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There was a time in my life when I was never NOT trying to lose weight. Whether it was writing down points, eating Slim Fast bars for breakfast and lunch, or popping caffeine ridden diet pills that made me crazy… there was always some program or set of rules I was attempting (keyword) to follow.

On the outside I tried to look happy and in control. I was often peppy about my diet and acted proud of my food choices around my friends.  But on the inside I was miserable.  Why were so many women blessed with a beautiful body when God gave me this ugly, fat, lumpy one to walk around in?  It didn’t seem fair.

All that pain and embarrassment of how I looked led me to eat cookies in secret and ice cream in the middle of the night. I’d have 4 diet-bars because I was seriously unsatisfied with one, and one time I went out and bought a $400 juicer and only lasted 3 days on my cleanse before I got crazy constipated, was a royal bitch to Jonathan because I was hangry (hungry+angry) and found myself covered in chocolate in the supply closet of my office after polishing off an entire bag of Dove Chocolate Promises.

I made so many punishing and expensive decisions to get the hurt to vanish, but nothing ever worked.  Even when I would “successfully” lose twenty pounds I was still overcome with panic about gaining all the weight back.  All I wanted was to feel a sense of calm and stability in my body, around food and in my life.

And finally, it came, but it wasn’t anything like I expected.

Today, I love my body so much.  I feel calm around food, and find it easy to pass on birthday cake if I’m not in the mood (before I thought I would always be in the mood for cake).  I make moving my body a priority and look forward to it. With every pregnancy I’ve allowed my body to do her thing, growing and gaining weight, and then creating my new ideal body (you can learn what I really mean by this by watching this short video) by using my signature six-step method in the Live More Weigh Less FREE Video Training Program. You can learn all about it for free by clicking here.

Here’s what I need you to know, I never in a million years thought I was ever going to be free from body jail, let alone an expert in emotional eating and have one of the most popular lifestyle programs on the internet.   But the transformation I had around food and my body was so profound I had to share it.

I know first hand how painful it to live in a body you hate and I also know exactly what it takes to break free from the endless cycle of struggle with your weight and overeating.

Lean in and listen closely, your pain will not vanish with another diet. I know it all seems like a simple fix… eat more veggies, workout more and be happy.  But if this really worked, you wouldn’t be reading this, and everyone would be thin.

There’s more to this story for you. You have to go deeper.  But what I need you to know is that you are going to discover incredible things about yourself by going there.

See what Beth had to say,

“I found LMWL in early 2015 and it really hit the nail on the head for me. I was lighter because I was happier. Instead of spending my nights in a dark pub drinking beer or on the couch with take-out, I was getting active in my community, meeting new people, volunteering my time, trying new activities, walking everywhere in Boston where I live and work – basically, living my life. I’ve never been happier.” -Beth

Join the Live More Weigh Less FREE Video Training Program by clicking this link now.

You’ll get instant access to my first two coaching videos and the third one will be coming to you in a few short days.

Also, if one of your friends has confided in you that she struggles with her weight, I would really urge you to send her this video.  I know it can be taboo to talk about this topic, but this training is not about being thin, it’s about having a fresh perspective.

I need you to know that even though we haven’t met in person, I care about you and I know first hand how hard this is.  And it feels kinda shallow sometimes doesn’t it? To care so much about our weight when there are real problems going on in the world.  But the reality is that how you feel about yourself matters a lot.  As long as you are holding back because of your body – I call it “waiting on the weight” you aren’t making the impact you’re meant to make… but I’m getting ahead of myself, we can talk more about that in this free video program.

I’ll see you there,


Founder of Live More Weigh Less
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