What if Monday Was Your Favorite Day of The Week?

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Happy Moonday, my love!

For those of you that are new to my Moonday messages (or for those of you that just need a fresh reminder on why I send them in the first place) – did you know that “Monday” was named after “MOON Day”? It’s the day we honor the moon and her feminine, magical, mysterious ways.

Moonday is actually my favorite day of the week, is it yours? Probably not… which is why I wanted to talk to you about this today.

Did you know that the highest percentage of heart attacks happen on Mondays? Hearts are literally breaking over the pressure, dread, and overwhelm of the work week. I don’t want this to be true for you.

Here’s why I love Moondays:

After a very full, very happy weekend with my kids, it’s time for me to have some Sarah time. I used to feel guilty about this, or like it meant I didn’t love my kids enough, but my friend Amy Ahlers, my momtor (mom-mentor) reminds me all the time that “It’s not that you don’t want to spend time with your kids. It’s that you don’t want to spend ALL your time with your kids. None of us do! With our kids or anyone else for that matter.” If you’re a mom, really take that in.

I love my job. I look forward to checking in with the Holy Woman members, working on new Ceremonies & Workshops, and strategizing with my team on how we can create more embodied experiences for women across the globe.

Moonday feels like a fresh start, a time to recommit to goals, a morning ritual, and some super nourishing self-care. It’s a time to get clear on what I really want my week to look and feel like because we only get 52 a year! I want to make this one count!

My question for you today is: What would have to be true about your life in order for Monday to be your favorite day of the week?

Put your urge to figure out the “how” on the shelf for a minute and just write.

What would have to be true about how you wake up? Your job? Your home? Your health? What you had to look forward to?

If you feel like you’re just destined to hate Mondays forever, can we take a look at that? I need you to know that you aren’t actually stuck, just because you believe you are. Sure, your life maybe can’t change on a dime this week or even this year, but you can make very small changes over time in order for your life to look really different in 5 years or 10. Putting in the work, even for a payoff that is 5 years away is so worth it in the grand scheme of your life.

But you have to start with knowing what would have to be true about your life in order for Monday to be your favorite day of the week.

And maybe you want to take some time writing down all of the beliefs you have that are shouting that it can’t happen. Just getting those inner nay-sayers out of your head and onto paper is really healing.

I used to wake up with dread on Monday mornings. It meant that Jonathan was gone at 4 am to get to work at the hospital, I was alone with my kids. I never knew if my nanny was actually going to show up for work, and every day was filled with the pressure to make ends meet, doing work that didn’t fulfill me anymore. Over the years I’ve made small and big changes every week to create a life where Moonday is now my favorite day.

If you open my emails every Monday, I know the same can be true for you, because I want nothing more than to guide you to having a juicy, joyful, magical, soul-led life.

After you get clear about what would have to be true about your life in order for Moonday to be your favorite day, what is one small thing you can do this week so that next Monday is a little bit better? Write it down and schedule any action steps you need to take in your calendar.

And hopefully next week you’ll be saying, TGIS (thank goddess it’s Sunday).



P.S. If you need a really juicy way to kick off your Moonday mornings, be sure to check out my free Sacred Start guide.

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