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Spaciousness and creativity are two words I’ve been focusing on this year. And there’s no time quite like the winter holidays to test my commitment to this intention.

The holidays are a pretty loaded time for so many of us. It’s a time when the inner perfectionist can come out as we try to cram all the things (shopping, entertaining, wrapping, working) into such a small amount of time.

Which is actually counterintuitive, since nature is giving us some pretty big indicators that it’s time to slow down and do less as autumn fades into winter.

There’s less daylight, the leaves fall and plants go to sleep, the air is chilling, and our bodies are desiring more coziness and rest. And yet we consistently try to pack more things than ever before into a time period that is literally dimming by the day.

No matter what you celebrate during this time of year, what is true is this is a time to slow down, connect with our loved ones, and celebrate being the light in the dark.

I love my friend Becca’s (of The Dabblist) take on transforming the holidays from overwhelming to cozy and calm.


Becca is a big believer in working with your hands to access the wise, creative woman that is inside all of us. And there is no better time to access that part of you than during a time when we often feel a lot of pressure, particularly around giving gifts.

So many of us spend our precious time and energy worrying about giving the perfect gifts that shows our loved ones just how much we love them. But battling crowded parking lots and impulse buying an extra bottle of nail polish in the checkout line of Target just so the stockings are a bit bigger isn’t the way to show your gratitude and appreciation to your loved ones.

When you take an afternoon or evening to slow down your holiday hustle and make beautiful gifts (infused with your love) with your hands, you are able to remember the true meaning of the holiday season. That it’s not so much about spending the most money or overextending yourself by cooking a lavish meal for 10, but instead it’s about the gift of your presence to those you cherish most.

And your friends and family will feel the meaning you’ve infused into those gifts much more than with a generic store-bought trinket. I love that moment when someone opens the gift you gave them and look at you with misty eyes and a full heart. They feel fully seen and cherished by you through the gift you lovingly made them.

Becca reminds us that we have the ability to transform the ritual of giving gifts into something more meaningful and handcrafted in every sense of the word.

Becca teaches a program I’m so excited to tell you about, because I have experienced it first-hand. It’s called A Handmade Holiday and it has all the elements for you to enjoy a holiday season infused with meaning and intention.

A Handmade Holiday is a digital program that includes step-by-step video tutorials (taught by Becca) of her most popular, beautiful and easy-to-make gift items. She also gives you printable recipe cards, supply lists, printable labels, gift making playlists, bonus gift tutorials, and a private members-only community for support and inspiration.

Becca has opened registration for this community only from now until Friday, December 18th, 5pm PT.  You still have time to transform your holiday season into one with more meaning and intention behind it. Check out A Handmade Holiday and do gifts differently this year.



P.S. I’m a proud affiliate of Becca’s and only recommend products and programs that I have personally experienced so I am very excited to share this program with you.

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