Are You Waiting For Permission?

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I used to believe — as most people do, when something changed in my external world then I would feel like I had permission to go big in my life.

So, for example… 

When I finally felt like my kids were stable and didn’t need me as much.
When my husband finally told me out of the blue that he really wanted me to go forward with my work. 
When I made a certain amount of money.
When I could just win the game I was already playing.

But here’s the thing. Our patriarchal culture teaches women that we need to wait for permission to do something and many of us have internalized that. And it shows up in all sorts of really messed up ways.

So here’s what I want you to know. Nothing outside of you is coming to give you permission to do something. Nothing. It’s never going to happen. No one is ever going to come along and tell you to go for it. 

You have to just decide that it is time for you to go do THE big thing you came here to do.

I love you. And you’re not alone!



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