#WholeWomanChallenge Week 6: Set a New Moon Intention


This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Set a New Moon Intention

Photo Credit: Jenny Moloney

Full Moons get all the attention, but New Moons are super powerful. They mark the beginning of a Moon cycle and hold the energy of new beginnings and growth. Intentions set on a New Moon will be blessed and held into reality. Don’t believe me? Then I encourage you to do a New Moon ritual this week because the New Moon in Cancer on Friday the 13th is a really powerful one.

This New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, which my astrologer Jenn Racioppi tells me amplifies the power and energy of the Moon.

What’s also cool is that Fridays are traditionally a day to do magic, and the number 13 is the most sacred feminine number (because there are 13 Moon cycles in a year, and we are deeply connected to the Moon).

Cancer is the sign of the Great Mother, the nurturer, the caregiver, so this is a great New Moon to set intentions around this area of your life.

Here’s one way to do it…

Create a sacred space in your home. That might be lighting candles in your bedroom or at your altar. Maybe you want to draw a bath or sit outside. Just do whatever feels sacred for you.

Close your eyes and take 13 deep breaths. With every inhale, imagine golden light pouring in your head and filling your body; on every exhale, imagine all the tightness and stressors leaving your body.

Then ask for the Moon, the Great Mother, your guides, and your ancestors who come in a good way to support you in your ritual.

Now take some time with your journal and ask yourself this question:

What does it look like for me to be the most taken care of?

After you write down all the ways in which you want to be held, nurtured, and fed physically, emotionally, and spiritually, close your eyes and imagine that happening.

Next, ask yourself:

If I am this taken care of, what kind of caregiver can I be? What kind of nurturer or mother do I want to be?

After you write down your answer in your journal, close your eyes and imagine yourself nurturing in that way. How does it feel?

Find a place to put these desires in your home or outside. Gather some sacred items to keep your dreams company for this Moon cycle.

Ask the Great Mother and the Moon to support you in being nurtured and to become the nurturer you long to be. Ask for signs, lessons, and support to guide you.

Close with, “This or Something Better. A Ho!”

If you feel called to share your sacred space on Instagram, I’d love to see it. Just use the hashtag #WholeWomanChallenge so we can find each other.

Happy New Moon. 🙂


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