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New Immersive Course


Reclaim Your Body’s Vitality, Sacred Beauty, and Feminine Power.

We have been caught in the paradigm of “thin or fat” for too long.

We have villainized each other. Had friendships damaged by jealousy. Had mother daughter relationships damaged by shame.

We’ve been in competition. 

We’ve been in excruciating pain.

We have been judging ourselves against a standard set by people who benefit from the submissiveness and distraction that comes from being obsessed by the way others see us.

It’s time for a new paradigm.

It’s time to create a culture based around how close we are to expressing our own unique blueprint of Radiance.

  • What you need to be healthy…
  • The way you express your beauty…
  • Your body’s chemistry…
  • Your unique flavor of radiance…

… Are all as unique as your fingerprint.

We need to stop obsessing over the cultural standard and start devoting ourselves to the truth of who we are.

And you are miraculous.

You are stunningly Beautiful

Your body is so powerful

You have feminine mystique oozing from you.

But our culture has brainwashed you to forget your true nature.

  • If you feel dulled by the responsibilities of life…
  • If you feel afraid of being the most beautiful woman in the room…
  • If you don’t trust your sensuality…
  • If you feel heavy, lethargic, and down..

And you are longing to unzip the sleeping bag that is wrapped around you to reveal your true radiance…


Then I invite you to go on a month-long journey with me to cultivate your Vitality, Sacred Beauty, and Feminine Power.

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This online immersion consists of four 2-hour classes that combine teaching, channeling, embodiment and ceremony. We will touch on every area of your life including emotional eating, over giving, expressing yourself, your body as a sacred tool and ancestral healing. We will also be joined by special guest Sinclair Kennally, who has been the person behind my body’s physical transformation. Sinclair is going to walk us through and provide the tools for removing foreign toxins, so our body can reclaim its ability to heal itself.

Plus, everyone in Radiance will get to come to the January Temple: Nourish the Feminine livestream for free.  If you would like to join in person, we can give you a $100 credit, just email our team support@sarahjenks.com.

Here are the meetings times, we will be meeting 8 times (including Temple on Friday January 21st) you may not be able to come to all of them, but please try to come to some live. Making radical space for your Radiance is part of the healing. This could be a great time to move mountains for yourself. Everything is recorded and you will have access to the course forever.


Radiance Session 1 – Jan 18th 11am – 1pm ET

Radiance Bonus Session – Jan 21st 10am – 12pm ET

Radiance with Sinclair – Jan 24th 11am – 1pm ET

Radiance Q/A – Jan 27th 1-2:30pm ET

Radiance with Sinclair – Jan 31st 12:30pm – 2pm ET

Nourish the Feminine Temple – Feb 1st 6-9pm ET

Radiance Session 3 – Feb 3rd 11am – 1pm ET

Radiance Session 4 – Feb 10th 11am – 1pm ET

Radiance Final Q/A – Feb 16th 1- 2:30pm ET

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We are so excited to offer Radiance via a 11 month payment plan for $222/month.

What does Radiance include?

This online immersion consists of four 2-hour classes that combine teaching, channeling embodiment, and ceremony. It also includes three Q&A’s.

Will this be recorded?

Yes! All calls will be recorded and emailed to participants.