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Moon Lodge Yoga

Every Tuesday 9:30am-10:30am. New Series 8/7-9/18. No class 9/4.
Gentle Hatha Flow offers various postures and mild movement. We spend the first few minutes on breath work and connecting to what our body is feeling. This is a great introduction for someone new to yoga or someone recovering from an injury. Bring your mat, blocks and a blanket. Props are limited.

$15 drop in rate. Email to register

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Guest Workshop

Equinox fire ceremony and sacred space

Friday 9/21

This evening will introduce you to the universal organizing principles of the universe of the four directions- and the medicine of opening and working in Sacred Space. We will also learn about the power of fire ceremony and working with fire to transform our prayers to energy. Please come prepared to be outside as we celebrate this potent time of Equinox.

Cost: $35

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Guest Workshop

Practical Shamanism-Experience the Power of Energy Healing & The Transformation of the Medicine Wheel Journey with Julie Hannon

Saturday 9/22
1:00pm-6:00 pm

For thousands of years Shamans from every culture have known that we have a luminous energy field that surrounds our physical body, and holds a record of emotional, physical, and spiritual joys and traumas. They believe that this energy field is a blueprint that determines how one might heal, live, and die. In this interactive workshop, we will discuss the healing practices employed for 10,000 years by the Shamans of the Americas. The ancient practices are presented in a practical system of energy work that allows us to discover states of exceptional health, energy and well-being, as well as the opportunity for conscious participation in our future evolution. In this experiential introduction you will learn about your own energy field, have an introduction to the teachings of the Medicine Wheel and the journey of the healer, as well as having an experience of to some of the healing practices of the Americas.
Cost: $150

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Guest Workshop

Leaves & Laughter 1/2 Day Yoga Experience with Angela Cote

Saturday October 6th

Arrive into autumn and awaken to your authentic self thru yoga, nature, creation, harvest & meditation! Join Angela Cote from Sacred Tree Yoga Studio for a 1/2 day yoga experience at Hawthorn Farm Retreat Center at 315 North Street in Medfield.

Our Ayurvedic approach to autumn integrates the principles that compliment the season through each experience. This is a time to clear out accumulated summer heat and nourish the body, mind, and spirit for energy that will sustain us.  

  • 8:00 AM: Check-in and settle in
  • 8:15 – 9:15 AM: Fruitful Flow Yoga Practice: Time to gather the bounty and collect the harvest. The yoga asanas (poses) will invigorate, transform, and strengthen as well as nurture, restore, and reflect. This is an all level practice.  Please bring your personal mat; mats will also be available.
  • 9:15 – 9:30 AM: Ayurvedic snack: Fig & cardamom oat jar.
  • 9:30 – 10:30 AM: Explore the trails at Hawthorn Farm for nature therapy. Being in nature can reduce stress, provide a prana boost, and put you back in touch with the ground! Plug into your pure potential as we explore the elements of nature. Bring a rain coat just in case!
  • 10:30 – 11:30 AM: Receive spiritual nutrients through the vine of friendship as we make a connection to each other through power of the pumpkin as we create a Fall talisman that will represent abundance, prosperity, and blessing.
  • 11:30 – 12:15 PM: Celebrate an Autumn Harvest with a lunch that compliments the Ayurvedic season. The Fall Harvest will include warming, grounding and moist food that will bring joy to our palette. Begin with a raw beet slaw with lemon & mint.  Followed by coconut buttercup soup with pumpkin seeds. The healthy feast will finish with baked apples stuffed with healthy goodness.
  • 12:15 – 12:45 PM: Harvest of the Heart guided meditation will close the day. Allow the new season to open yourself to expand, heal, and celebrate the heart of your authentic self!
  • 12:45 – 1:00 PM: Closing

Cost: $119

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Guest Workshop

Deep Detox with Erin Holt

Saturday 10/13

It’s the time of year when everyone’s looking to detox. Whether we want a reset, weight loss, or to slough off the winter, we’re tempted (and encouraged) to try something extreme for rapid results. But unfortunately this isn’t supportive of the body’s own rhythm and natural detoxification processes. In fact, drastic detoxes and quick fixes fail to get us the results we’re after, and can even do more harm than good.

We’ve got to GO DEEPER and look not only at what’s going on physiologically within the body, but what’s happening emotionally and energetically as well. This is how we truly detox.
This 3 hour workshop features a short detoxifying practice – including asana, pranayama and guided meditation – along with a discussion led by Erin Holt. We will unpack the wildly misunderstood process that is detox, and you will learn evidence-based ways to support it. Discussion will include:
How detoxification *actually* works in the body and how you can support it everyday
How gut health affects overall health – and what you can do about it
The problem with low calorie diets when it comes to weight loss AND detoxification
The fallacy of self care
How you have the power to change your own genes
What food has to do with all of it
Through lecture and practice, you will examine, release and detox from cultural programming, limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that keep you from creating the change that you want.

Cost: $50

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Guest Workshop

1st Quarter Moon Meditation and Yoga: Intention, Motivation, Action with Denise Costello and Pam Gaither

10/14 1:30-5:30

A half-day retreat of yoga and meditation designed to align, restore, and rejuvenation your body, mind, and spirit. We will take our cue from the 1st quarter Moon, setting intention, calm, and balanced action for the weeks and months ahead. Denise’s delicious plant-based nourishment will be provided. Along with recipes too! Students should wear comfortable clothing, bring shoes and a jacket for a walking meditation around the peaceful Hawthorne Farm grounds. Arrive with your yoga mat and an open heart.

Early Bird: by September 17th- $95.00.
After September 17th – $110.00

Guest Workshop

The Intuitive Awakening with Katie Lynch, LICSW + Michelle Poverman LMHC, EMP

Saturday 10/20

So many of us are content, and mostly happy with our life. So why do we find ourselves anxious, insecure, and indecisive? When did we start giving our power away? It is time to listen to the little voice inside that is nudging you to reach for something more. In this empowering retreat you will:
+ Deepen, expand and strengthen your relationship with your intuition.
+ Identify the areas of your life that you are seeking change, a shift or an awakening.
+ Release the doubt and fear that has been holding you back from fully embracing your inner wisdom and living the life you were truly meant to live.
+ Explore the ways self-care effects vibration and plays a role in the connection between your intuition and nervous system.
+ Learn and practice the strategies and tools that will help increase your ability to tune in to your inner guidance system.
+ Enjoy guided meditations, sound healing, and journaling that will allow you the opportunity to ground, relax and connect to your highest self.
+ Receive a Reiki healing session (by a gorgeous lake) that is intended to release stagnant energy and clear your intuitive “pathways”.
+ Connect with other supportive, empathic women, who are also ready to awaken their true, powerful and intuitive selves.

Cost: $180

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Guest Workshop

Lunar Love Flow Day Retreat-Autumn with Jenn Faulk

Saturday October 27th

Just before Halloween/Samhain, join Jenn Falk for a one day reprieve to check in with yourself at this halfway point into the Autumn season.

Jenn is a mama and lifelong lover of movement who has been teaching yoga for the last 13 years, with the Moon as her main guide.

So earlier this year she released her book, Lunar Love Flow: practicing yoga with the Moon.

This style of practicing yoga brings acceptance to wherever you are at in your practice and life. It allows for connection to the mysteries of the dance between the Sun, Moon, and Earth…through the way we move and pay attention to ourselves.

Throughout our day together at the Moon Lodge, we will make shapes linked to our breath with as much care and compassion that we can.

The morning practice will be a more Yang mix of shapes, while the afternoon practice will embody the Yin styles. Lunch will be provided and a copy of Jenn’s book will also be included.

There will be time for supportive discussion, some light teaching on how to live with/follow the Moon, and space for Free time to take a walk in nature or rest/meditate. We will close the day with a ritual to honor Samhain and the waning Moon moment.

Cost: $170

To register, email Jenn at

Guest Workshop

Journey Dance for Our Vets with Denise Costello

Sunday 11/11

Through movement and community we join our brave veterans to honor, connect and offer gratitude for their service. The JourneyDance™ flow is an expressive movement where you can reclaim your body, your power, your voice and your divine connection! You can shift your wired patterns, liberate your stuck emotions, and free up new creative and inspired energy! We come together in the practice, share our stories on the dance floor and experience this free flowing movement that brings you home to your body, fully present, open and alive! No dancing experience or special clothes required just an openness to move and have fun! The proceeds from today’s event will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Presenter bio: Air Force Veteran Denise Costello RN, MS is Co Founder of Chrysalis Center Meditation and Wellness. She has a career of inspiring individuals through mindful lifestyle choices to live a healthy, vibrant soulful life. She became a Journey Dance facilitator because free form dancing is the perfect way to connect body and soul, she believes “movement moves everything” and found Journey Dance to be a joyful, transformative, healing dance practice.

In this video, Denise tells us a little about what Journey Dance is and why she wants you to join her on the dance floor!

Pricing: $35 – proceeds donated to the Wounded Warrior Project

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My vision for Hawthorn Farm is to be a portal for women to gather, celebrate and heal. Are you a teacher, leader, or coach? I’d love for you to lead a workshop or retreat at Hawthorn Farm.

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