Your Magic Has Been Hidden From You. This Is How To Find It Again


I believe that we’ve all been spellbound for hundreds of years. By “spellbound”, I mean that our Wisdom/Magic (same same) has been bound, or stopped. Hidden from us.

Did you ever read the book, or see the show, A Discovery of Witches? It’s my favorite book, and in it the main character, Diana, is a Witch but seems to have no magical powers, but her powers start coming out sporadically at inopportune times and she is shocked by it. It turns out that she was spellbound, so she didn’t have access to her magic. It was in her the whole time, but trapped and dormant, until she learned how to un-spellbound herself.

I believe that we’ve all been spellbound…

Women from every lineage have experienced horrific torture and murder for being a powerful woman.

In my lineage, it was the burning times in Europe when millions of women were tortured and murdered for being outspoken, wise, independent, healers, one with the Earth, sensual, not Christian, herbalists, and magical. The fear that has been lodged in our unconscious memory, and the ripple effect it has had on how women are viewed and treated still is in me today.

This is spellbinding.

Then the “Witch” (meaning “Wise One”) was then drawn as a green-faced devil worshipper. So now, when we are old enough to identify our intuition, our wisdom, our deep connection with the unseen, we reject our wisdom because we worry that we are evil.

In our fear and self-rejection, we bury our magic so deep that we forget.

Then we are told that our worth is based on our looks (instead of our wisdom) and we spend the rest of our life trying to look beautiful to be loved. A great DISTRACTION from what is true.

And since most of us can never reach that ideal, we work until our knuckles are bloody and our adrenals are unrepairable. So busy that we never slow down enough to hear the wise voice that is trying to break through the noise.

But I believe we are at a turning point.

I think this world-wide upheaval is actually a spell to unbind our magic.

In the locking down of our lives, our true desires are boiling over, we are noticing what we don’t miss and being so intimate with death amplifies the exhilaration of being alive.

I believe our natural inclination that is arising for so many people, to go outside, to get fresh air, to plant a garden, to create community, is where we will receive the magic to further unbind what has been hidden from us.

Being outside, feet on the ground, face to the stars, feeling your connection to the unseen world – that breaks the spell.

Being with your soul, in the silence of your darkest moments and realizing who you are and what you want, that you have permission to create whatever you want – that breaks the spell.

You aren’t who you think you are, and this time is trying to show you the truth.

If you want to go deeper, I made a short (only 36 minutes!) workshop on how to use Corona as a Portal to a New Life.  I talk about

  • How this time has been prophesied
  • What unweaving your spellbinding looks like for most women
  • How to let your unique expression, magic and wisdom all the way out

Click here to watch the workshop for free.

I can’t wait to hear what life is like for you when your magic is no longer hidden from you. You are so sacred, it’s time for you to remember.

Lots of love,


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