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    Mar 2017

    I Give Up

    I’m sitting at my kitchen table at 8:30 in the morning while my kids watch another episode of Curious George in the living room. Every episode that goes by I wonder if I’m ruining their little brains, and then try to talk myself into enjoying the next 23 minutes of silence.

    I’m sorry I haven’t written in awhile. Our childcare situation has been challenging, and I’m struggling to find my center as I took on being with the kids full time. I’ve felt flat, empty and like I have absolutely no wisdom to share. Numbness has gotten me through the days.

    Then this morning I woke up to a note from my sweet husband next to my coffee cup that he leaves out for me every morning by a fresh pot of coffee saying, “Have a good day hun, I know it’s been a long week, you’re doing so well and are such a good mom. I love you.”

    The tears started flowing instantly as I realized how far from “Good Mom” I felt. Our new nanny starts on Tuesday, so I am at the end of this period of me being home, and I feel like a massive failure.  

    I imagined that by this time the kids and I would be coexisting in peaceful bliss, or I would have developed more patience and their meltdowns wouldn’t bother me at all. I thought that if I was here they would feel more secure and turn into well behaved, secure little humans. None of that happened, not even close.  

    There’s is nothing more important to me than being the best mother for my children. And since I had this definition and vision of what being the best mom looks like, and that vision isn’t coming true, I’ve felt like a terrible mother.

    Letting go of that vision isn’t easy. It feels like giving up, like failing, like trying plan b.  And I’m not a plan b woman. I’m an A+, push push push till you reach your goal type woman.

    But I’m realizing (again) that maybe my vision is the problem, not me. That maybe being the best mother for my kids means not being there full time. I’ve had in my head that working is a cop out, that being a stay at home mom is the holy grail of parenting, the best thing for my kids.  

    I know this isn’t new information, but what I’m realizing is that no matter how many books are written on the topic, or how many people you know doing things a certain way, when it comes to you landing on what it means for you to be the best mom, it’s so incredibly hard.  

    I’ve read at least 20 parenting books since Marshall was born, maybe more, and to be honest I feel like the general attitude of each book is, THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO BE A MOM… THIS IS HOW YOU SHOULD PARENT YOUR CHILD.  

    Where are the books about, let’s figure it out together, what is going to be the best way to do motherhood for you given the unique combination of your soul, your partner’s soul, and your children’s souls.  

    My hunch is that I’m not going to do this journey like anybody else, and neither are you. And I think the first step is to give up whatever game you’ve been trying to play. Just walk away. Burn it to ground, and let’s see what grows in it’s place. To be continued…


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    Mar 2017

    The real reason we’re moving to Massachusetts (and the reason you should move too)

    If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen that we’re in Massachusetts this week looking at houses and laying the foundation for our new lives. I wanted to share why we’re making this move this summer because it’s probably not what you think.

    When we moved to San Francisco from New York City 6 years ago for Jonathan’s residency,  I always had a suspicion that we’d move back to the East Coast but we were open to loving life in California and settling there permanently. There are a lot of reasons to stay like Jonathan having great medical connections, our amazing community here of women and families who love and support us and a culture that has nourished and called forth my inner witch. It would be super easy to stay.

    But something has always felt a bit off.  

    My body doesn’t feel good in California. I don’t feel connected to the land. I have trouble feeling grounded and truly at home. It’s like taking a grey wolf and putting her on Hawaii. She’ll probably do fine, but it’s not ideal.

    I believe that just like animals, we all have ideal environments.  

    I think our ideal environment could be guided by one or all of the following…

    • Our ancestry
    • Where we were born or raised
    • Past life connections
    • Our Soul’s journey

    Maybe you grew up in Ohio and live in Chicago (awesome city btw) but you feel so called to live in Paris.  Maybe you lived there in a past life and it’s your true home.

    Maybe you live in New York City and dream of surfing every night and can’t stop researching surf camps when you should be working. Maybe your soul knows you’re meant to learn how to surf and live on the ocean to get all the lessons that come with that lifestyle.

    Maybe you were born in the Dominican Republic and moved to Seattle for College and stayed because it’s where you got a job, but your sense of joy, adventure and sensuality totally died.  Maybe you need to find an environment that is closer to the one you grew up in so you feel alive again.

    Maybe your parents moved to Texas for your Dad’s job when you were 10 and now you have kids and want to be near them, but every time it’s cold and rainy you feel your whole system relax.  Maybe your Irish roots have taken hold and you need to move to a place with four seasons and lots of rain.

    For me, it’s a combination of all the above. When I’m in Temple with the Divine Feminine, I have remembrances of dancing in the woods inside a circle of oak trees in the middle of night. When I’m in New England my body grows roots and feels locked into the Earth. I feel ancient and timeless. Every sound, smell, and feeling are familiar. I feel called to do specific work with a specific community. When I just think of the first snowfall or warm summer nights on the porch, I get teary. When I’m here, I can feel the magic.  

    I feel at home in my body when I’m at home on the land. 

    So… do you feel truly at home where you live?  

    What excuses are you making to not move where you belong?

    What would it take for you to make a big move?

    I know moving is a big deal, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. In fact, I believe that we are defined by the big decisions we make in our life. Pushing ourselves way outside our comfort zone is what inspires the most growth.  

    It was a bit easier for us to make a timing decision because we knew Jonathan was finishing his residency this June, but we still had to go through all of the same steps anyone would have to in order to relocate. We started the process about a year and a half ago. We talked about all the places we could live. Argued about it. Faced our limiting beliefs. Questioned our motives (like are we just moving there because my parents are there? I was clear that if my parents lived in a place I didn’t like, I would for sure not move there to be close to them. But is having them there a HUGE bonus? Oh yeah.) We finally came to an agreement that Massachusetts was where we wanted to be. Jonathan started looking for jobs immediately (2 years before he could start, which is way ahead of time even for a doctor). 

    Jonathan did all the practical things he needed to do to find a job, and I did my magic on the side;).  The truth is that Urology jobs don’t come up that often bc it’s such a small field, but sure enough the first site that came up on Google had a picture of all the Urologists in the practice, and there was a physician he worked with for a month in medical school when he was on rotation in Seattle.  (Not) So random. He called her up. They were hiring. Jonathan loved the practice, it’s an all around perfect job for him. He knocked their socks off and he got the job 18 months before he could start. A great reminder that the Universe is always conspiring for your highest good. 

    There is no doubt in my mind that I was meant to be in San Francisco for this chapter in my life. It has cracked me open and taught me so much. And I am so excited to bring this new version of myself back to my old stomping ground. 

    And of course, connect with you if you’re nearby:).

    Wishing you the courage to feel the roots of your true home.


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    Mar 2017

    Business and the Spiritual Smackdown + B-School closes tomorrow

    It’s easy to believe the hype, the shiny websites, the seemingly perfect lives people project on Instagram. I don’t pretend I’m not guilty of wanting to appear that I have it more together than I do, but the reality is that the path of an entrepreneur is hard, especially if you are in the realm of personal development. It’s basically like carrying around a big flashing sign that says…


    If you work in personal development or feel called to do so, you get this. I often wonder why I chose to work in the one frickin’ area that’s been hard for me in my life: weight. It’s a mystery really, why I would put myself through it. There have been a lot of times when I’ve wanted to change my business to interior design and hide my body, but I don’t because the path of an entrepreneur is really one of deep, personal work and living consciously.  

    Every launch is a chance to let go.
    Every woman I work with is a challenge to feel their heart and open mine.
    Every blog post is an opportunity to be real.
    Every day is a lesson in remembering I am being taken care of financially even though I don’t have a regular paycheck.
    Every minute I need to remember that the pain, embarrassment, and vulnerability I feel is worth it because I am really living. I experience the ups and the downs and am not numb to the roller coaster of my inner world.

    But the reality is that this entrepreneurial path can eat you alive if you’re not careful. You can wind up a slave to your image, your budget, your obsession with perfection and your drive. I do not want that to happen to you.

    In order to make sure you stay whole, entrepreneurship must be married with inner work.  

    This inner work can come in many different forms: therapy, spirituality, group coaching, reading, sisterhood… you name it, but in my experience, it must include two things: Exploration and Support.  

    Exploration of why you do certain things like patterns learned from childhood, expectations of others and understanding how you measure your own self-worth (to name a few). And the exploration of what you truly desire at a soul level, who you are at your essence and how to remove the distractions to living from that place.

    Support from a group of women, one mentor or therapist or both!

    I have sought out exploration and support in many forms over the years and I still do. Based off of everything I’ve learned and what has been the most beneficial, I created The Live More Method.

    The Live More Method combines spiritual discovery with strategic coaching to uncover your soul’s blueprint and make it a reality while surrounded by incredible women who are doing the same. It is deep and p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l.

    Here’s what a few women had to say:

    “Wow. This program held my hand as I stepped into living in alignment with my soul. Sarah is an incredible teacher, a clear guide, and such a loving support. The women working alongside me created the most amazing community. My life has changed in ways I could never have expected and has given me a whole new trajectory. Thank you, Sarah!!”

    “The LMM program created the perfect platform for diving deeper into what I want in my career and personal life. Sarah’s laser-focus, transparent, nurturing coaching style gave me the courage to take massive action toward creating a life I love. The program allowed me to slow down and tune into what makes me happy to be alive and that creating a life around those things is within reach.”

    “Being a part of Live More Method has allowed me to reconnect with my soul’s essence. I am more clear about the woman I am and want to be in the world after going through the program. The combination of Sarah’s coaching, visual meditations, and group interaction really helped me dive deeper into my soul and find out what I needed to do to express her more. I am so grateful for this work, and will continue to implement in my daily life.”

    The Live More Method is just one of the amazing programs you get when you sign up for B-School through me this year. You can read about all of the Bonuses, including an in-person retreat at my house below. 

    And thank you, for being a woman who is willing to look at the dark parts of herself and be with them so that they may be transformed. Thank you for being a woman who strives for joy even when life can feel hard. Thank you for being a woman who is willing to take a risk, be messy and not hide who she is. It’s women like you who are leading the change of leading a soul, alive, authentic life. It ain’t always pretty, but it is always real, and that is what’s most important.  

    So my dear, if I can help you with your inner work, I would be so honored, if not, please seek out a person or a program that resonates with you. Your soul is a beautiful and complicated thing.

    B-School closes tomorrow, so if you want world class business training with some extra support for your soul, click here to receive all of these amazing bonuses.



    This Year’s B-School Bonus with Sarah Jenks includes:

    Bonus #1: Sacred Business Circle
    A one-day, in-person, intimate retreat at my home in San Francisco for entrepreneurs who need a divine intervention. April 27th, 2017. Limited to 20 women, extra dates will open up if needed. 

    The back story: In the 8 years I’ve been in business for myself, I’ve realized that having a successful business is equal parts marketing, talent, and magic. When I first started out, I believed that if I had a good idea and a lot of coffee, I could make anything happen. The truth was that my first few business ideas seemed smart on paper (“Advertising Wellness”: corporate health coaching or “Breathtaking Bride”: emotional eating coaching for brides to be) but it wasn’t what I was meant to do on a soul level so work felt like rolling a huge boulder up a mountain. It wasn’t until I got that my calling (at the time) was to help women with emotional eating through empowering them to live the life they are meant to live NOW, and nurtured a consistent connection to the divine for direction, inspiration, and energy, that my business took off. What’s exciting is that over the past few years my soul has called for an evolution in my work, and spending all of my energy on Live More Weigh Less started to feel like wearing too tight shoes. The more I connected with the divine the clearer I got that I needed to create a model for Live More Weigh Less that was more sustainable for me so I could grow my business to include a new calling: integrating the sacred into everyday stuff, like your career for example:). I’ve been studying the divine feminine formally for 5 years, though I’ve been interested and called since a little girl (all of us are) and in 2014, I released my first body of work on the subject, Live More Method (part of my B-School Bonus), taught from this place at Live Free (my weekend event for hundreds of women entrepreneurs with Nisha Moodley) and now I am so excited to offer this intimate, in- person retreat where we’ll be combining guided meditation, ceremony, business coaching and releasing + manifesting rituals. It’s going to be so juicy you’re going to lose your mind.  

    About our day together:  Let me paint you a picture… the day before we gather I encourage you to travel to San Francisco, check in one of the many beautiful hotels (I love Kabuki Hotel and Spa, the baths are insane) or an AirBnB in my quaint neighborhood of Noe Valley (just 20 minutes from SFO Airport), have a delicious dinner and go to sleep early.  We will gather at my house at 9am the next day and you will be welcomed by the embrace of my old, vintage-bohemian decorated victorian, really good coffee and tea, a hug from me and the 19 other spiritual, ambitious, loving entrepreneurs. We will sit together in my home temple (aka my dining room) around a beautiful altar. The day will be designed based on what’s needed in the moment but will most likely include meditation, guided visualization, dancing, journaling, coaching, sharing, ritual and some serious manifesting.  All of this will be with the intention for you to:

    • Feel incredibly held
    • Get clear on your soul’s calling
    • Identify your highest potential
    • Release blocks to stepping into your highest potential
    • Call in abundance of time, resources, and energy
    • Feel the powerful connection to the divine and gaining the tools to plug into that source on a daily basis
    • Have a lot of fun
    • Make new friends

    Lunch, snacks, tea and coffee are included.  Breakfast, dinner, accommodations and travel are yours to handle. 

    To join us for the Sacred Business Circle at no charge, you can enroll in B-School using this link: SarahJenks.com/BSchool (you will receive this day for free, plus the other 4 bonuses listed here when you enroll in B-School using the link above). 

    OR you can enroll in this retreat directly by signing up on this page:  SarahJenks.com/sacredbusinessCircle. Currently, this circle is only for B-School grads or current students. If you feel like you are meant to be there, but have not done B-School, please email us at support@sarahjenks.com.

    ”Sarah is a rare combination of deep wisdom, insight, and grounded know how. She has an uncanny and powerful ability to see what you are being called to do in the world and then stating it to you in frank direct and totally empowering way. She has been a catalyst for powerful decisions that I have made in my own life. Listen to her!!”  ELAYNE KALILA DOUGHTY

    Bonus #2: Live More Method:
    The Live More Method is a 6 part, in-depth audio course which combines spiritual discovery with strategic coaching to uncover your soul’s blueprint and make it a reality. It is deep and p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. Here’s what some women have to say:

    “Working with Sarah through Live More Method was an amazing experience. In addition to Sarah’s guidance throughout the process, I felt so loved and supported by her and the group of women who were also in the program, and continuously making themselves so present, honest, and vulnerable. Her loving and honest approach is incredibly refreshing. Sarah provided a platform for me to dream without any limits and to envision the life I dream, and now I’m on my way to creating that life.”

    “LMM has brought me the clarity I was dying to have in my life. I’ve learned that it’s more than okay, in fact, it’s necessary- to slow down and connect with the divine wisdom that is within.”

    “Live More Method has put so many positive things in my life in motion. I have begun meditating daily, begun seeing a tarot reader regularly, started finding a community of healers, started planting the seeds to start my own business, begun loving more deeply, and made self-care a HUGE priority, which makes me a better mother, daughter, sister, and lover. Sarah is a strong, gentle mother in this hard work of self-improvement, but she guides you as you face your fears and learn how to rely on your inner wise woman. Hearing about her inner wise woman is such an inspiration, and allowed me to really open up my imagination to what my soul desires each moment.”

    Bonus #3: Live Now Mala
    I created the Live Now Mala to give you a powerful tool and talisman to signify your new journey and amplify your intuition, clarity, courage and femininity as you embark on this powerful journey. The Live Now Mala contains these four powerful crystals, each one is a step in the Live Now Process: 

    Start with intuition and dreaming. Moonstone is said to help to encourage hope, strengthen intuition and carry with it the energy of the moon. It is believed to soothe stress and anxiety while it enhances intuitive sensitivity, dreams, and visions. 

    Put your dreams into strategy with Clear Quartz, said to clarify the thought process and emotions to increase inspiration and creativity. It’s said to balance, promoting concentration. 

    Have the courage to change the way you’ve been doing things with Citrine; a stone of energy, prosperity, and joy. It is said to ground and dispel negative energy, encouraging positivity. Citrine is said to provide courage needed to make difficult decisions and open the higher mind to teach us to manifest and attract wealth, abundance, success and prosperity.

    Live in the now with femininity and confidence while wearing Rose Quartz. Said to balance the emotions, raise self-esteem, restore confidence and open the heart to all types of love, it carries a gentle feminine energy of compassion, peace + healing.

    Bonus #4: Motherhood and Money Audio Course:
    In this audio course, I lead you through my best practices on mompreneurship and balancing being a CEO, Mother, and Woman. I’ll walk you through the systems and support I have to keep me happy, how to have your work feed your soul. We can talk about how to transition your business while you’re pregnant, setting up maternity leave, how to run a business with young kids or how to start a business when you already have kids. I also cover how I made over 7 seven figures while having two babies back to back. 

    Bonus #5: Get Paid to be YOU Audio Course:
    In this audio course I will teach you my best practices on how to Build a Brand Based on YOU. It’s not about how to stand out, it’s about how to be the most authentic version of you, and that will make you stand out. I’ll be walking you through my signature process on how to identify your essence, and how to pull elements of your style, personality, and soul and communicate that on the internet. In this course I also review a handful of websites talking about how they can put more YOU into their brand. 

    You get all five of these gifts FOR FREE when you enroll in B-School using this link: SarahJenks.com/BSchool. I hope I get a chance to spend the day with you at my home:). How epic would that be?


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