#WholeWomanChallenge Week 3: Wear Red Lipstick


This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Wear Red Lipstick 

Photo Credit: Bess Friday

This week’s challenge is to wear red (or some bright color) lipstick and post a pic on Instagram.

Look, I get it – wearing bright lipstick can be scary. Maybe you don’t always feel like standing out in the crowd – but you can and you’re worth it. When we don’t feel good in our skin or even our lives, we hide. But the hiding only contributes to our not stepping into our power. Wearing lipstick can be a spiritual practice of being seen, vulnerable, and feminine. Grab a bright and beautiful shade of lipstick today and get prepared to feel powerful. It’s also way stronger than coffee. Please, please post a pic of you puckering up with @sarahjenks and #WholeWomanChallenge. It will feel weird and edgy, but that’s the point. 😉

Let me see your pics! Follow me on Instagram and post your picture with #WholeWomanChallenge on Instagram and on Facebook.

As you press your edge this week, I also invite you to watch my free workshop, “The 4 Lies that Keep Women Overwhelmed, Plagued with Guilt, and Feeling Like They Aren’t Enough.” I teach you the reasons why we hold back and hide and how to pull forward your most alive, confident, soulful self (and, I hope, wear more red lipstick!). You’ll also see where I get outside my own comfort zone.

I can’t wait for you to watch! This workshop is such a juicy one.


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