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    Sep 2017


    Full Moon Women’s Circle
    October 5th • 8pm
    Hawthorn Farm • Medfield
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    I am SO EXCITED to invite you to the first Full Moon Women’s Circle at my new home on Thursday, October 5th!

    Women have been gathering under the Full Moon since the beginning of time to celebrate, practice magic and connect with the divine energy that flows through the stars, the trees, and our blood.

    Something truly unexplainable happens when women gather in a sacred space. You’ll have to come and experience the magic for yourself.

    Whether you’re a devout Catholic or a seasoned Witch… a maiden, mother or crone… a lawyer or an artist or a teacher… you are welcome, just as you are. All I ask is that you come with an open mind and a pillow to sit on.

    To reserve your spot simply click here (it’s a $20 fee).

    **** If you aren’t in the area please share with someone who lives in Massachusetts who would be down for this. And if you can make it, please bring a few friends. The more the merrier!

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    Sep 2017

    Am I Brave Enough to Be Who I Really Am?

    It’s been so long. I’ve missed writing to you. So much has happened – to me, and to you. How are you? Was your summer filled with laughter and long days in the sun? Or long dark moments of confusion and anxiety? Did your heart open? Or did it break? Or both?

    The end of my time in San Francisco was full. Full of love and celebration and tears and excruciating good byes. My heart still aches for the village we left behind, for the women who held my transformation and my pain and saw me through to my Spring, and yet my soul is dancing in celebration of finally being home. Home in the New England seasons, home in nature, home on land that feels like it’s been waiting for me my whole life.

    Our new town of Medfield is just 10 minutes from where I grew up, although my parents now live in Boston (still only 40 minutes away), I worried that coming back to my roots was going to feel like I was going backwards, like I was retreating back to my old life and not spreading my wings or being adventurous enough. I had changed so much while I was in San Francisco, was I going to revert back to the way I was at 18? Would I discover that my woo-woo-ness was just a phase nurtured by living in hippie San Francisco? Would people I knew growing up judge me for being such a weirdo now? Would my family think I was crazy?

    I do know that the deep connection to the divine, to the earth and to magic isn’t a phase, in fact, it’s only intensified since being here.

    I don’t know how people in this part of the country are going to receive me. I am for sure the only one walking around braless in the grocery store with a crystal around my neck, but I know you can’t judge a book by its cover.

    So all I can do is ask myself everyday:

    Am I Brave Enough to Be Who I Really Am?

    Every time I leave the house, every time someone comes over I have to take a deep breath and choose, am I going to be me or am I going to hide? How much can I streeeetttttcccchhh myself to embody the full range of who I am now – from what I choose to wear to how I answer basic questions like, “how’s work?”.

    As humans, we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. We are wired for harmony because that’s how we survived for centuries, for banding together and being protected by the tribe. So when we decide to be different, from another person, or from who we used to be (which usually means different from the person you care about not making uncomfortable) we unconsciously worry about our safety.

    Plus we’re up against a culture that tells us that women are here to be quiet, nice and pretty, not outspoken, magic yielding, wild, unique beings. And especially not a WITCH, gasp! A witch is just a woman who pays attention to the cycles of nature and works with it’s power and lessons to connect with a higher source and manifest the life they desire. It’s really not that big of a deal. It would be like saying, you take YOGA?! Blasphemy! There’s just been 2000 years of bad branding to deliberately steal our feminine power. Because when you tap into the great cycle of life, so much is possible. But I digress, let’s talk about this more later, shall we?

    Change. It’s a tricky thing. We either can’t change because we have a belief about ourselves that keeps us stuck like “I’m not lovable” or “I’m not smart” or “I’ve been tracked to be a lawyer my whole life, so I’m a lawyer”.

    OR we are changing dramatically on the INSIDE, but have a fear of showing it on the outside because of all the safety issues we talked about above. But here’s the thing…

    Nature has two rules: grow and be different.

    Think about how many different kinds of flowers there are… and even within the same type of flower, every flower is different.

    Think about a caterpillar. It starts out as a glorified worm, turns into mush and becomes a butterfly!

    No one ever looks a tree and thinks, “that’s so weird, that tree used to be a seed! Now it’s a huge tree!”

    I know it sounds cliche, but we aren’t actually taking in the rules of the universe: to grow and be different. TO CHANGE.

    We live by the rules of: blending in, don’t rock the boat, stick to the plan, just be normal, you are who you are.

    Ten years ago I was an ambitious New York party girl who wanted to own her own event planning company. I cared about what clubs I could get into and what brand my shoes were. I was also an incredibly loving, fun, kind young woman. There was nothing wrong with who I was then, that was me. I didn’t feel like I was hiding (though after some good therapy I did realize I was hiding some things). I’m just different now. I changed. And that’s what I’m supposed to do.

    Say it with me: I’m supposed to change.

    Sinking into these two rules of nature, grow and be different, are especially poignant now as we see white supremacist groups promoting racism and Trump repealing DACA – both of which are centered around “sameness = safety”. Know that stepping out as who you are, a soul with a personality, belief system and desires that are one of kind, promotes the kind of world we want to see, one where we are valued for our unique expression, not what we look like or where we come from.

    So my dear, who are you really? If change and growth and being different were widely accepted, what would you do? How would you act? What would you wear? What would you say? What would you do for work? How would you raise your children?

    And are you brave enough to be who you really are?

    So much love,


    (Photo by Melissa Hoffman)

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    Jul 2017

    How I went from hating to being completely obsessed with my boobs

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    I never liked my small breasts. I thought it was such a cruel joke that I wanted every part of my body to be smaller – smaller butt, smaller tummy, smaller cheeks – and yet, the one thing on my body that was supposed to be big, was small!  I wondered if I was the only woman on the planet with a size 14 butt and A cup boobs. 

    Years and years of positive body image work seemed to bypass my relationship with my small chest and it wasn’t until I was done breastfeeding my second child, that I knew something had to be done.

    At that point, my body was even bigger and my breasts, once perky from the constant flow of breast milk were now flattened, deflated, I don’t know, tennis balls?  I felt myself going down the rabbit hole of hatred, and unlike my butt or my belly, which I knew would heal and shift over time, I was stuck with my boobs.  

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    Here’s what I did to embrace my chest…

    1. I SHOWED my breasts that they are important. I could never find a bra that fit me.  Often the band was too tight, or the cups size too big. I found lace itchy and padding unnatural. For a while, I wore one bra from Target every day.  I was sending a message to my breasts that they don’t matter, they are ugly, they deserve to be uncomfortable. As long as I was sending that hateful message to them through forcing them into these uncomfortable bras, we were never going to be friends. So I did whatever I do when something isn’t going right, I ask the Goddess for a solution. A few weeks later I was connected with True&Co., a bra company that specializes in making bras for every shape and size of breast. We started talking and instantly saw a great opportunity to partner.  They wanted real women to spread the word and I was in desperate need to give my breasts something they loved. In the process, I fell deeply in love with this company, their mission, their product… and my breasts as a result.

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    True&Co. was founded on the idea that the rest of the bra industry designed bras to have your boobs look good to others and not comfortable and supportive. Every bra company had a different fit, there is no one size fits all, and our breasts are also as unique as our fingerprint! So Michelle Lam gathered women of all shapes and sizes and had them try on 500 bras in her living room to study the fit of all the different bras, and what actually worked for women.  What was most comfortable, most supportive and made them feel the most beautiful and strong. Eventually, True&Co. developed their own line of bras based on the feedback of all of their customers. What has resulted is a very female focused mission to help women feel comfortable in their own skin.

    When I went to their headquarters in San Francisco, their top designer gave me a personal fitting. All I can say is… what a difference! She matched me with the perfect bras for my body. They have several ways for you to get help with your fit on their site. You can click the image below to get fitted now:

    So when I arrived, I thought I was a 36A, maybe B on a good day. Turns out I’m a 38C but only a specific type of bra works for my breast shape. I put on a few options and felt instantly more in love with my breasts because comfort is the first step to love. We know this about relationships with other people, and it is the same when building a positive relationship with our body.  

    Comfort is the first step to love. 

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    2. I stopped focusing on what my breasts look like, and focused on what they are for.  This is the most powerful practice we can do as women. Our culture has reduced the importance of our bodies to be pleasing things for others to look at. And if they are not, then we are not safe, worthy or successful. In Live More Weigh Less we have been doing deep work around the brainwashing that we’ve become victim to. The way to heal this is to expand the reasons why our bodies are important. Meaning, what they are FOR, their purpose, their energy:

    To begin, I want to touch on two physical attributes, our breasts produce milk to sustain the life of a human baby. Every time I am reminded of the intelligence of how our breasts produce the exact antibodies a baby needs and regulates the temperature of our babies’ bodies, my mind is blown.  

    Second, our breasts are here for our pleasure. When we feel open to intimacy, our nipples are a very important stop on the way to ecstasy. Taking our time with this part of the body usually catapults our overall pleasure to amazing heights.  

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    Third, this is the coolest one for me, energetically our breasts represent nourishment.  Think of it this way, how cool is it that the same part of our body is here to give nourishment in the form of milk, and also receive nourishment in the form of pleasure. This epitomizes the magic of being a woman: we are all things, multifaceted and cyclical. We need to both give nourishment and receive nourishment in order to feel whole and happy. We need to be balanced. 

    Once I got how my breasts are a sacred portal to my overall sense of nourishment, I started to tune into whether or not my give and take was in balance. Not even close. I took note of all the ways I was giving, and all the ways I was receiving, and the give column was much much longer. So I started to prioritize ways in which I loved receiving like asking for help, saying no a lot, getting body work, soaking in hot tubs, going out to beautiful healthy meals, getting more help around the house and spending more time with Jonathan. Here’s the cool part, the more I embraced receiving, and the less I gave, the more feminine I felt, and the more I loved my breasts.  

    I have since discovered that Dr. Christiane Northrup has written extensively about how women who have breast cancer often report being a serious over giver, and under receiver. Wow.  

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    Next time you are naked, I want you to imagine your body is an altar, temple, or home.  The architectural part of this temple called your breasts lay right over your heart :the hearth of your home, the flame of your temple. Your breasts represent nourishment. How can you let the fire from your heart fuel what you need for nourishment? And how can you nourish your heart?  Honor your breasts for all that they have been through, done for you and represent.  Then ask them what they need, what you need for nourishment.  How can you get back into balance?  

    Complete the ritual with adorning them in something that honors them instead of disrespects them.

    Photo by Melissa Hoffmann

    To your sacred body,

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