Sacred Start

How to create a morning ritual that you’ll never snooze your alarm for (even if you hate getting up in the morning and have littles who won’t leave you alone!)

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Sacred Start Includes

  • 7 juicy, feminine, magical activities that will have you bouncing out of bed, even if you’ve never been a morning person
  • Exactly how to keep your kids out of your room in the morning (yes, even when you have 3 small crazy humans like I do)
  • How to speak to your partner about supporting you in taking this time
  • Why you feel guilty for taking time for yourself and what to do about it
  • How to not have your phone derail you
  • Everything you (including links!) to make an altar and how to get over feeling weird about it.
  • Why most women sabotage their wake-up-early power, and what to do about it.
Why I created this program…

I used to be the woman who hit snooze for 90 minutes until my kids were jumping on me in bed to get them breakfast.

I’d distract them with a toy or a show and then scroll through Instagram for 15 minutes until I had to race around and find food for my now VERY hangry children.

And because my days had a chaotic start, my whole day felt ungrounded, rushed, and frantic.

I always hated the tips about how to create a morning ritual that never covered HOW to make the time for it, what to do when your kids are busting down your door in the middle of your meditation or how to stop the pattern of scrolling in bed unconsciously until you realize that they time you allotted for your morning practice is half gone.

Now, I get up every morning at 5:30am (sometimes earlier!) to have an hour to myself before my kids come in.  This may seem extreme to you now, it did to me, but with some simple changes, I’m now the kind of woman who gets up early and has “trained” my kids to not need me until 6:30am, even though they get up at 6 or earlier most days.

I can’t wait to walk you through exactly how you can create this Sacred Start to your day.  One that is going to set the foundation to be healthier, happy, and have all of your dreams come true (I’m not exaggerating).