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The most important relationship in your life deserves attention.

If you are someone who is spending time and money on your marriage will you share how that has impacted you below?

Do we wish our bodies magically got healthier without any work? Of course.

Do we wish our kitchens renovated themselves for free? That would be epic.

Do we wish we got promoted and made more money without putting in an effort at work? Hell yes.

But that isn’t how life works.

We know that in order to be healthy, to have a beautiful space, to be successful at work – we need to put in an effort. And although this effort comes with challenges, it also comes with great rewards. The process of growth can be challenging, rewarding, and deeply illuminating.

Like most couples, Jonathon and I thought that we didn’t have to work on our marriage. That it should just magically be great, or at least “fine” for our whole lives without any work.

Turns out, that if you want to have a magnetic, romantic, equitable marriage – you have to put in an effort.

We have created a course for couples that we believe is one of the most effective, fun, and actionable couples courses out there.

But what is most important to us is that we normalize putting an effort into marriage.

The first step is having “the talk”. Be honest. Be clear. Be vulnerable. Tell your partner that you want to start being more intentional about your relationship and come up with a plan to do so. You may hurt their feelings because of outdated beliefs we have about working on our marriage, and it is worth that risk. Even though you may feel like you’re going to die, I promise you won’t.

It may be one of the hardest and scariest conversations of your life, but it is something that could impact your joy and happiness in ways that nothing else can.

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