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    Oct 2015

    Spirituality + Strategy = Game changer

    I hope you loved my mini-workshop with Gabby Bernstein last week, if you missed it, you can still listen to it here.  We had so many wonderful comments, questions, and emails and it’s so incredible to see so many women in this community really stepping out and sharing their work in the world, no more holding back!

    Now that you’re psyched and ready to go, I wanted to invite you to check out Gabby’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass.  As you know, I only share things I believe really work.  Gabby has been integral in my success as a coach, I have taken her course and it has been incredibly impactful.  

    Let me tell you about the course: Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital is a transformational deep-dive into what it means (and takes) to be a spiritual leader. It equips you with the tools, knowledge, and network you need to catalyze real, sustainable growth as a spiritual leader. The 8-module course is made up of video recordings, audio recordings, and typed transcriptions from her live training events. What’s so awesome about the digital training is that you will be catapulted right into the auditorium with her. You will feel the energy of the group and get the best expression of Gabby as a teacher.


    In the 8-module Spirit Junkie Masterclass Digital course you will:

    • Get step-by-step guidance on how to establish and grow your spiritual business, manifest media for your message and make money online doing what you love.
    • Deepen your own spiritual practice.
    • Get advice and wisdom from leading experts in personal growth and spirituality.
    • Learn how to turn your blog into a business, publish a life-changing book, lead a transformational talk and create digital courses so that you can create passive revenue for your great work.
    • Establish key connections — professional relationships and personal friendships alike — with fellow Spirit Junkie leaders on the private Facebook group and the live comment feed in the training community.
    • Become eligible to join Gabby’s referral network. By participating in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass you have the opportunity to apply to become part of her elite international coaching referral network. (When you receive your Level 1 certification you become eligible to attend the Level 2 course, where you can apply to become a Gabrielle Bernstein coach.)
    • Join 3 live Q&A calls with Gabby throughout the 8-week training.
    • Have access to an always-fresh, forever relevant program that you can take at your own pace and revisit for a lifetime.
    • Experience the energy and enthusiasm from the live training in the comfort of your own home.
    • Have the option to learn via video, audio, or typed transcripts — whichever format fits your learning style best.

    Check out what Masterclass alumni are saying about the training:

    “The best decision I’ve ever made.” —Sol Ballard

    “You absolutely must experience this.” —Jordan Bach

    “The best money I’ve ever spent!” —Kelly Wilkes

    “The Masterclass is a spiritual game changer.” —Michele Kambolis

    “A life-changing training.” —Tony Ortega

    In honor of your commitment to the Spirit Junkie way, I’m offering my signature program Live More Weigh Less as a bonus when you sign up for the Spirit Junkie Masterclass here

    Plus, Gabby is offering her brand new Spirit Junkie Business Basics digital program when you enroll by October 9th. She created and designed this 3-module digital program with her team of business professionals, including lawyers, bookkeepers, CPA’s and insurance brokers. It will give you everything you need to set up the back end of your business: contracts, negotiating tools, insurance information and much more. 

    Get all the info on the Spirit Junkie Masterclass digital course plus the incredible bonuses I’m offering here.



    P.S. I truly believe in Gabby’s work and have experienced it first-hand.  As an affiliate for her program, I may earn a commission if you choose to enroll in Spirit Junkie Masterclass based on my recommendation.

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    Sep 2015

    A mini-workshop for coaches with me and Gabrielle Bernstein

    I’ve been having the most incredible (yet sleepless) few weeks with our new little girl.  My mom has been the biggest help, Marshall is a great big brother and it’s SO amazing having Jonathan around (a really nice change from his usually busy resident schedule).  Maternity leave is such a funny thing when you’re a solopreneur. On one hand, I have ultimate flexibility, on the other hand, no one is paying me to hang out in bed and breastfeed my baby all day, I’ve had to create that space for myself.

    When I had Marshall, my strategy was to save enough money to last me 9 months, that was a lot easier when we lived in a one bedroom apartment, I had one employee and no nanny… now things are really different and I had to create a different system where my company brings in money monthly without me needing to be ever present.

    One thing I’ve learned is that being an entrepreneur is in no way easier than being in corporate, but I feel so lucky being able to do something I truly love and I have the opportunity to directly see the impact I’m having on my clients and our collective conversation around our bodies and weight loss.  

    A lot of people ask me what it takes to have a successful business, and have two kids under two at the same time.  Well, it’s part heart, part strategy, and A LOT of getting over your own issues.  

    The most incredible realization I’ve had working with thousands of women is that we think that it’s our bodies that are holding us back from stepping out there, but it’s actually our deep insecurities about who we are that hold us back.  We think that losing weight will get all of those insecurities to go away, but they don’t.

    I invited my friend and first spiritual coach, Gabby Bernstein to lead a mini-workshop for you on stepping out as a leader and not letting anything get in the way of you shining brightly and being successful. If you know Gabby, you know she is unabashedly BRIGHT.  She doesn’t let anyone or anything hold her back.  Many people can get triggered by those who have this “go getter” energy (I know I used to… we talk about that in the workshop) but the reality is that Gabby has created what a lot of us strive for, a meaningful and very profitable business based around helping people become happier, better versions of themselves.

    In our workshop I asked Gabby to talk to you about what it takes to step out as a leader and how to bring spirituality into your business (for anyone from coaches to lawyers… healers to managers). We also talked about the one thing that always sets people up to fail and how making money (a lot of it) plays into it.  You can get instant access to the workshop here: 

    Gabby has also created an amazing training for you to teach you how to step out as a leader, make money doing it and how to get recognized by the media. I’ve already watched it three times and it’s a game changer.  You can get access to that right here:  https://sarahjenks.com/gabby

    I hope you enjoy our workshop and I look forward to answering any questions you have in the comments.



    P.S. I truly believe in Gabby’s work and have experienced it first-hand.  As an affiliate for her program, I may earn a commission if you choose to enroll based on my recommendation.

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    Sep 2015

    If you’ve ever been turned on, or turned off by the word “Priestess”

    I have a crazy story to tell you.

    A little over a year and a half ago I started to participate in priestess mysteriums which follow the teachings of the 13 Moon Mystery School with my therapist turned spiritual mentor Elayne Kalilia Doughty.  The mysteriums last four days and each day is dedicated to a different female archetype like The Great Mother, The Priestess, The Wise Woman, The Primal Goddess, etc, etc.  We created a temple space around the archetype and it’s all very witchy, trippy, and cool.

    So on the third day of our first mysterium Kalila guided us through a meditation for us to receive “the keys to our lineage” which essentially are the gifts we carry within us.  I had no idea what to expect and was honestly a little skeptical.

    I mean I could conceivably see anything and convince myself it was a “gift”. How was I supposed to know my mind wasn’t playing tricks on me?

    But I lied down on the floor and gave it my best shot.

    Kalila started off with some music and a meditation and I very quickly drifted into a new space.  In front of me I saw a stone building, much like a small church overgrown in vines as if no one had been there for centuries.  I parted the vines like a curtain and stepped into a long hallway.  Sun streaked through the small windows and shimmering shadows on the floor.  At the end of the hallway was a heavy wooden door that I pushed open to reveal the most gorgeous room I had ever been in.

    The room was small, about the size of a typical living room with a pool in the middle, small windows along the west and east walls, and a huge glass painted window on the north wall facing me.  Every surface – the floors, the walls and the ceiling – were covered in white, black, green, and blue tiles in different patterns and shapes. What surprised me the most was how many jewish stars there were.  There was one above every window, they wove together to create a pattern on the floor and most notably, the pool was shaped like the six pointing Jewish Star of David.

    In that moment, my mind took over and wondered, am I jewish or something?  I wasn’t exactly the poster child of organized religion lying here on the floor in a temple dedicated to the Priestess wearing a moon crown on my head, but I went with it…I stepped into the star-shaped pool of turquoise water and felt this incredible feeling of ease and energy pulsing through every cell of my body.  If you’ve had a spiritual experience like this where you just knew something life-changing is happening, then you know the feeling I’m talking about it.

    As I was wading, a huge white owl swooped in through the large open window, handed me a key with another star silversmithed onto the handle and said, “your gift is your heart knowing”.

    I waded in the pool, staring at the key, wondering what “heart knowing” actually meant.  I had never heard those two words mentioned together, and they didn’t make sense to me.

    When I came out of the meditation we were asked to draw our keys and write down the gift that was revealed to us.

    About an hour later Kalila gave us the 13 Moon Mystery School deck of cards (similar to Tarot) to work with.  The cards either have a picture of a female archetype or one of the tools she uses to do her work in the world.  I unwrapped the deck, held it my hands and pulled out a single card.

    This is the card I pulled.

    I nearly passed out.

    Can you see the jewish stars?  And there it was, clear as day: Heart Knowing.

    Crazy. Creepy. Weird. Coincidence?  No way.


    From that moment on, I was hooked.  Never had I encountered a practice so rich in the divine feminine, so magical and so real… to me at least.  The divine winks kept happening, leading me on the path of the wise woman and her tool, heart knowing.

    I was recently interviewed by Kalila about the work we’ve done together and being on the path of the wise woman, and I would love to share it with you today.  You can listen here:

    Here’s the deal, everyone connects with the divine in different ways, this way is mine, at least for right now (I am always open to things changing) and if anything about this post tickles your toes, I invite you to look further. There may be some magic here for you.



    P.S. I truly believe in the power of Kalila’s work and as an affiliate for her program, I may earn a commission if you choose to enroll based on my recommendation.

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