What Is Keeping You On The Cliff?

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A year ago I was standing at the edge of the cliff of my life. I was standing on what was known and familiar. And looking down at what could be and anticipating the free fall it would take.

I asked myself, what is keeping me on this cliff? Why don’t I want to jump?

I realized.

“I don’t want to work harder. I can’t work harder. I’ll die.”


So I asked myself, is there a reality where I could go for it without working harder?

How could I do that? What would that look like?

Luckily one of my best friends, Kate Northrup, happens to be an expert on the topic so I dug in.

I did a few key things:

1. I worked hard at things I wanted to do in my company instead of things I didn’t want to do. This gave me energy instead of draining me.
2. I cut out all personal obligations that weren’t a hell yes.
3. I changed the health of my body so my energy matched my ambition.

The result was that I am working the same amount (the goal is less, but progress not perfection) but in a completely different life and just overjoyed by what I’m spending my time doing.

Journaling prompt: Make a list of things that you love to do, and things that you really don’t enjoy doing that drain your energy. Can you outsource any of the tasks that drain you? Can you stop doing them all together? What can you start saying no to, to make space for the things you love?

Thoughts? Feelings?

Love you.


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