…means to me that you remember you are multidimensional and completely unique.  Like the seasons of the Earth and the phases of the Moon, you change.

You are Wise, Creative, Sensual, Nurturing, and Ambitious.

You are quiet and bold, reserved and wild, a mother and sexy, angry and loving.


And because there is no one like you anywhere, you are going to do life, motherhood, work, and self-care differently from everyone.


So why are we always trying to fit ourselves into a box? And why is it that even though we so desperately long to create a life that truly feels like OURS, everything seems to get in the way…


We’ve been sold this one-size-fits-all solution to happiness. Like if we can just look like a model, get married, buy a cute house, and have a couple kids, then we’ll be completely fulfilled.


Before I had kids, I devoted years of my life to being at peace with my body and challenging the “body box” that so many women feel pressured to fit into. The freedom and joy I experienced birthed my international program Live More Weigh Less, where thousands of women have found freedom from emotional eating and fallen in love with their unique and powerful bodies.


When I had my first child, I felt pressure to fit myself into the “good mom” box. I stopped thinking about what I wanted and focused on how a “good mom” is supposed to act.  As I spent my time running errands, making meals for my family, doing laundry, and making sure my kid was getting everything he needed – all while financially supporting my family – I lost touch with who I was and what I wanted.


But the truth is that women are innately powerful, insanely unique, and have these wild, magical, creative souls. We can act like 5 different people in the span of a day. This is what makes us amazing.


And when we embrace this range of how we express ourselves, and how unique each of us are, we create a life that is as distinct as our fingerprints. None of us are meant to do motherhood the same way, work the same number of hours, or have the same kind of marriage.  When we try to fit ourselves into a box, we lose the magic of who we are.


And on top of that, we’re taught that our job as mothers is to run around like crazy making sure our partners and kids are happy and growing, getting to all of their activities, being fed and loved and fulfilled… while we are left too tired and overwhelmed to do the same for ourselves.


And what’s even worse, when we get real about how unfulfilled we are and how disconnected we are from our desires and dreams, we feel guilty for wanting more, and we just put on a happy face and keep going like the “good mother” that we should be, wondering why everyone else seems to be enjoying life while we’re starting to feel so empty inside.


After I had kids, everything looked great on the outside: Handsome Doctor Husband, cute curly-haired kids, and me with a flashy Instagram feed and successful business. But on the inside I was dissatisfied, overwhelmed, and deeply unhappy.


I’d lost my connection to my soul and a higher power, I didn’t feel nourished, I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning, I was constantly in survival mode, and I had no idea who I was or what was going to make me happy. I honestly felt dead inside.


Every time Jonathan and I would talk about our future, my throat would tighten. Something about the life we were creating didn’t feel right to me.


I finally started to create space for myself, which allowed me to see the ways I was prioritizing the life I felt like I “should want” instead of the life that was a true expression of who I am.


I spent the next year soul searching with the intention of forging a deep connection with my soul and the magic that exists in the world around me. And I just kept asking myself, “Who am I and what do I really want?”


This led to our buying a retreat center in Medfield, MA, where women come to connect with who they are and what they truly desire. Seeing this dream become a reality so quickly was the most crazy magical thing that’s ever happened to me.  

Jonathan and I strive to create lives that are aligned with who we are and are always watching out for ways in which we feel pressure to fit into a box. Our house is a bit wild, always filled with flowers and magical objects. I strive to create a space that tells the story of our family and who we are as individuals. Since I no longer do a bunch of stuff I don’t want to do, my days can be a mix of work, rituals, and downtime.  


Since I’ve embraced the life that is a true expression of me, I have a better with relationship with my children – they are happier and more settled. Jonathan and I are in sync and laugh way more. I’m not immune to the same ups and downs and challenges as a woman, but there’s a comfort and strength I feel from my life being completely mine. I just feel alive, creative, and whole.


On this site you will find ways to work with me and connect with other cool spiritual women. My most popular program is Whole Woman, a monthly membership for women who feel too tired and overwhelmed to pay attention to their own dreams and desires but are sick of always trying to fit inside a box and long to create a life that is a true expression of their unique magic. To join the hundreds of women in creating a life that is YOURS, click here.


If you are interested in attending an event at Hawthorn Farm in Medfield, MA, click here.


To sign up for my Free Online Workshop, The 4 Lies that Keep Women Overwhelmed, Plagued with Guilt, and Feeling Like They Aren’t Enough, click here.


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  • “There is no “right” type of person to benefit from Sarah’s life-altering work; there is no “one” lifestyle or business strategy that it she is better aligned with. I sat in a room of engineers, mathematicians, health coaches, models and actresses, yoga instructors, and so many more. Some say Spirit, some say Divine Feminine… for me I follow God — but in our hearts as we sat in the circle and supported one another, nothing could be more clear than we were all channeling the same life-giving force and working together to change the world.”

    – Chellie
  • “In 2010, my roommate and I won fluke tickets to an NYC bridal expo, where I first met Sarah. Her celebration of pleasure, the body, joy, beauty, and gratitude immediately impacted me. Her emails started to have a HUGE impact on my life right away… even though, she was a weight loss coach! I wasn’t really trying to lose any weight, but her method, which was all about infusing life with so much magic and pleasure that food could be FOOD rather than an escape, still resonated so much. Ultimately, she was teaching women to listen to their bodies, lead with their hearts, and learn from their intuition. She has truly been one of the most profound teachers of my life.”

    – Kim Pendleton
  • “Sarah has a unique way of getting to the heart of what you need versus what you believe you need.”

    – Melanie


  • Say hi below if you’ll pray for peace with me tonight 🤗. If you’ve been tuning into the unseen world recently, you know that the frequency on this planet is changing. Whether or not you want to admit it, you can feel the shift, that there is something greater at play here.

But there is also so much destruction, death and loss. This mediation is to speed up this process of global awakening and pray for the eradication of the virus and other dark energies.

4/4/4 is a sacred portal that allows us to feel the unseen more easily. The veils are thin today and manifesting comes more easily.

For more info you can visit globalpeacemeditation.com and please share this with your friends. Light workers and budding wise women from all over the world will be tuning in and praying for peace at the same time.

I’m posting more resources in my stories.

Mass prayer has been a tool used by religions and lineages for thousands of years and has been scientifically proven to shift events. Please join us.

#globalpeacemeditation #444 #444portal
  • A spiritual perspective does not negate suffering. Because I’ve heard from a lot of women that they either feel guilty for taking a spiritual approach, or mad at people for having it, I want to take a minute and explain why having a sacred practice and perspective has been helpful for me.

To me, it feels like we been dropped in the ocean, in the middle of a hurricane.  It’s tumultuous and scary and we feel like we’re going to drown.

A spiritual practice of leaning on our inner knowing, trusting in a higher path, feeling the unseen magic and shifts around us, is a life boat.

A life boat doesn’t take us out of the ocean. It’s still scary. But it does keep us from drowning, because what good are we if we’re trying to avoid getting hit in the face with a wave every 5 seconds? 
Getting in the boat gives us a higher perspective, it helps us to see the horizon line and catch our breath.  It also means we can pull other people out of the water.

Having a spiritual perspective doesn’t have us ignore the ocean, or pretend it’s not there. When we feel just a little bit safer, we can actually see the ocean more clearly and ride the waves of grief and fear.

So I am here with a life boat that’s working for me. If you’d like you get in, you know where to find me.  I love you.

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  • As soon as Annabelle and I walked out of the theater, I knelt down, grabbed both of her hands and with tears streaming down my face and people trying not to trip over us, I looked her in the eye and said in my most urgent wisdom, “Annabelle. Everything about that movie was real. You never forget that, got it?” Wide eyed and dropped in she replied, “Got it.” I’ve never seen a film that explains my experience of the Earths unseen magic and how I felt when I realized that magic runs through me, just as it runs through all of us.

Whoever wrote that script was tapped into greater lessons from source. It was the perfect movie, at the perfect time. It’s so important to watch for themes and messages, they come from everywhere.

I know it sounds crazy that a cartoon could be a message from the divine, but I felt something wake up in me when I saw that movie.

The Sacred Feminine is truly here when we see her illustrated so clearly in a Disney movie.

I do believe that if we all wake up to our Sacred nature and rights wrongs, that the fog we’re experiencing will lift and we can create a world even more magical, fair and beautiful than before.

What do you think? Am I crazy?

#frozen2 @kristenanniebell #sacredfeminine #sacredfeminine #soulfam #intention #souljourney #spiritualjourney #gowithin #soulpurpose #femininepower #femininemagic #spiritualawakening #feminineenergy #magicalplace #spiritualjourney #spiritualhealing #spiritualgrowth #magick #lovewhoyouare #crystals #witchythings #divinefeminine #goddessvibes #goddesslife #spiritualjourney
  • What if you chose, just for today, to consider that your soul knew coming into this lifetime that this was going to happen. Maybe it was contracted. Maybe there’s something in this time that is medicine, that you need in order to evolve.

What if this is a portal to a new way of being and seeing the world?

What if this is here for you to experience grief, heal your shadows, change your patterns, let go of disguises or step into your leadership?

What if this is the turning point? What if this is the reset?

The unseen world is getting stronger and stronger. Just yesterday I asked for the Universe to send me a Hawk if I was meant to do something I was questioning. Just 5 minutes later a huge hawk flew back and forth across my window just a few feet away, 4 times!

Maybe just for today you can see how you feel when you take a Sacred perspective.

Are you feeling the shift? Those who are tuning in, what are you seeing and feeling?

Image by @sabrinariccio #sacredfeminine #magicisreal #magicisthenewyoga #souljourney #spiritualjourney #gowithin #soulpurpose #femininepower #femininemagic #spiritualawakening #feminineenergy #magicalplace #spiritualjourney #spiritualhealing #spiritualgrowth #magick #lovewhoyouare #crystals #witchythings #divinefeminine #goddessvibes #goddesslife #spiritualjourney
  • I believe that self-improvement isn’t about changing yourself, but identifying and letting go of the beliefs and behaviors that have never been yours in the first place.

You, the real you, are perfect. The issue is that you’ve adopted coping mechanisms to fit into a crazy world. These coping mechanisms of body hatred, taking on too much, anxiety, peace keeping, fitting in, going with the herd etc. have created patterns and personality traits that are not actually yours, AND they contribute to a social system in need of upgrading.

I believe that this time is here to help us identify these behaviors and beliefs that aren’t yours and start to let them go.  To allow this to be a permission slip to be your wild, messy, magical, rebellious, juicy self.

I’ve seen a lot of articles saying that this isn’t a good time for self-improvement... and I say it is never a good time to change yourself more into what society wants you to be, but right now is the PERFECT time to name what coping mechanisms, patterns and personality traits are not actually yours and drop them like it’s hot.

This time can be a time of great transformational shedding if you let it.

You in for the shed? Drop me a 🤟🏼, 💇🏽‍♀️ or 🐍 below.

#sacredfeminine #soulfam #intention #souljourney #spiritualjourney #gowithin #soulpurpose #femininepower #femininemagic #spiritualawakening #feminineenergy #magicalplace #spiritualjourney #spiritualhealing #spiritualgrowth #magick #lovewhoyouare #crystals #witchythings #divinefeminine #goddessvibes #goddesslife #spiritualjourney

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