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Experience the Sacred Feminine Through Ceremony

Centuries ago, my ancestors were wild women — bonfire dancers, witches, and healers.

They gathered in circles and honored the Great Mother and Great Father.

I created Holy Woman to bring back the traditions of my ancestors so that we can come together and embrace our inner wildness that is yearning to come out. And so that we could experience the Sacred Feminine once more. This is what our New Moon Ceremonies are all about – weaving the Sacred Feminine traditions that were erased, back into the fabric & rhythm of our everyday lives.

Ceremony may feel new and fringe but is actually an ancient practice that’s been utilized for millennia. As an Ordained Priestess, I have led thousands of women through this very specific type of Ceremony work and I have yet to find another modality that can rival its transformational power.

Each New Moon, I will guide you in ceremonial experience to discover what your deepest truth is and what your soul wants you to know. It’s a powerful, fun, and super-efficient growth strategy. Even if you’ve never sat in a circle of women before, and this all sounds a little woo and little out there– I can promise you that there is absolutely no better way to manifest your desires than through ceremony.

Our New Moon Ceremonies are live streamed globally from my Temple just outside of Boston, and you can sign up to join me in person once you’re a member at no additional cost. The livestreamed Ceremonies are professionally filmed and we even guide you on how to host your own circle of in-person guests as part of your membership.

For centuries gathering meant we risked death, then it meant we risked getting shunned. Now we gather as an act of revolution and of communion. This is our Church. This is our Sacred Practice.

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New Moon in Libra
October 13, 7 pm ET
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New Moon Ceremony

New Moon in Virgo Ceremony
September 12
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What Women Have Manifested in New Moon Ceremonies

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