experienced firsthand how powerful it is to set intentions (ask for something I want) during times when the Earth’s energy and magic can support those intentions being brought into reality. To translate: when the Earth is sprouting new life, it supports me sprouting my dreams and ideas into life. 

What’s cool is that many of the secular traditions of Easter (which is comes from the word Ostara) are the exact same traditions people have been practicing in Earth-based religions way before Christianity. Dyeing eggs, covering tables with daffodils, and bringing in other symbols of fertility (like bunnies) were all adopted by Christians when they were promoting the religion. So you’re already doing a lot of stuff that connects you to the Earth – it’s just nice to really know why you’re doing it and put some intention behind it.

I believe that holidays take on a whole new meaning when we wrap them in ritual, which to me is using symbols and infusing them with personal intentions.

In my new Moonly membership program, Whole Woman, our community receives steps to do a new ritual every Moon cycle to support them in a certain area of their lives. Wrapping personal growth with ritual and other feminine practices has had the biggest impact on my life and my clients’ lives over the past few years. Today, I want to share one of those rituals with you!

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Simple Spring Equinox Ritual:

Here is a ritual for you to do today on your own, with friends, or with your family. I do this with my kids every year!

  1. Buy some seeds at the grocery store or your local gardening store, and a pot and soil if you wish to plant them inside instead of in the ground.  
  2. Prepare a place to plant them, whether it’s in your yard or a pot with soil in your home.
  3. Gather the seeds and fill a watering can with water.
  4. Gather around your planting place with everyone who is doing the ritual.
  5. Bless the soil by holding your hands over it and saying a simple prayer like, “I am grateful for the fertile ground where my dreams with grow. May my home, my health, and my relationships be full of love and safety so the seeds of my dreams may grow.”
  6. Pass out the seeds and hold the seeds in your hands.
  7. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths and bring your attention to your heart.
  8. Ask your heart her greatest desire.
  9. When each person is ready, they can speak their dream, wish, or desire while holding the seed.
  10. Once everyone is done, take a minute to imagine that intention going from your heart, down your arms, and into the seed through your hands.
  11. Plant the seeds in the soil.
  12. Say a simple prayer like, “I plant these seeds of dreams in this fertile ground. I trust in the genius of my dreams to grow in their own time.”
  13. Then everyone waters the seeds a little bit with the watering can and says a simple prayer like, “Help me to know when I need to nourish and nurture my dream to help it grow and when I need to allow the magic of time and nature to support it.”
  14. Hold hands with the people you’re with and close with, “And so it is!” (general spiritual) or “A-Ho!” (Native American) or “So mote it be!” (Witch).  

That’s it!!

I did this ritual last year and asked to own the retreat center I was looking at in Massachusetts.  A month later we had an accepted offer. Magic!

Please let me know in the comments on the blog or on Instagram how this goes for you. I would also love to see pictures so tag me on Instagram!

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Happy Ostara, my dear! Sending you blessings for all of your dreams blooming into form.


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