Life Force 5

5 Simple Daily Practices
to Cultivate your Life Force

…so you can show up to your big life
with more energy, joy, and radiance.

I am so excited for you to cultivate your Life Force with 5 simple daily practices, so you can show up to your big life with more energy, joy, and radiance. I hope you’ll join me for this daily challenge until Valentine’s Day!


I want to talk to the women who have a lot on their plate.

You are going for it at work, are a devoted mother, and want to be a present partner, and amazing friend.

Life can be A LOT, but you are up for it. There are just a few issues…

  • You are depleted and still, just go go go because you feel like you have to.
  • You want to be a fun, loving Mom but by the time you’ve worked all day and get to bedtime, you just want to rush through it so you can collapse on the couch. And being present for your partner once the kids are down? Forget about it.
  • You feel grateful for your life, but you just seem to feel stressed and a little bit pissed all the time.
  • You are working so hard, hoping that it will pay off and you’ll be able to take a break soon or establish yourself enough that you’ll have a more sustainable life.
  • You can only get through the day with a second coffee in the afternoon or a sugar hit.

So, what do we do?

I used to drag ass every day. I have a huge career as a Priestess and the CEO of a global sacred lifestyle company, I hold sacred space for thousands of women, have three kids, and an amazing husband, my life was GREAT but I was constantly tired, low energy, grumpy, and snippy with my kids and distant from my husband.

As a personal development buff, I kept looking for answers in mindset, and life strategy. That is important work, but the truth was I had already done so much work, but my Life Force wasn’t there.

Our Life Force is part spiritual, part physical. It’s the intersection of your soul & your body. It’s the music & the instrument, the electricity & the wires.

When I tended to my Life Force, I finally felt like I could enjoy the life I had created, AND saw where there was still room for improvement and was able to make changes quickly.

When I am feeling like I need to amplify my Life Force, like when I have a big creative project coming up, when I’m starting a new season of my life, or when I want to uplevel, I do these 5 daily practices…

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I guarantee that if you do these 5 things every day, in the first 7 days you will feel RADICALLY different.