Welcome to Back To Me!

I’d just like to start with… THIS IS A BIG DEAL! Most women go through their whole lives never making the time to do anything for themselves, even something as simple as signing up for a 7-day program like this.

So I just want to celebrate you for saying YES to you. In a culture that teaches women to bend over backwards for others, to over-give without receiving anything in return and to put others’ needs before our own every.singe.time… reclaiming your life for you is a revolutionary act that should not be taken lightly.

I can’t wait to spend the next 7-days with you giving you small acts to do every day that are going to help you take your life back, know your worth & feel alive no matter how drained, overwhelmed and far gone you feel.

I just sent you two emails, read the one with the subject: “Welcome to Back to Me” first and then you can dive into Day 1.

Yes, you start today! Remember these simple acts don’t cost anything and only take 15 minutes. Start strong, fight for your time, commit to yourself. That little voice that’s telling you that it’s selfish isn’t right. That voice is lying to you. I’m going to be teaching you all about those inner voices, why they’re there and how to deal with them this week, all you have to do is take 3 minutes RIGHT NOW and read the two emails I sent.