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I got an email from an old client telling me that she appreciated everything that I was doing, trying to get women to create an amazing life, “but I really just want to lose weight, that’s what I want more than anything.”

I’ve been known to give a little tough love so I responded with…

Really? You want a tight ass more than love, more than snuggling on the couch with your soul mate?

You want a tiny waist more than your art to be presented in a gallery, more than being featured as the “woman to watch” in your favorite magazine?

You want thin arms more than having girlfriends who will ditch work on a moment’s notice and head to the beach, more than someone to hold you when you feel like you can’t move another step?

You want a flat tummy more than feeling the hot sand under your feet while you look out into turquoise waters spotted with dolphins, more than the rush of running through the woods with sticks breaking under your feet?

Do you really?

I never heard back.

So all I can do is ask you.  Do you really just want to lose weight? Or do you want more?

Would you happily sacrifice model worthy legs for a lifetime of love and great sex?  I would in a heartbeat.

And what I know to be true because I’ve done it myself, and I’ve helped hundreds of women do the same, is that when we go after what you really want, you finally create the body you were always meant to have.  And you wouldn’t want to change a thing.

Go get it.

In the comments below, I want to know, what do you want more than losing weight?



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