…so you can show up to your big life with more energy, joy, and radiance.


  1. Start your day with a Sacred Start
  2. Eat mostly organic, grass-fed foods, no gluten, no cow dairy, and limit sugar & alcohol (I usually have a drink & some sugar at one meal a week like on a date night)
  3. Dance for 15 minutes
  4. Finish your shower with a 2-4 minute cold shower (or do a 2-4 minute cold plunge)
  5. Wear a fabulous outfit

Print out these daily practices and post them on your fridge or mirror. It also helps your family to support you.


Remember, even though these habits are simple, doing them every day is not! It will take devoting more energy to yourself, making better boundaries with your friends, family & co-workers, and risking being a happy person in a sea of people who are always stressed, playing the victim, and who want nothing more than to judge or take down the happy people. Just know it’s all part of the process ❤️.

If you know you need deep support about changing your Life Force, body, and your relationship to your feminine expression, you may want to consider joining Radiance, my high-level Sacred Body immersion.

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This is also a great challenge to do with your friends! Make sure to send them the signup page so I can send them the information.



Sacred Start.

Women who connect with their souls on a daily basis know what they want and create what they want. They feel more relaxed, know who they are, are happier, and don’t take any shit. My Sacred Start is SO important to me. I never miss it.


Eat nourishing foods.

There are so many chemicals that wreck our life force in our food, eating organic removes most (not all) of that. Gluten, sugar, and alcohol mess with our natural energy production in our bodies. It’s also the stuff we use for an emotional boost. As an emotional eating expert, I’ve helped thousands of women heal their emotional eating. Next time you want sugar, ask yourself what you really want. A nap? A hug? To have fun? Do that instead.


Dance for 15 minutes.

It’s fun, it’s good for your body, it moves trauma and it helps you express your emotions. If you feel anger come up, scream! If you feel sadness come up, cry! If you feel joy come up, sing! It’s a time to express. Stuck feelings in our bodies create disease.


Cold water therapy.

Taking a cold shower (or doing a cold plunge!) resets your cortisol, eases chronic anxiety, makes you feel ALIVE, and teaches your body to be calm in discomfort which will help you with so many uncomfortable moments in your life.


Wear a fabulous outfit.

Don’t dress to fit in, don’t dress to meet an ideal, don’t dress to please anyone… dress for YOU, dress because it’s art, show the world who you really are, and have fun with it.

Get inspired with the Life Force Playlists

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I’m so excited to do this challenge with you! I can’t wait to see how you show up for yourself.

Let me know how it goes.