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Whole Woman

Whole Woman is my newest, most comprehensive offering, a monthly membership to support you in ending the patterns of over-giving, exhaustion, dissatisfaction, disconnection from spirit and overwhelm and calling forward your desires, aliveness and what YOU want to do. I’ve created a gentle yet effective approach to call forth your magic and create the life you’re meant to have. Through themed moonly lessons, rituals and meditations, coaching, and the most incredible community of women you’ll ever met, we’ll support you in bringing your whole unique, confident, creative, passionate, sacred self to the table.

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Get my “Everyday Sacred” Playlist / Music to light you up and drop into your heart

Online Program

Live More Weigh Less

Live More Weigh Less is a non-diet alternative to weighing less, whether that’s physically, mentally or emotionally in all areas of your life. It’s about learning how to create your ideal life and taking impeccable care of yourself – body, mind and spirit – so you can have a body that is perfect for your current life phase, constitution and lifestyle. My goal is not for you to be thin at any cost, but to feel sexy, at home in your skin and enjoy your life. To get a taste of the Live More lifestyle, get my free video training series here.Over a thousand women in 34 countries, of all ages and backgrounds have taken Live More Weigh Less and experienced incredible transformations in their lives, careers, relationships and bodies.


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Create a Magical Life

Are you curious about how to connect with your inner witch but don’t know where to start? Create a Magical Life is my Magic 101 course, a 3-hour digital home study workshop, where I break down the basics of spirituality and give you the tools you need to bring magic into your everyday. I hold your hand through the process of understanding and creating a spiritual practice that lights you up and works with your lifestyle.

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You are not alone.

Learn my 6-step method to create your ideal life & body (even if you’ve tried everything). It’s free!

Online Program

Live More Method

Live More Method is a virtual self-study program designed to support you in creating the blueprint for your life so you can reach your highest potential. You’ll journal, dream and then start taking serious action on the topics that most need your attention to make it all possible through writing prompts and 6 modules. This program is for the woman who is tired of living by everyone else’s rules and knows she’s destined for so much more and needs some support helping her break out of the mold she’s currently living her life within to live in true alignment with her desires and finally feel truly alive and fulfilled.

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