Radiance is a high-end, sophisticated, sacred, feminine process of healing your body and cultivating soul-based beauty.

We have been caught in the paradigm of “thin or fat” for too long.

We have villainized each other. Had friendships damaged by jealousy. Had mother-daughter relationships damaged by shame.

We’ve been in competition.

We’ve been in excruciating pain.

We have been judging ourselves against a standard set by people who benefit from the submissiveness and distraction that comes from being obsessed with the way others see us.

It’s time for a new paradigm.

It’s time to create a culture based around how close we are to expressing our own unique blueprint of Radiance.

  • What you need to be healthy…
  • The way you express your beauty…
  • Your body’s chemistry…
  • Your unique flavor of radiance…

… Are all as unique as your fingerprint.

We need to stop obsessing over the cultural standard and start devoting ourselves to the truth of who we are.

This isn’t about your body being a mannequin, it’s about being a masterpiece. It isn’t about green juice, it’s about deep nourishment. It isn’t about a quick fix, it’s about lifelong change. It isn’t about fitting in, it’s about creating a perfectly tuned instrument to play your life’s work through.

Radiance will help you love your body, feel beautiful, and have the best health you’ve ever had. Without any of those tacky, plastic, weight-loss vibes.

If you’re thinking – okay, that all sounds great, but… the idea of taking radical care of your body feels…

and Monotonous

I need you to know that the NEW way that you’ll discover inside of this program makes taking radical care of your body feel…

and Deeply Sacred

This program is not about “buckling down” and “getting disciplined” and all of the other hyper-masculine ways that our culture approaches body care. Radiance is about melting. It’s a release. It’s an activation. It’s about sinking all the way into your Soul so that you can radiate at your highest frequency.

If you’re thinking okay, okay… I’m in for this, but will I have to rearrange my whole life for this program? 

Absolutely you will. And that’s because…

If you want to take care of your body but you want it to feel Sacred, luxurious, pleasurable, and FUN…

If you want an out-of-the-box, brand f*cking new experience of loving and caring for yourself…

If you want to reclaim being fabulous at every age without needing to look young…

If you want to feel safe being the most dressed up person at the party…

If you want to feel every day like you’re living in Paris at a sex party surrounded by beauty and pleasure… (lol, but like… how great does that sound?!)

You’re going to have to make big, sweeping changes to start caring for your body before you tend to anything else. You’re going to have to invest in yourself. You’re going to have to rearrange your schedule and your life to prioritize YOU.

The path of healing our body is the path of healing our life and vice versa. It’s one system, and it is all connected.

If you know you’re ready…

Then I invite you to go on a 3-month long journey with me to cultivate your Vitality, Sacred Beauty, and Feminine Power.

Join Radiance Now

Just like music needs an instrument to be heard, and color needs pigment to be seen, our souls need our bodies to be felt. Radiance is the alchemy of energy and matter, the marriage of body and soul.

Radiance combines the inner work needed to move through your emotional blocks to taking care of your health and being a radiant woman through sacred ceremony, emotional eating work, and ancestral healing with the scientific protocol of detoxing your body of toxins to unlock the innate healing power of your body.

In Radiance, you will enroll your body in the process of healing.

The work we will be doing in Radiance is about understanding the parts of your life that need to change in order to fully make the time your body needs to heal and merge with your soul.

The only way to fully step into the next version of yourself and fully show up as who you are, to actually step onto your path is to enroll your body in that process.  And to use your body as a canvas to show the world who you are.

I believe before we came here, we chose our bodies and it is the greatest art project of our entire life.

Radiance is the process of coming back to the truth of who you are.  Not only in your soul but in your expression through your body, which is about art, vitality, and feminine power.

Through the expression of your soul and the healing of your body, you will heal, reclaim and come into the center of who you are.

Your body can either amplify your soul or dampen your soul.

Radiance is a program about using your body and healing your body, including your relationship with spirit, the feminine, your health, and your unique expression to AMPLIFY who you are.

This has nothing to do with sticking to a rigid diet or taking the joy and passion away. This is about bringing more joy and passion to your life.  This is about bringing more femininity and more sacredness and creating a juicy life with you at the center.

Radiance is about starting a completely new way of living that will last your lifetime and evolve throughout the rest of your lifetime. It will rewire your brain, soul, and system.

It will shift the way you live going forward and the shifts and changes you see will ripple out over your lifetime.  Because when the program ends, you don’t end.

You can’t wait for the world to change so you can finally work on what you came here to do.  And you can’t do the work without merging your body and soul.

Who is teaching Radiance?

Sarah Jenks, Head Priestess

I struggled with food and body image my whole life and always believed that if I could just lose 20 pounds, then I would be happy. After eating an entire bag of Dove Chocolate promises on the 3rd day of my seven-day juice cleanse in my early twenties, I decided that dieting and restriction weren’t in the cards for me after 15 years of failing. And without all of my energy going towards my diet, I had mental space to focus on my life, which, turned out, was super boring. So, I got to work to make it more fun, and low and behold, I stopped overeating! Food was medicating my boring, stressed-out existence, and when I got better, so did my food. I was so excited about this discovery that I quit my job in advertising in 2009 to become an emotional eating coach.

As part of my healing journey from food, I discovered spirituality and sacred feminine practices. And living in San Francisco gave me access to so many modalities. I learned how to connect deeply with who I am and why I’m here and began to notice how many women feel stuck in a box. There is so much cultural pressure on women to be people pleasers, to keep everyone happy, and to just be content with a husband, a cute house, and 2 kids, which keeps so many women stuck in a cycle of guilt and frustration. I felt called back to New England where I grew up to create a space for women to gather to take a hard look at our belief systems, where we give away our power and create foundations and strategies for creating a more authentic, aligned life.

Then one day I walked into my therapist’s office where the remnants of a sacred circle from the night before were strewn on the living room floor. I had a full body “Remembering” of being in ceremony. Since that day I have devoted my life to creating spaces for women to have their own remembering and normalizing the presence of the Sacred Feminine in our culture.

This led me to becoming a Priestess Apprentice in the 13 Moon Mystery School for over 10 years and then I was Ordained a Priestess in Summer of ‘22. My personal sacred practice weaves together the mysteries of Ancient Avalon, Earth-based practices of my Celtic and Germanic ancestry, the Feminine Path of Mary Magdalene, and the Ancient Egyptian practices of Anointing.

My genius is in creating a sacred container that allows you to talk directly to your Soul, your fully expressed self, the truest version of you — and then guide you to creating strategies, an environment, and structures in your life to give your self space.

I am an avid skinny dipper, travel often, love fancy restaurants, talk to trees, and am the CEO of a global spiritual coaching & lifestyle company. I am a walking oxymoron, a rule breaker, and live an out-of-the-box life in a very “in the box” part of the world. I believe that our lives get to be a masterpiece and you have the ability to create whatever you want.

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC

Chronic Digestive Disorder Specialist, Expert at Resolving Root Causes

Sinclair Kennally, CNHP, CNC is an award-winning expert on chronic digestive illnesses, CEO of DetoxRejuveNation.com, host of Your Health Reset Podcast, and survivor of complex chronic illness.

She and her partner Michael Spandel specialize in resolving the root causes behind complex, chronic illnesses, and digestive issues. Together, they’ve helped thousands of people from NASA scientists to authors to pro athletes to get their lives back.

An award-winning sought-after speaker, Sinclair has shared the stage with health and wellness luminaries such as Jack Canfield, JJ Virgin, Lisa Nichols, Sachin Patel, and Meghan Walker. She is also the co-founder of MeditationRx, a platform dedicated to people working on their health.

Sinclair’s mission is to help people to reclaim their health and rediscover their creative power, so they can be who they came here to be.

Learn more about Sinclair’s story here.


I have been trying to change my body since I was 10 years old.

I was on a gazillion diets – weight watchers, Scarsdale diet, tuna fish, juice cleanses, that lemon and maple syrup bullsh*t … Nothing worked.

I finally had success changing my body using emotional eating healing in my mid-20s leading up to my wedding which birthed my programs Breathtaking Bride and Live More Weigh Less, which became a multiple 7-figure, international phenomenon.

And then after I had kids I must’ve gained 40-50 lbs (I don’t weigh myself, but it was a dramatic change).

I tried to heal through emotional eating again, but the things that worked in my 20s no longer worked in my mid-30s with 2 kids.  I decided to fully embrace the body-positive lifestyle, loving my Mom bod and creating a full and amazing life as a plus-size woman.

I did heal my obsession with meeting the cultural ideal and didn’t hold back in my life because of my weight, but I also was constantly exhausted, had abdominal pain, felt moody and depressed, and really anxious.

And when I caught my reflection in the mirror, I didn’t feel like “me”.

I knew I didn’t have to look like a swimsuit model to look like me, but also, this was not it.

(In Radiance we do an incredible exercise where you can fully see your Soul Body and what “you” at this age and season in your life looks like.)

So when I landed in the hospital with Lyme disease, which Sinclair educated me was caused by having heavy loads of toxins and mold in my body, I knew I had to try something different.

Not only did I not feel like “me”, but I also realized I was at risk of having a short and painful life if I allowed my underlying chronic symptoms to continue untreated.

I decided I had to go even deeper into my soul to uncover why I was stuck in a body that was not mine — how was this on some unconscious level protecting me?

I knew that my healing process needed to be sacred, pleasurable, and juicy.

I knew I was going to have to change the way I did most things in my life, like making more time for my body healing, making time for cooking, going to bed early, and spending more money on supplements (and actually taking them!!).

I also knew I had to go beyond the spiritual and emotional and look at my body’s functionality and what was going on under the hood.

AND I also knew I would never be available for the physical healing (I would unconsciously sabotage myself) if I didn’t clear the way spiritually and emotionally.

My journey was so successful, that I wanted to create a program that walked women through this exact combination of spiritual, emotional, and physical detox. Last year 100 women went through Radiance.  This is what some of them have to say about the program.

There have been so many beautiful changes and I am so incredibly grateful for Sarah Jenks, her team, this program, and all of you. This is what my soul had been looking for such a long time.

Jamie Mullen

Today’s call was so many things. Eye-opening. Empowering. Overwhelming. Terrifying. Change inducing. I’m grateful for it all and taking it step by step.

Elizabeth Billingham

These calls are just amazing. And it’s such a pleasure to be doing this work with all of you. I haven’t felt this together ever with people I don’t actually know in real life. I feel like I need to watch/listen to all lessons again already — kind of like having them on as the background music to my life to help it all sink in. Thank goodness this is just the beginning! Sarah Jenks, YES. THIS is why I’m here. Thank you so much already.

Sara Mazenko

I was really moved by Sarah’s discussion about ancestral trauma and the way that physical movement is a form of release work. I think a lot about inherited trauma, and ancestor veneration is a big part of my personal practice, so it was helpful to recontextualize movement in that way!

Rachel Carrales

Our minds are our brains, and our brains are our bodies, and our bodies are impacted by toxins. Mold, heavy metals, and other poisons that most of us have in heavy loads in our bodies are dulling, holding back, and negatively changing our minds.

We can’t truly know our soul-selves unless we get rid of the gunk that is making us feel tired, depressed, anxious, and flat.

If you know that your body is not keeping up with your dreams, Radiance is here for you to completely change your body.

In Radiance, We Will Focus On:


Your Physical Body

You will move beyond what you eat and how you move to explore the true indicators of your wellness and vitality as well as move through a detoxification process to gently remove toxins from your body.


Trauma Held in the Body

You will learn how your body holds trauma from your life and your lineage as well as how to meet, process, and move through trauma.


Nurturing the Feminine

Disconnecting with the body has a lot to do with repressing the feminine, which is the emotional, energetic, earthly, sensual, joyful, beautiful, and wise part of ourselves. Within Radiance, you will learn how to reclaim the feminine as part of who you are.


Your Body is a Reflection of Your Life

Nothing is more important than tending to your vessel, to your body. Learn how to put yourself at the center of your life as well as how to take the time to feed and nourish yourself.


Your Body is a Spiritual Tool

Learn how your body helps you manifest and divinate. Plus, learn ancient ways to connect with your body, the earth, and your life so you can awaken and reconnect with your intuition and sacredness.


Your Body is ART and Expression

Reclaim your body and redefine your beauty so you can express and represent your unique essence.

Here’s How We Will Do This Program Together:

Radiance is a living immersion. I am going to give you everything you need to make a complete 180-degree turn around how you exist and express yourself in your body. The work is big and deep. I will be holding rock-solid space for you and stand as your initiator and activator.

Radiance is a deep-dive immersive experience.

Two immersions, one with Sarah and one with Sinclair, to kick off your Sacred healing journey – Q&A group coaching calls to support integration

  • 2 Days of Immersive Teaching (6 hours each day)

  • Six 90-minute Q & A calls

  • Recordings of all the classes and Q&A’s

  • Recommendations for two levels of a detox protocol plus a list of supplements (the cost of supplements is not included in the program, you can order them through Detox Rejuvenation if you wish to participate, encouraged but not required)

  • Recommendations for supplies that could aid in your body healing process such as a water distiller and enema kit (the cost of supplies is not included in the program fees and participation is encouraged but not required)
  • The opportunity to learn from Sinclair, a loving, wise, and intelligent detox specialist who is going to walk you through how to bring more flow, vitality and detoxing to our body through a gentle supplement protocol and environmental and lifestyle changes.

  • Grounding in ritual as well as moving your body during each call

  • Private community so you can ask questions, receive support and talk with others about moving through the program and protocols.

Everything will be recorded, however, this is an opportunity to say “I am more important than everything in my life” and I am going to carve out this time for me”.

About The Protocols:

Participating in the recommended protocols is encouraged but not required in this program. Sinclair will share two levels of detox protocol to choose from (optional). One will be super gentle and easy to do and the other will be a bit more intense. Both protocols will replenish the minerals that you are not currently getting from your food as well as gently remove toxins from your body. Plus, you will learn about other amazing tools, outside of supplements, that aid in replenishment, boosting, and releasing. These protocols are loving, gentle, feminine, and the most nourishing way to take care of your body.

Part of the recommended protocol will include purchasing a water distiller and an enema kit. Again, these supplies are encouraged but not required.

Please note that the cost of recommended protocol supplements and supplies is not included in the program fee. You can choose what level of participation in the protocol is in alignment with you. We do encourage you to REALLY go for it, but you know your body best of all. After you sign up for the program we will share all of the recommendations and links to purchase if you choose.

*Supplements range from $298-$538 investment.
*Supplies range from $50-$350 investment.

There is no juice cleansing or fasting in this program.

Radiance is all about your wellness and healing and being in service to your vitality, joy, self-expression, femininity, and power.

Type of Person Who Is Joining Radiance is:
  • Devoted to herself and her healing 
  • Willing to change her entire life, to throw it all up in the air and say “I deserve to have the best, I deserve to have something different”.
  • Willing to rethink and rearrange everything in order to merge her body with her soul so that her needs can be fully met.
  • Committed to cultivating radiance and healing her relationship with her body
  • Ready to step into her fullest expression

If you join, you are going to be in a community of women like that. A community of loving women who are stepping on the path and saying “YES, I am making my health, vitality, and soul a priority this month. I am fully devoted to this work. I am fully devoted to myself.” 

Please Note:  This program is not a quick fix. Within Radiance, you will learn and change everything in a month and then you are going to give your body time and space to adjust. You will then bring this next version of yourself into your life.

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If you missed our free New Body Paradigm Masterclass click here to watch the replay & check out Sarah’s Info Session for even more details.

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Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! We are so excited to offer Radiance via a 6-month payment plan for $377/month.

What does Radiance include?

This online immersion consists of:

  • Foundational Call to kick off the program
  • 2 – 5 hour live classes teaching specific topics
  • Grounding in ritual and moving your body during each call
  • 3 Q&A’s that are 90 min – 2 hours long
  • 2 follow-up Q&A’s – one in April and one in May
  • Recordings of all the classes
  • Recommendations for two levels of a detox protocol plus a list of supplements (supplements not included in the program)
  • Access to Sinclair, a loving, wise, and intelligent detox specialist who is going to walk you through the protocol options that will pull toxins, parasites, and mold out of your body in order to allow your body to come back to health and vitality.
  • Community for you to talk with each other.

Will this be recorded?

Yes! All calls will be recorded and emailed to participants.

Do you have to do the protocols in order to participate in the program?

Doing the protocol (supplements, diet, enemas, etc.) is encouraged but not required. Sarah and Sinclair together have led 100 women through this process with these specific protocols (and Sinclair has led thousands more on her own) – and women have done it both ways – FULL OUT, and “in” where they feel comfortable.

Our recommendation is that you go FULL OUT, but of course, you know your body best. We have women who have taken the program and not done supplements or enemas and still had a life-changing, body-altering experience.

If you are nervous about the protocol, our recommendation is to wait to hear Sinclair talk about it in her full-day immersion and then decide for yourself.

A love note from a Radiance member who did not do the protocols:

“Radiance was the first program I took with Sarah and it completely changed everything for me. The sacred body healing work set me off on the path I am on now and everything is different. I did not do the enemas or the supplements — at the time it did not feel like the right decision for me. However, I took in everything that Sinclair shared as sacred knowledge and I still find myself drawing on what I learned from her. I eventually had my home tested for mold, adjusted my diet slowly over time, and invested in a water distiller when I felt the call to do it. I really loved the program and I recommend going for it even if you aren’t sure about the protocol.”

Is the cost of the protocol and materials included in the program fee? How much more should I expect to invest?

Please note that the cost of recommended protocol supplements and supplies is not included in the program fee. You can choose what level of participation in the protocol is in alignment with you. We do encourage you to REALLY go for it, but you know your body best of all. After you sign up for the program we will share all of the recommendations and links to purchase if you choose.

*Supplements range from $298-$538 investment.
*Supplies range from $50-$350 investment.

Can I do Radiance if I am pregnant or nursing?

The Radiance protocols are for preconception or post-breastfeeding, and not to be taken during conception, pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.

However, a HUGE part of this program is about mindset and lifestyle changes, and the protocol is NOT required. You are in full choice over what works for you!