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    Nov 2015

    Eat your face off.

    That’s right. Eat your face off.

    Toss the guilt.

    Wear loose pants.

    Go wild.


    Because, for those who live in the United States, today is about celebrating the harvest, reveling in our abundance and showing our gratitude.

    Really celebrate.

    Over the next month, I want you to overeat at Thanksgiving, go to a ton of Christmas parties, bake cookies and eat more than one, and buy a bunch of red dresses you’re never going to wear again.

    Because, here’s the way I see it.

    You have two options, you can eat a lot and feel guilty.


    You can eat a lot and be happy. 

    Let’s face it, no matter how hard we try, we’re going to overeat over the holidays anyway, so it’s your choice. Either way you’re going to be full. It’s ok. Dig in.

    “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” – Julia Childs.

    And don’t worry, if you struggle with being in body jail and feel crazy around food, we’re going to spend the month of January really diving deep into how to move beyond these feelings.

    I hope you will cut yourself a little slack over the holidays and focus on the moments, not your waistline.

    Happy Thanksgiving,



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    Nov 2015

    The problem with women

    On the free coaching call I hosted last week, a woman came on and told me through tears that she had lost her self. My heart broke for her because I could feel how lost and alone she felt with two kids at home and no “life” of her own. But what’s even sadder to me is how often I hear this from women (usually mothers). There is a culture of us giving everything up for the people we love, which is tricky because we want to. It feels good to do things for our friends, our partners and especially our children. We get so much joy out of seeing the people we love flourish, and it feeds us… to a point.

    I believe that women are hardwired to be nurturers and peacekeepers. Over the course of human history, women have been the glue of communities and society. While the men were out hunting, we were making sure communities grew, children were cared for and the men didn’t kill each other.

    We all have primal instincts that helped us survive 200,000 years ago that are a bit outdated – like our fear of sharks even though more people are killed by escalators (true story). I believe this instinct to sacrifice ourselves for the people we loved, used to be helpful but is now outdated.

    Here’s the deal, society is pretty well established, and now with all the freedom we have in most of the world, we have a new role to play, and that is leadership.

     Leadership comes in many forms. For some of us it’s leading a cause, a company or a movement, for others it’s leading by example and having an infectious thirst for life. But for all of us, leadership requires reaching our highest potential as a woman.

    Our highest potential requires our own unique combination of Fuel and Service.

    Fuel is what we need in order to serve. This is different for all of us but usually includes money, massages, friends, laughter, beautiful things, spiritual practice, sex, health, good food, down time, adventure, travel, clothes, excitement, support, romance and nature.

    Service is how we express ourselves in the world and what we give to others. I have never seen one person serve in the exact way as another, but can include mothering, marriage, traditional community service, art, fighting for others (like being a lawyer), supporting others (like financial services), helping people make money (like marketing), making people’s lives easier or more enjoyable (like creating an app or being a chef). Every career is set up to serve others. (If you don’t feel like you’re doing that, you’re probably in the wrong career.)

    Serving in a deeply feminine way in alignment with our highest potential is the new frontier of evolution and exactly what our children need in order to be safe in this world. Does this mean you have to work? Hell to the no. But if you are staying home with your children in order to be the best mom possible and you are only showing up as a mom and not a whole woman then you’re really not modeling how to be a successful adult, which is a big part of being a mom.

    Here’s why I’m telling you all of this. It will feel terrible to go after your highest potential sometimes. Whether we are a mom or not, this requires seemingly making others worse off. It means saying no and not being completely supportive of others. This goes against our primal hardwiring. But just like most spiders are harmless and our plane isn’t going to crash, we don’t need to be there for everyone all the time. In fact, the best thing you can do for the people you love is to NOT be there.

    Take my mother for instance. When I was growing up my Mom started four very successful businesses. These businesses were designed for her to be at home when we got off the bus everyday, and as she will tell you, that balance is nearly impossible, but she went for it. I know she felt guilty for not being at home during the busier times when she was ramping things up, but it’s no mistake that my two siblings and I all have very non-traditional and entrepreneurial jobs (my brother is an independent writer/director and my sister is a backcountry guide and ski coach). I believe we are like this because she was there AND because she wasn’t there. Her seemingly “selfish” motives to start her own businesses was some of the best parenting she ever did.

    If you’re interested in working with me in creating a life like this for yourself, keep reading.

    In my new program, the Live More Method, I am going to guide you through reaching your soul’s highest potential. We will start off with identifying how you want to serve and exactly what you need for fuel. Then we’ll start the fun (and challenging) process of figuring out the exact steps and strategies to making all of that a reality. Since this program is live, you’ll have me right there at every step.

    If this work is calling you, I hope you’ll read more about the Live More Method and enroll here: LiveMoreMethod.com.

    There’s already an incredible and very special group of women forming who have said yes to showing up in their life in a deeper and more meaningful way. I hope you’ll join us.



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    Nov 2015

    Challenge Winners!! And making your dreams a reality (without feeling selfish or arrogant)

    When I set out to create the Live More Challenge I had no idea how much it would take on a life of it’s own.  With over 17K women participating and thousands and thousands of photos posted, we seriously started a Live More Revolution.

    Many of you inspired your friends, sisters, mothers and perfect strangers to step up and create a more fun and meaningful life.  I hope you are very proud of yourself.

    It’s not easy to go against the grain and commit to making yourself a priority, but I hope you experienced that the more filled up you are, the greater capacity you have to love, care for and change the lives of others.  I did this challenge because I believe this world needs more rested, happy, energetic women to make sh*t happen.

    Welcome to the crew:).

    There were so many women who posted photos, but there were a handful who stood out in their dedication, creativity and support of the other women.  I’m so excited to offer these women the following prizes.

    Our Live More Method scholarship winners are: Mary Hurst, @tangerine_ginger on Instagram and Lucy Flint. 


    The winner of the Olivine Gift Basket from Julie Wray is @jengem9 on Instagram.  We loved how much you committed to making yourself a priority these past two weeks.  We hope that you will continue to do so moving forward as well.

    Our biggest dreamers are Heather Miller Rodriguez and @rachel_bp5. You will receive The Rituals for Living Dreambook + Planner from Briana and Peter Borten.

    The Gift Basket of Spa Products from Dragontree Spa< goes to Heather Roach.  Your vulnerability and openness has been really inspirational for so many women in this challenge.

    Thank you for all of your support in cheering the other women on in the challenge. Michelle Covey you are the winner of the $300 Shopping Spree to Anthropologie.

    The Shaman Mala from Tiny Devotions goes to Mary Skeys.

    @lastwomanrunning on Instagram has been the most creative with her posts and is the recipient of A Handmade Holiday Scholarship + Gift Box of Supplies.

    Kristin Hawley is the winner of the gorgeous collection of jewelry from Luxe30.

    My wish for you, is not only to continue to make yourself a priority and do these little things for yourself everyday but to really go after that big dream you claimed yesterday. I know sometimes it can feel selfish or arrogant to think that you deserve to have those things you desire so deeply.  Many of us see other people settling for a “normal” life and think that we should be ok with that too.

    But I need you know that you have those dreams for a reason.  We are all born with a blueprint of our highest potential and when we actually show up as that woman, it has the most incredible ripple effect.  It affects our health, our happiness, our loved ones and the world.   I read every dream posted during the challenge and after everyone I was nearly jumping up and down yelling “YOU MUST YOU MUST YOU MUST DO THAT!!”.  I want this for you more than anything.  I hope you want it for yourself.

    For some of us the path is clear and we feel determined to make it happen.  For most of us our dreams are fuzzy or we have no clue how we are going to make that happen.  It just feels so big! A lot of us don’t have total clarity of on our dreams, but we know that there has to be something more than this.  Not that “this” is bad, but life just doesn’t feel complete.

    If you fall into this boat, like so many of us do, I would love for you to check out my new program, the Live More Method.  During the next four months we are going to be diving into your soul’s blueprint and then helping you make your dreams a reality.  One of the things I’m best at, is seeing how the impossible can actually be possible.  And I would love to have the opportunity to work with you closely during this live program.  

    Please know I am here cheering you on every step of the way, and I am so excited to continue to connect with you on instagram. If you’re feeling called to go deeper with this work and really make the changes you’ve been making stick, I would love for you to join us in the Live More Methis.  You can get all of the details for the program by clicking here:  LiveMoreMethod.com.

    Love you lots,


    P.S. Please if you are one of the winners of our scholarships or giveaways, please email info@sarahjenks.com with your full name, email and mailing address.

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