#WholeWomanChallenge Week 11: Only Eat When You’re Hungry


This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Only Eat When You’re Hungry

Today I’m going back to another favorite tool from Live More Weigh Less, which is still so important to the Whole Woman lifestyle. I want you to start noticing the difference between being hungry and just wanting food. When we want food but aren’t hungry, this is where the magic happens. When we want food but aren’t hungry, we are craving emotional medicine. So instead of eating, DO something. Try something from this challenge like buying flowers, putting on lipstick, taking a bath, or set a new moon intention (the New Moon was just this last Saturday). You can get all the past challenges of this summer so far on the blog for inspiration. 

Maybe you want to call your mother, go for walk, or stretch. Take a picture or share a video of your emotional medicine on Instagram with @sarahjenks and #WholeWomanChallenge and let us know what the experience was like for you. And when you’re really hungry (like tummy rumbling and gurgling), eat!

Photo Credit: Jenny Moloney

The best emotional medicine for me right now is to connect with magic, so I often sit at my altar and pull some cards from a tarot deck when I want to eat 5 million cookies (it still happens, believe me). Connecting to my magic and to Mother Nature helps me feel grounded and supported. And it’s fun. 🙂

I can’t wait to hear how this goes for you! Remember to tag me @sarahjenks and use #WholeWomanChallenge on Instagram and Facebook.


P.S. To dive deeper with me into healing emotional eating, even if you’ve tried everything, I invite you to watch my free video training series. Click here to download my six-step method to creating your ideal life and body for free.

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