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Back in February Jonathan and I went to the DirectTV Super Bowl Party in San Francisco. I had not been out past 11pm in years so this was a big deal.

After a surprise appearance by Snoop Dogg (I know), the Red Hot Chili Peppers took the stage as the main event.

I spent the first two songs observing them as I would most bands, a group of people larger than life and separate from me, almost like they’re actors on a movie screen. But being that I was just 15 people away from the stage and a serious empath, I started to really feel and study them.

Here’s the deal. These guys are weird. They make strange wardrobe choices, have odd facial hair and have pretty unusual voices. Not to mention they don’t act like most 53 year olds are supposed to. I can imagine that when they started their band in high school that their mothers thought they were crazy. I bet they wished they would just put on a polo shirt, cut their hair, go to college and get a real job.

I bet most of their friends thought they were nuts. I bet their agents urged them to “follow the money” and create a poppier sound just to get ahead.

If any of them had taken an ounce of advice from any of the naysayers or prioritized everyone else’s comfort level over their own self-expression, they wouldn’t be the sensation they are today.

And these men really bring it. Whoa. I rarely see such power and such a commitment to give everything. Each of them were 100% themselves without a speck of holding back or worry that they could offend someone, make anyone uncomfortable or appear uncool.

Most people believe that fame gives people permission to be themselves, but I believe the opposite is true, fame is born out of being completely ourselves, embracing our weirdness and juicing our gifts to the very last drop.

It got me thinking about what I’m self conscious about. Is my life what I really want? In what ways do I let other people’s comfort level dictate how I choose to express myself?

Since then I’ve been thinking about how I can be completely me without censoring myself or taking on other people’s beliefs as my own. I would love for you to do the same today. And remember, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is not about you changing your parent’s minds, wishing you came from a different background or gaining acceptance from your friends. It’s about giving them space to express themselves and then doing whatever you want anyway.

Never compromise your fate for someone else’s comfort level.

In the comments I would love to hear who you are, really. Can you clearly claim it in this community? I can’t wait to meet the real you.



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