My whole life I ached for something I didn’t know existed. I had visions of living with women and sharing beautiful meals together. I longed to hear the songs of the trees while holding a sister’s hand and knowing she could hear them too. I saw us swimming in streams, wandering the forest, and singing around a fire. I could see hundreds of women standing firm in a circle with piercing eyes and wide open hearts, vowing to step into their greatness. Resolute to heal their corner of the world.

The Power. The Beauty. The Holiness.

I knew it in my bones, and yet I had never experienced it.

I realized — I remembered it.

I remembered living in the Temple. I remembered the joy of being with women in a sacred container. I remembered the ceremony, the communion with the land, the singing, the dancing, and the wildness.

When I close my eyes and go to this place, it feels like a Reunion.

A Reunion with our true selves.

A Reunion with the Land.

A Reunion with women from this community we have never had the pleasure of hugging.

Most importantly, a Reunion of Sacred Women who have been in hiding for lifetimes.

We are bringing back the Temple.


A Sacred Convergence at Hawthorn Farm, Medfield, MA

Saturday, September 17th – Sunday, September 18th

My promise: A deeply held, sacred container that will allow you to burn away all of your patterns, rule-following, and smallness to reveal the Radiant, Magnificent, Sacred, Powerful Woman that you actually are.

This will be a life-changing weekend.

The Vibe: Like an elegant, rustic wedding with all of your favorite Goddesses. Nourishing meals under a tent. Ceremony in a field surrounded by sacred trees. Flowers everywhere. Time to lounge about. Quiet walks in the woods. Ritual. Offerings. Beauty everywhere.

The Location: Hawthorn Farm is truly a vortex into another world. My husband and I bought this Sacred Land five years ago in the most divinely guided way. When you pull onto the dirt drive, you instantly feel like you’re a million miles and a thousand years away. We will be gathering in our huge field, eating under a tent, gathering in the Temple & in the barn, swimming in the lake, lying under the apple trees, and walking in the woods.

If you missed our clients-only Zoom call, catch the replay here to hear about the vision for REUNION.

The Schedule


The first thirty people who sign up for REUNION are invited to attend a private
Temple Ceremony on Friday evening from 5-7pm.


9am Arrival

10am Temple Ceremony

1pm Lunch & Lounging

3pm Workshop

6pm Personal time

7pm Dinner




9am Arrival

10am Workshop

12pm Lunch

1pm Temple Ceremony

3pm Depart

*All meals will be a gluten & dairy-free FEAST with tons of options,
and all allergies will be taken into account

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