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In Avalon, I stepped out the the freezing pool of the White Spring, dripping with magic and water wearing nothing, not even my wedding ring. I stripped down to the very essence of my being and felt my whole body flood with power during this ancient Priestess Baptism ritual.

I walked down the slippery stone stairs and was held is deep presence with Diana Dubrow, an anointing Priestess from ancient temples of Egypt. She leaned in and while blessing my third eye and heart with sacred oil, she said,

“Thank you daughter, for birthing 3 beautiful, special souls into human form through your body. You have a very important role in their souls’ Earth walk.”

All at once I could see my body as a portal between the spirit world and earth. I could feel how my body, my average body that I have spent most of a lifetime fighting with, is in fact a wardrobe, a wormhole, a portal, or a water slide from one world to another.

I felt the magic, the alchemy and the sacredness, and I also felt the enormity of the assignment, the exhaustion of the love, the intensity of the physical work to hold a soul. I felt the sacred souls of each of my children and their grand assignments for this lifetime and how they desperately need a mother who is going to tend to them, to add wood to their fire and to give them a sanctuary.

And the only way to do that is for me to fully step into my potential, for if I do not , I won’t possess the strength to be with their challenges, the wisdom to answer their questions or experience on how to weather the journey, I will not be able to lead them until they are fit to lead themselves, and I will not have honored my end of our sacred bargain. I saw that my rising is their rising. My joy is their joy. My evolution is their evolution.

And they tell us the opposite, that we should feel guilty for our growth, that our stepping into who we are hurts others. They do that to stop the power of love and evolution that naturally flows from one generation to another. For if there is a kink in the hose, the garden won’t grow and the few tyrants can keep the power.

Don’t listen to the lies. Listen to your heart in this moment. Does it beam with love at this truth that the universe is built on the rules that your joy is the only way your children will know joy? And isn’t that just wonderful that it works that way?

And if you are not a mother, know this. Your body is a portal. A portal for wisdom, for art, and for deep deep love. And we need you to lead the way in showing what it looks like to step fully into your evolution. To own your sovereignty and offer your medicine.

On this Moonday, I want you to ask yourself these questions through journaling, in the car or in the shower

What does is look like for you to fully step into your joy?
What are you worried will happen if you do that?
What is your deep truth about those fears? Do you they feel true? What reality do you want to create instead?

I’d love to hear anything you want to share on instagram or the comments below.

I love you,


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