Events at Hawthorn Farm


Moon Lodge Yoga

Our yoga classes are as unique as the women who gather here. All classes are drop-in only and $15 to attend (cash or checks made out to instructor). Please bring your own yoga mat and any props you usually use in your yoga practice. Our current yoga schedule is:


Vinyasa Flow with Kathryn Postulka
Wednesdays 9:30AM-10:30AM

Move, stretch, breathe and flow through an hour of Vinyasa Yoga suitable for any level yogi. This is an opportunity to leave the world behind, decompress and walk away feeling revived and uplifted. This All Levels class incorporates an active flow, sprinkled with restorative postures that will not only build heat, strength and balance but also allow you to move mindfully and relax deeply.


Vinyasa Flow with Melissa Holm
Thursdays 9:30AM-10:30AM

Have you always wanted to try yoga but felt like you were too much of a beginner? Or maybe you’re a seasoned yogi who wants to actively improve your practice ? This class builds skills and comfort over time so you feel more confident, flexible and centered by the end of the 6 weeks (you can also drop in on any single class). Each week’s focus will change – ranging from beginner’s yoga to more advanced inversions while weaving in mindfulness practices like gratitude and a deeper connection with your inner knowing. You will strengthen all aspects of your mind and body while you learn to synchronize breath with movement. Awaken your strength, energy and flexibility in a fun and beautiful atmosphere.

Get my “Everyday Sacred” Playlist / Music to light you up and drop into your heart

Guest Workshop

Sacred Medicine: A Series for Health Empowerment with Sarah Byrne, M.D.

3 Wednesday Evenings:
Oct. 24, Nov. 14, Dec. 12
6:00PM- 8:30PM

“I want to feel BETTER.”  Come and engage with Dr. Sarah Byrne, Primary Care Physician and cofounder of Root Family Medicine, on a journey to uncover the root causes of many common symptoms including fatigue, sleep disruption, irritable bowel, aches and pains, hormone imbalance, brain fog, and more.  Let’s dig into the physiologic mechanisms and nutrient deficiencies associated with these symptoms and experience natural approaches to cultivate health resilience in a fun and joyful way!


Dr. Byrne will guide you on this adventure through our body systems, so YOU can be in charge of your own health story.  We will utilize symptom questionnaires to unearth where your imbalances may lie, harness the wisdom of herbal medicines, sink into guided visualizations, develop our inner health intuition, and bring home simple, daily practices for healing.


Through her ten years of experience in Western, Functional, and now Herbal medicines, Dr. Byrne has emerged with a mission to revolutionize healthcare by instilling it with more joy, connection with nature, and community. These classes aim to deliver all three of these missing ingredients to you!


Session 1 ~ “Under Pressure!”  This session will be centered around HPA axis dysfunction (that’s code for chronic stress) and its impact on your thyroid function, hormones, energy, and resilience.


Session 2 ~ “It’s All About that Gut, ‘Bout that Gut!”  This session will be centered around the common causes of digestive distress and why your gut’s microbiome influences EVERY aspect of your health.


Session 3 ~ “Listen All Y’all It’s a Sabotage!” This session will be centered around common toxins in our bodies and environments, how to avoid or coexist with them, and how they affect your weight, energy, and hormones.


Dr. Byrne believes in making this medicine accessible to everyone. She will be offering 5 free tickets for each session to those who are not able to afford the fee. If you would love to attend but have financial hardship, please email with a blurb about yourself, and Dr. Byrne will provide a code to the first 5 who respond.


Dress for comfort and please bring a journal and a pen.


Cost: $99 for one session or $249 for all three


Building Ojas: a Half-Day Yoga and Ayurveda Staycation Retreat with Laura Ahrens and Lauren Massalas

Saturday, January 5th

Ojas is the essence within us that preserves our vitality. Start the new year off right by building within you that which contributes to your immunity, vigor, and endurance. As we build towards the light on the other side of the Winter Solstice and in the freshness of the new year, we’ll come together in community, without the distractions of urban life and regular responsibilities, to immerse ourselves in Yoga and Ayurveda to nurture our aliveness and increase our capacity.


This retreat is ideal for those who want something closer by, less expensive, in a shorter time span. We’ll start our day with a nourishing and hearty welcome drink, a morning 90-minute LA signature yoga practice intended to deepen your practice, both physical and spiritual, and invite homecoming of body and spirit. The practice is adaptive and can accommodate all abilities. Afterwards, a lecture will nourish your mind, and an Ayurvedic vegetarian or vegan lunch will nourish your belly and senses. We’ll finish our day with pranayama and send you on the road with a warm drink and tasty treat and a gift from us.


Cost: $95


Vision Board with Nicole Lewis

Sunday, January 6th 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Come join this magical opportunity of visualizing, creating and setting your hopes and intentions for 2019!


Coco Lewis, self-proclaimed Joy Warrior and Owner of Nourish with Coco, is on a mission to help people experience more wellness and joy in life. You’re invited to an afternoon of visualizing, creating and manifesting your wishes, desires and goals for the new year.  Coco will lead the group through a visualization that will help bring forth your goals and intentions. Next, spend time creating and collaging your vision. The workshop ends with the group gathering and an optional opportunity to share your vision board with others.


What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a tool to help clarify, focus and set goals for something you want: an intention, a dream or a hope. Using magazine clippings, other visuals and craft supplies, each participant will create a vision board to take home. No expectations or previous art skills needed…really!


Light snacks and materials and supplies for creating a vision board will be provided. If you have a journal you would prefer to use and/or other materials you would like to include, feel free to bring them with you.


Cost: $47


Activate Authentic Feminine Power. 2019 Intention with Asha Ramakrishna

Friday, January 11th (VIP only) – 4:00pm-8:00pm
Saturday, January 12th – 10:00am-4:00pm
Sunday, January 13th – 11:00am-3:00pm

2019 is the year to fully come back to ourselves. It is the year where we let go of the roles we have been playing for others. It is the time we reclaim our true, authentic, feminine power. It is our time.


As women, it is our time to rise. We all know we cannot do it all alone, and yet so much of the true inner work happens inside our heart. Let’s not for a second forget that the process can be made easier and more efficient when Sisters hold us and see our unlimited possibility.


So, as much as it is our time, it is also the time that we vow to be in service to others from this real, rooted, unshakeable anchor of our sacred Human-Soul union. The world needs us to step INTO this place fully, and this weekend is the catalyst to make it so.


Our weekend together:

Friday (4:00pm-8:00pm):

  • Womb Healing Meditation with the High Priestess: healing the Sacred Feminine Within and reclaiming our womb power (the place where we truly co-create with the Universe)
  • Ayurveda Daily Ritual Workshop: learn the yogic morning practices of optimizing our energy each day and honoring ourselves
  • Light dinner and tea ceremony

Saturday (10:00am-4:00pm)

  • Lunch and light snacks
  • Learn our Human-Soul Blueprint.
  • Discover both the essence and theme for 2019 using ancient Japanese tools. This will allow us to align our intentions for the year to what the Universe will be offering us this year and set a tone for our unique Yearly Theme.
  • Learn your Soul blueprint using Human Design (a synthesis of Eastern & Western Astrology, I Ching, Kabbalah, Chakra System, Quantum Dynamics). This enlightening and life-transforming system guides us to know ourselves fully and to put SUSTAINABLE strategies in place that are right for our purpose in life.

Sunday (11:00am-3:00pm)

  • Lunch and light snacks
  • Optional morning yoga practice 9:30am
  • Cacao Ceremony: time to PAUSE and reflect on where you have been and a ceremony to activate your aligned intentions and goals. You will be coached through this process.
  • Time in nature (bring warm outdoor gear – warm coat and good boots!)
  • Set Intentions for 2019 and put your beautiful plan in place
  • Meditation to connect with our Feminine Archetype for the year

The weekend will allow us the time to unplug from day-to-day life and focus on ourselves, with the intention that as we do this, we are better vehicles of service to Humanity. Research is showing that when we also focus on others, we experience more profound healing and transformation, but when we only focus on ourselves, we perpetuate anxiety and stress.


The medicine you will receive this weekend is Sacred. We have set an intention to attract high-vibrational women who are here to be their most aligned versions of themselves AND who care deeply about serving the world. Our intent is to support the powerful and empathic Modern Priestesses with deep self-discovery and practical tools to keep themselves intact from the distractions of other’s agendas. The world needs you full of Vitality, and we are here to support you.




LODGING NOT INCLUDED. We will email participants with local options.


Please bring a yoga mat, blanket, water bottle, journal, and pen – and always an open mind, heart, and soul.


Cost: VIP: $888 Retreat: $555


Own Your Soul's Purpose in 2019: A New Year's Breathwork Retreat with AJ Accardi

Saturday, January 19th

Have you ever wondered why there are some days you feel completely aligned with your best self and your deep sense of empowerment, and other days when you are filled with doubt, depression, and despair?


It’s because your Soul has a purpose that is in total alignment with all of who you are, and there are many times in life that we have been told things that don’t serve our best selves– and for some reason we believed them. But, I have something to tell you: You deserve better than that, babe!


In this New Year’s retreat, I’m going to show you how to get clear on the qualities that make you amazing, learn how to have better boundaries in your personal and professional life, and get more deeply grounded in your greatest gifts and how to express them more beautifully and intentionally.


This is an amazing retreat for those going through transitions in life, starting new and meaningful projects, clutter-clearing old emotional baggage, or just getting more honest with yourself that you want more out of your life, and you’re no longer willing to wait for it to show up.


Cost: $225 until 12/15, then $250


The Magic in Recovery: Sacred Tools for Healing with Bri McCorkell and Renee Carlson

Sunday, January 20th

Are you craving connection with yourself + other sober sisters in a feel good way?  Want to create space for yourself to explore new, sacred tools for healing from addiction? Are you longing to bring your recovery into the light?


We know we are, honey, and that’s why we’re hosting for this workshop for you….


Join us for The Magic in Recovery: Sacred Tools for Healing


You will walk away from this workshop with…

  • 5 spiritual tools aka recovery resources you can use every day to get back in tune with what feels really GOOD (crystals, tarot cards, alters, smudging-oh my!)
  • An understanding of how to tap into your intuition (aka your inner GPS) + how you can use in your own daily life to guide you towards the true YOU
  • How to drop the (often invisible) limiting beliefs around your recovery that are holding you back from life you deserve.

+Time will also be provided for relaxing, connecting, nature walks and Q+A.


+Light snacks and drinks will be provided.


+You’ll also receive gift bags and have the opportunity to win coaching sessions and Sober Sister Circle tickets.


Let’s get the spiritual party started and spend a sacred sober day together.


xx Bri + Renee


Cost: $79


Groups of Women & Sister Circles with Jeannine Yoder

Saturday & Sunday, March 2nd & March 3rd

This intimate training is designed for women who are ready to host and hold space for women through circle work, in groups, and through ritual.


The content and curriculum extends to ALL groups encountered in life; from your website, email list, and social platforms, to your living room, life events (ex: Blessingway), circles, conferences, and beyond.
You’ll be empowered to help women transform through sisterhood, circle work, and by using your intuition to create space for radical shifts, epiphanies, celebration, and breakthroughs.


We’ll deep dive into:

  • Curating themes for healing work with women
  • Divine Feminine energy circle work
  • How to prepare and hold space for women in a circle
  • Ways to lead as the circle vocalizer, intrinsically and extrinsically
  • Techniques for working with the energy of any group
  • The ins and outs of spiritual tools, altar set up, space holding, and more


This is a stand-alone class and does not require prior CFL Healer Training experience to learn sisterhood, circle, and group leadership modalities.


This event caps at 35 women.
Recommended reading before class: Tribal Leadership by Dave Logan


Exchange: $625 (Lunch Included)
Only 35 Seats Available


BLOOM: A Spring Health & Wellness Renewal Retreat with Jackie Fernandes, Soumya Ganapathy, and Zandra Matthews

Saturday, March 9th

BLOOM: A wellness retreat where participants will learn self-care information and techniques to nourish, move, and awaken the seeds of their soul. This half-day retreat will focus on nutrition, the importance of sleep, moving mental mountains, and awakening your soul. Participants should bring a yoga mat and wear comfortable clothes. Light nourishment will be provided. Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation, rejuvenation, and restoration and BLOOM into Spring.


Cost: Early Bird Pricing-now through January 15th- $60.00
January 16th- March 8th: $75.00.
Day of event: $100.00


Own Your Power with Bailey Frumen

Saturday, May 4th
2:00- 5:00pm

What could you create if you were able to leverage the unlimited power within you?  Own Your Power outlines 7 steps you need to help you identify what’s been holding you back, get clear about your vision, and take action on accomplishing your goals.  With real-life success stories and Bailey’s relatable and supportive approach, Own Your Power is perfect if you’re looking to support yourself, colleagues, team, loved ones, or others toward personal growth, clarity, and optimal living.
In this powerful series, you will:

  • Figure out what’s holding you back
  • Learn how to connect to your desires and intentions
  • Design your personal compass–your vision map
  • Learn how to create goals with soul (and what makes them stick!)
  • Learn how to consistently take next-level action

Cost: $97

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My vision for Hawthorn Farm is to be a portal for women to gather, celebrate and heal. Are you a teacher, leader, or coach? I’d love for you to lead a workshop or retreat at Hawthorn Farm.

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