Want to teach, lead or hold space at Hawthorn Farm? Fall is almost full!


My vision for Hawthorn Farm – my home and retreat center in Medfield, MA – is for it to be a portal for women to gather, celebrate, and heal. It’s a place for women to fall apart, to come together (with themselves and others), to exhale, to discover who they are, to create a deep relationship with the Earth (her magic and the miracle of life that runs through our own veins), to feel safe being real, and to meet women who truly get you.

And if you feel called to be a part of this mission, I’d love to talk.

Since we opened almost a year ago, we’ve had yoga and dance classes, vision board workshops, sold-out Full Moon Circles, essential oil classes, crystal workshops, sacred rituals, and weekend retreats. Women have come and felt seen, held, and connected with like-minded sisters. It’s been wild and dreamy and perfect.

This Fall I’m thrilled to welcome a group of amazing new teachers, leaders, healers and spiritual focalizers to Hawthorn Farm to guide us through some incredible experiences from Shamanic Fire Ceremony to Journey Dance, and spiritual leadership training to intuitive classes. Almost all of the weekends are booked with amazing workshops. You can see all of the amazing things we have coming up here: Events at Hawthorn Farm

So I’m curious…

  • Do you love gathering with women in sacred space?
  • Do you have wisdom you long to share?
  • Is there a change you desperately want to see in the world?
  • Is there a trade you desire to teach?

I’d love for you to lead a workshop or retreat at Hawthorn Farm. We only have a few weekends left this Fall! (And we’re already booking weekends for 2019.)

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Apply here, tell us about your workshop and give us a few date options. We only accept leaders who are in alignment with our mission and can hold a safe space.

Step 2: Finalize date and length of workshop (we have affordable pricing for half-day, full-day or weekends). Once you invest in full, the spot is all yours and you keep 100% of your profits.  In order for you to feel 100% about our partnership, you can come for a tour (in person or via Facetime) anytime.

Step 3: Spread the word! We will support you by inviting my audience through my social media channels and newsletter, but the success of your workshop is up to you! Shout it from the rooftops!

Step 4: Host your workshop! We provide all of the information necessary to attendees on how to find us, the logistics of visiting, and a few tips about the area. You can focus on the energy of the class, setting up, and creating your unique magic.  If you want extra support during your workshop for setting up, check-in and holding space, we can provide that too!

Ready to apply? Click here

It would be an honor to have you bring your wisdom and juju to this sacred space and play a role in this important work.

I can’t wait to hear from you.


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