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    May 2016

    I couldn’t do this without her.

    I feel embarrassed to tell you this, but working out has felt close to impossible for me since having kids.  Finding the time between running a business, being a good mom and seeing my friends is really hard.  But I knew deep down that I needed to move my body for reasons that go way beyond losing weight.

    I pride myself on being an independent and driven woman. I bet you’re the same way.  And I often try to do things on my own, almost to a fault.  Leaning on others and asking for help is hard for me.  I feel like I should be the one who has it all together. I mean, I do this for a living!

    But things were getting worse and worse (more on what I’m talking about at the end of this email) and I knew I wasn’t going to make any changes on my own.

    I called my friend Jadah Sellner and asked her if she would be my accountability partner in going to our favorite hip hop studio in Oakland.  We had been together a few times, both of us always had intentions of going, but never seemed to make it a regular thing.  Turns out she needed me as much as I needed her. Once we made plans to go, I couldn’t cancel because I knew she was depending on me.

     I was nervous to get back on the dance floor.  I danced growing up but my body was such a mess after having two kids in two years. Everything jiggled, my balance was off and I had no spring in my step.   Not to mention I had no access to my sexiness, kind of a key to hip hop.

    I was late to the class because there was more traffic than I anticipated on the 30 minute drive, so I snuck in and found a spot in the back.  There was Jadah with a big hug, smile and slap on the ass.

    As soon as the first song came on, Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”, I was crying.

    The tears were triggered by my body’s elation and relief of moving in a feminine and free way.  It’s like every hip shake, every shoulder pop was an invitation for my old self to come out.

    Going to dance wasn’t about learning hot moves or getting a tighter butt, it was therapy.  It was calling me back into myself and waking me up.  Since that first class I make the long trip two to three days a week and Jadah always joins me for at least one class a week.

    Here’s what I need you to know.  Dance isn’t just dance. Lipstick isn’t just lipstick. Flowers aren’t just flowers. These seemingly meaningless, even shallow things, can be so easy to pass up, but these tiny details have significant impact.  They are little phone lines to your most self-expressed, live-out-loud, fulfilled, alive self.  It’s important. I don’t want you to lose that part of you.

    I’m surprised at how the seemingly small changes made such a big impact on my thoughts and feelings. I have already found a little more happiness with myself. I have found myself feeling happier overall, being more positive, and just feeling overall better about my life. I honestly can’t even put completely into words the impact this challenge has had on me so far. I’ve had a really hard time committing to other types of “weigh less” challenges in the past and it taught me that it was okay to lie to myself. That’s a horrible thing – knowing that you can lie to yourself and it will be okay. But this challenge – the one I said I would commit to no matter what was thrown at me – has renewed my faith in myself. I CAN stick to something when I really want to, despite all other things in my life. I needed this reminder of how to really commit to me. ~ @angiesmitchell

    When we have a lot going on, which I know you do, it’s impossible to make these things a priority, so you need an accountability partner, or three.  Someone who maybe needs you as much as you need them.  Someone who will tell you, “YES, leave the laundry and come to dance with me.”  Who is that for you?  Forward them this email now.

    On June 6th I am leading my 5th Live More Challenge, a totally free experience that gives you a small thing (with big impact) to do every day for two weeks to wake up that radiant, alive, adventurous woman inside of you, and I want you to do it with a friend.  If you can’t think of anyone to invite, don’t worry, there are thousands of women who are excited to do this with you, you’ll meet them once you sign up on this page.

    Thank you, Sarah Jenks, for offering this challenge. It has been an illuminating two weeks. I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore some new ideas and behaviors. The social aspect of this challenge was fantastic. Daily, I found myself inspired by the risks taken and ideas explored by the other participants. It has been a joy. ~ @Tangerine_ginger

    To sweeten the deal for you guys I’m giving you and your crew the opportunity to ALL win a spot in my signature program, Live More Weigh Less Mastery.  Here’s how it works:

    1. Find me @sarahjenks on instagram and follow me.
    2. Find the post of me and Jadah that looks like this.
    3. In the comments section tag up to 3 friends to join you in the Live More Challenge.
    4. At the end of the challenge we’ll be selecting a winner of our scholarship to Live More Weigh Less Mastery.  If you win, the women you tagged in this post will also get a scholarship.  If one of the women you tagged wins then you and the other women you tagged get a scholarship. Get it?

    My beliefs about myself color all of my choices. Feeling that I deserve to take time for myself has been half the battle. The beautiful thing is discovering that if I do take that time, if I truly pay attention , small things make a huge impact. I have really struggled in my life looking for other people to tell me I have worth, that I am lovable and that I matter. I have been working on getting that acceptance from myself. This challenge has put so much of that work into action. I am truly amazed at what a difference it is making. Thank you @sarahjenks! ~@jdale3wkg

    It’s been two months of going to dance regularly and I feel completely different.  I have more energy, I’m less blue and foggy, I feel sexy, my relationship is better, and I just feel more like me.   Yes, my body is also changing but that doesn’t even compare to how incredible I feel.  If it weren’t for Jadah and committing to something so simple together, my life could have kept going in a downward spiral.

    I’m so excited to have you and your friends in the Live More Challenge.  You can sign up now by clicking on this link.



    P.S. Here’s a few incredible results women experienced from the challenge:

    Hi Sarah! I’m new to your community but my introduction couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m a 31 year old SAHM to a 4 year old little girl. In August–after 2.5 years of secondary infertility–I learned that it is no longer possible for me to get pregnant. While this didn’t come as a complete surprise, it was still quite a blow. It is a hardship for my husband and me, and recently the grief was really starting to strangle my heart. I could feel myself withdrawing from my beautiful life. I was (am) struggling existentially and grasping for anything to find purpose and meaning, or, at the very least, spark personal growth. Then randomly (or perhaps not?) your “Live More Challenge” came across my news feed. I had no idea what the challenge would entail but I didn’t let that stop me…I signed up straightaway. I was a little unsure about what to expect but after receiving your email with the details, I couldn’t help but smile. Each day I find myself looking forward to the next day’s challenge. And after only 3 days, I can honestly say that I can already feel the darkness starting to lighten. So this is a sincere, heartfelt thank you. A thank you for giving me the perfect jumping off point to my journey of self discovery. A thank you for giving me a community of women to seek help and support. A thank you for challenging me to take care of myself when I seemed to need it the most. A thank you for being a ray of light.

    I am really looking forward to the rest of the challenge and to becoming inspired by you and other beautiful women along the way! Cheers!

    You have no idea how happy I am to have found your account! You are beautiful and I adore what you’re teaching! I’ve allowed my weight to dictate EVERYTHING for soooooo long and recently made the decision to really and truly change my thinking. I feel free for the first time in years and I want to radiate happiness and love, not self consciousness and self loathing. I’ve been working on all of it and to find another like-minded gal like you is awesome!! Thank you! ~ @lemmonkisses

    Thank you @sarahjenksfor opening our eyes to a much bigger world. You have shown us that no matter how much crazy there is in our life, we should be the star that shines the brightest. We can all trust ourselves a little more and be happy with ourselves a little more, and most of love ourselves a lot more! It’s been a fun journey! ~@mcovey83

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    May 2016

    Are you dying to get your body back?

    Do you ever look at picture of yourself when you were younger and feel your throat tighten and your stomach fill up with embarrassment because you used be so thin and beautiful?

    I can’t believe how different I look.  How did I let this happen?

    Does everyone notice how huge I’ve gotten?  Do they talk about it!?

    I need to get a handle on this.  I don’t know how I got so out of control.

    And then you hide the picture hoping neither you nor anyone else will ever see it. It’s just too painful.

    In that moment you vow to change everything so you can get back to that body.  I know you didn’t even know you were so thin and beautiful when that picture was taken, I bet you remember that exact day and how you spent a lot of it feeling fat and insecure.  But, you’re probably thinking, if you could just get back to that weight, then you would enjoy it.  Oh my god, it would be amazing.  You would feel so gorgeous, energized, sexy and carefree.

    So you make a plan.  A plan to cut out gluten, sugar and alcohol, JUST for a few weeks, it will be great. But, can I remind you of something?  You’ve tried that before.  And I know you think that this time will be different, but it won’t.  No matter how strict the diet or how badly you want your body back, it will never result in you feeling the way you want to feel.  Trust me.  I’ve been there myself and have worked with over a thousand women in your exact position.


    Let me walk you through a different way to do things.

    Most women believe they have to weigh less in order to live more.  You probably have this very clear vision of how your life will be when you lose weight, so you put all of your attention on your diet.  But in the meantime your life is pretty flat because you think that everything is going to change once you lose twenty pounds, so why even worry about it?

    And because you’re so embarrassed by how you look, you’re holding back from putting yourself out there.  Even if it’s not completely conscious, when you get real with yourself, yeah, it feels wrong to put on a beautiful dress or plan a hot date with your partner.  Maybe without even realizing it, you’re putting a lot of things on hold like going for your dream job or setting up an online dating profile.

    It may seem like just little things here and there that aren’t a big deal, but what if you never get around to having the job you’ve always wanted?  Or worse if you never meet your soulmate?  Or completely lose the attraction in your relationship?  That could be a real loss, all because you thought you were too fat to take a first step.

    You are bombarded with messages all day to lose weight, but I am here today to tell you to stop waiting on the weight. It’s only keeping you in body jail because the more unfulfilling your life is, the more you need food to give you that jolt of happiness or stress relief.  And all those extra calories from emotional eating are keeping you stuck in this cycle.

    Ending this struggle means doing things differently. In fact, it means doing the complete opposite of what you’ve been doing.  You have to live more in order to weigh less.  When your life is so full of joy, meaning, excitement and tiny blessings food becomes something you eat at lunch instead of something you need.You’ll naturally move to your ideal weight for your unique constitution.

    The first step is having the courage to live full out in a body you’re uncomfortable in, which I know can feel really hard.  But that’s where I come in.  I’ve created a completely free experience that will make you feel like one of those women who has a rich and exciting life in just two weeks.  And I know you don’t believe me yet, but this will also help you fall in love with your body and heal your emotional eating.

    It’s called the Live More Challenge and I want you to sign up for it now by clicking on this link.

    Each day for two weeks, I give you one manageable and fun activity that can be done in ten minutes or less. If you do every challenge you’ll be entered to win one of 3 scholarships to my signature program, Live More Weigh Less and a $300 Anthropologie shopping spree. You will also be invited to my virtual launch party where you can win 1 of 6 other amazing prizes. You can learn more about what you can win when you sign up for the challenge on this page.

    Here’s what one woman wrote to me at the end of the last Live More Challenge:


    I wish I could knock on your door with a fine bottle of red as a thanks for what the Live More Challenge has done for me in the past 2 weeks.

    I am a wife, a mom of 2 fantastic kids, a nurse and a wandering soul, until 2 weeks ago.

    I jumped in quietly behind the scenes to participate in the challenges.  I went out of my way and way out of my comfort zone to do these small deliberate things that you put out there.

    I bought new underwear and new sexy bras, I put flowers in our bathroom, bought and lit candles that smell so good.  Wore red lipstick and continue to do so, read confidently alone in a coffee shop….and found myself at the end of week 1 with a job opportunity that is so far our of my comfort zone….but guess what?  With the newly acquired swagger and self confidence (red lipstick and grey/pink leopard print will do that to a girl) and a referral from a colleague for this job….I applied and held my breath.

    Today I successfully earned a second face-to-face interview with a multinational pharmaceutical company for a huge promotion from what I am currently doing.

    There are so many things that have come from these small steps, and even if the job goes to someone else….I’ve got my groove back.

    Thank you for pushing us and reminding us of the importance of taking time, not getting stuck in the mundane of being a mom and forgetting that great moms take care of themselves in the midst of the mundane.

    This has been life-altering, and I am forever thankful.

    Much love to you,


    I have pages and pages of other emails like this that I have saved from women who have done this challenge.  You can join us by clicking on this link and then entering your name and email to get all the details.  It’s free, so what do you have to lose?



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    May 2016

    The truth about my shopping addiction

    So there’s this thing that happens when I walk into Anthropologie.  It’s like the clothes start pumping heroin into my veins and I.JUST.CAN’T.STOP.  I want to buy everything and stopping myself short sends me directly to a place of deprivation and depression. “I deserve the clothes” I tell myself, and shopping with abandon makes me feel free and wealthy.  But when I get home I have a crazy hangover, feel guilty and stuck. A lot like I used to feel with a pint of ice cream.

    Being on a diet and a budget triggers the same response for most women. That feeling of restriction sends us straight into a panic and all we can think about is breaking the rules. That’s when buying a new dress (or four) when we can’t afford it, or eating five chocolate cookies even when we’ve sworn off gluten can give us a rush.  We feel dangerous, free, like a little rebel.  And it feels good. Until it doesn’t.

    If this has ever happened to you, I hope you’ll join me for a completely free coaching call with  Sandra Hanna, founder of Smart Cookies. Sandra has been a leader in women’s financial empowerment and has caught the attention of Oprah, written two books and has taught women all over the world how to be smart with money.  Sandra and I are so excited to talk about the trap of diets and budget and tell you exactly what you can do instead to have freedom.

    Sign up to join us for this call by clicking here.

    a live online event withsarah Jenks & sandra Hanna

    If you are unable to join us live we will be sending out a recording, but please be sure to RSVP to make sure you’re on the list to receive it.

    There will be plenty of time for coaching so please bring your questions.



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