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Full Moon Temple

June 17th, August 14th, September 14th, October 14th, November 12th, December 12th (Choose one, choose all or anything in-between!)


It’s a time for you to be held in a container of magic to access incredible clarity, big visions and divine support.
Every Full Moon Temple is a bit different depending on the energy of the season and the stars, but you can expect some quiet reflective time, journalling, guided journeys, sharing, connecting with incredible women, rituals like burning what you want to release and, of course, dancing!

Cost: $50. $40 early bird special. Purchase 4 or more and receive 15% off.

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Moon Lodge Yoga

Current Offerings:
Community Yoga with Renee Carlson
Tuesdays 7:30pm-8:30pm

Join Renee for a free 60 minute, thoughtfully curated vinyasa flow that will leave you feeling refreshed, strong and joyful. Please bring your mat, a towel and any props you use in your practice. This is an all levels, donation-based class. All donations will go to Free the Girls, an organization that empowers girls rescued from trafficking.
Read more about what they do here.
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The Summer Celebration- A Sober Sister Circle with Bri McCorkell and Renee Carlson

Sunday August 11th. 9AM-12:30PM

Join Bri and Renee for The Summer Celebration- A sober sister circle focused on the wild and free SOBER YOU!
This event includes:
+ a sharing circle
+body painting
+ a swim in the lake
Are you ready to have fun and celebrate the sober goddess within you? Join us, sister. We’re waiting for you!

Cost: $79


Prana Power! A Yoga and Ayurveda Full Moon PartyWith Laura Ahrens Yoga and Lauren Massalas Ayurveda

Friday, August 16th, 6PM-10PM


When a fire is blazing, there’s equal potential for transformation and decimation, depending on how it’s wielded. Learn to tend the fire of pitta during summer season so you can use it for transformation without burning out. This next installment in Laura and Lauren’s seasonal collaboration is geared towards keeping cool, so we can be warm-hearted rather than hot-headed and overheated.

Laura will guide you through her signature yoga practice, geared towards wisely tending the fire that blazes out of balance during the summer, including plenty of cooling and balancing breathwork and a long savasana to bring peace to your pitta. The practice is adaptive and can accommodate all abilities. Lauren’s Ayurveda lecture will include accessible applications of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda through practical lifestyle and food recommendations for the season and how it affects us in mind and body.

You’ll learn and practice Ayurvedic oil massage on your feet with cooling rose and coconut, get outside by the lake for a moon gazing meditation, and have dinner and dessert including Ayurvedic versions of your favorite summer foods. Because no party is complete without them, there will be Ayurvedic mocktails to suit the season. We’ll send you on your way with a gift from us so you can keep your cool in the dog days of summer.

Investment: $120 for welcome drink, yoga practice, ayurveda lecture, abhyanga oil massage materials and lesson, moon-gazing meditation, dinner, dessert, mocktail bar, and parting gift.

Email: or to register.


Autumn Healing Journey with Shauna Lay

Friday October 18th- Sunday October 20th

Friday at 5:00 – 9:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sunday 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Autumn Healing is a women’s retreat offering you the space to heal in sisterhood. Autumn is a natural time for inward reflection and healing. It is a time to connect deeply with yourself and determine the things that are holding you back from living a life you truly love. A life filled with joy, fulfillment, and connection.

We will begin our journey together sharing a meal on the land.

Then we will gather in circle and we will talk about sisterhood and why it is vitally important for the healing of ourselves, each other, and the world. The rest of the weekend, I will guide you through a journey of healing rituals to promote connection to ourselves, each other and beyond.

Women are being asked to rise up in their feminine power. We are being asked to come together and lead. In my opinion, we are already leaders, we already have power, and we have already risen up. But not in a way that has been helpful to humanity as a whole. Instead, I am asking women to humble themselves and learn to speak to their hopes and despairs and challenges to each themselves and each other in a different kind of way. In a way that honors and respects one another and informs us of the ways we have gotten in our own way as well as the ways of each other. This is the practice. This is healing. It requires a slowing down, a deeper connection to the earth, a vulnerability with each other and a willingness to open your heart.
This experience is over a full weekend, October 18-20th, 2019. It begins Friday at 5:00 pm and ends 5:00 pm on Sunday.
Please bring a journal and something to write with.

Cost: $825

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My vision for Hawthorn Farm is to be a portal for women to gather, celebrate and heal. Are you a teacher, leader, or coach? I’d love for you to lead a workshop or retreat at Hawthorn Farm.

Sarah Jenks

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