#WholeWomanChallenge Week 9: Move Your Body


We have 5 more weeks of summer left and I can’t wait to see what magic we can create together! 

This Week’s Whole Woman Challenge: Move Your Body

I’ll be honest. I used to hate exercise. But over the years, as I learned how take care of my body in different seasons of my life and treat her as a sacred temple, I found that what was missing was discovering movement I LOVED. No more grueling hours on the treadmill. I don’t believe in working out anymore. I move my body. I don’t do it for calorie burning. I do it for fun. I don’t do it to look better. I do it to FEEL better. It has made such a difference in my mood and life. 

This week your challenge is to move your body and snap a pic. Make sure you have a BLAST doing it (like in this insane photo of me going for it 7.5 months pregnant). What will make you feel like this?

Photo Credit: Jenny Moloney

What I love most about this photo is how I’m not holding back AT ALL. To learn what I did to get here, totally comfortable in my body and in love with my life, click here to watch my  video training program. I’ll share all my secrets (for free!). 

Be sure to snap a pic this week and share with me with #wholewomanchallenge, so I can see your moves. When you tag me @sarahjenks and #wholewomanchallenge on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll get entered to win 3 months of Whole Woman. Read all about the new contest here.


P.S. I can’t tell you how much my life and relationship with body have changed since I learned to focus on what feels good (like dancing!) instead of following the workout and diet rules I was told growing up. To get my 6-step method to create your ideal life & body (even if you’ve tried everything), click here

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